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Brunton made the Eclipse 8099 Compass for serious backcountry travelers who need a tool for days where a little mistake in navigation can have major consequences. A couple degrees off and you could end up in the wrong couloir which leads to the wrong valley which leads to a road ten miles from where you parked. Yeah, that would be a bummer. With an adjustable declination, magnified readout, sighting mirror, and even field reference cards, the Brunton Eclipse 8099 Compass keeps you right on track.

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nice compass, built well, many features

    I have another Brunton that's simpler and I like that one too. This one has a lot of features and it's built very well. my only complaint is the writing on it is tiny, and my eyes aren't as good as they used to be.

    The clinometer is a nice feature for doing height and grade measurements. You can also determine latitude roughly by sighting the north star and taking a reading.

    You can adjust for declination/mag. deviation as well, and that's important. Nice clear baseplate with scales and magnifier. The instruction cards are also nice, with some basic info about navigation, knots, and first aid.

    another nice feature is the reverse 180 degree reading on the compass. Ex 240/60 degrees. However, it requires that both readings be much smaller. I would prefer one larger number scale. I can figure the opposite by adding or subtracting 180.

    I'll put this in my pilot gear bag and keep it for a lifetime. should last a long time, no problem. and yes, a floating compass would be nice, especially since it's quite expensive.


      I've had other compasses that range within a degree or two every time I would sight them. This compass is right on. All the other frills and gadgets are nice, but without a rock-solid platform, the frills don't cut it. This compass is right on every time. The only down side is the clinometer, the marker on the back for setting it is not there. A small issue considering they have 3 variations of clinometer and the other two are not effected by this one over site. Not sure if this issue is unique to my compass or to all Eclipse 8099's. But overall, it does not diminish my appreciation for this compass. has the Brunton Eclipse 8099 compass... has the Brunton Eclipse 8099 compass for $45 (it is not a sale/special price, I saw the same price in their store as well). How come is charging so much more, in fact, nearly double, for an identical product?

      Write your question here.Does anyone use...

      Write your question here.Does anyone use this to set there Direct TV sattelite dish while RVing?

      I do satelitte install, is this a good...

      I do satelitte install, is this a good compass for that application