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So portable you don't even need a vehicle to haul it.

You don't have to be an expert, you don't need a large storage space, and you don't even need a car to enjoy stand-up paddleboarding if you have the Boardworks SHUBU Inflatable Paddle Board. The all-inclusive, carry-on-your-back, inflate-in-minutes, easy-to-steer, and durable SHUBU is everything you need to get into stand-up paddling, transition to streams and rivers, or do on-water yoga in your backyard pool. Just show up and blow it up; it's that easy, and it's what SHUBU stands for.

  • UV-resistant military-grade rubber constructed with a drop-stitch technique for maximum durability
  • A cushiony deck pad and the forgiving board surface combine to lessen foot fatigue
  • Tri fin set-up features two glued-on side and one removable center which offer sufficient tracking for distance paddling and exceptional maneuverability on still or moving water
  • 4 Forward deck rings and a bungee system allow you to attach or lash-on extra gear
  • Included backpack (carrier) features adjustable shoulder straps for transport and mesh sides for water draining
  • Included pump and patch kit fit into the backpack—everything you need is contained in one bag to make transport and storage simple
  • Mid-deck carry handle makes for easy transport from the shore to water and back again
  • Rear D-ring is ideal for safety leash to keep the board attached to your PFD when you bail
  • Paddle not included

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2 5

Shubu 10' 2' wide

I have used my SHUBU 3 times and the seam in the front is leaking. I emailed Boardworks, no response. My board is just over a year old. A repair shop in Cape Canaveral says if it's PVC then it can't be fixed, only Hypalon is repairable to last. The web site says it's made of rubber? I'm going to bring it to the shop and see if it's repairable. If not, I'm out a grand with a useless paddle. I need it repaired!!!

2 5

SHUBU Inflateable

I purchased the SHUBU inflateable from Boardworks. We have a 42 Searay and take the board on our weekend trips. Folded upin a bag is an awesome way to travel with the board on the boat. Our problem is I have developed leaks in the seams and two shops here in south Florida say they can't fix. It is now with a shop in Stuart, Fl for $98/hr and they are not sure if they can fix. I have spoken to Backcountry and they say call Boardworks. I have sent Boardworks three emails with no response.

Love the board, love the concept, but now I have an $800 board that i can't use and noone wants to help.

4 5


Ok first off I purchased two of the SHUBU boards, one for my wife and I. I have taken both boards down some class 2 and 3 rapids with no flats. Twice I've drove the board up on a rock with a good bit of speed and didn't have any leaks. I paddle skinny river water and always leave the middle long fin out, this makes tracking hard. I have to alternate paddling each side to stay straight but the river current carries me downstream. The two small side fins are indestructible I've went over rocks just below the surface and the fins caught throwing me forward to my knees but the fins suffered no damage. You can buy a smaller middle fin from NRS for better tracking or carve down the big one. I keep mine for deep water paddling where it tracks good. As for ocean surfing this board is not good. It has very little rocker which causes the nose to go under on waist to chest high waves. That being said it will catch small knee high waves but is slow and not very fun. Overall the board is well made and a blast on rivers and flat water, on ocean waves it doesn't perform well, maybe if it had more rocker it would but then you lose some speed and tracking with more rocker so it is a trade off. I can pump it up to 15 psi but it is difficult, my wife can't get it past 9 psi. I have broken one the pumps. I normally put the boards at 13 psi. Leave the boards in the sun and the pressure will go up if you want high psi but you may damage the board if too much sun.

Wildlife and SHUBU!

Wildlife and SHUBU!

I never expected this, but one of the coolest parts of SHUBUing is finding wildlife! I've seen some really neat things on my SHUBU!
- 2 Bald Eagles
- A pair of Sandhill Cranes
- Cows mating
- A beaver
- A juvenile moose
- 2 seals
- Stingray!
- GIANT catfish

Responded on

Cows mating! Alright!

If I'm looking for mature moose (meese?) should I go for a larger board?

Responded on

In the event of moose confrontation, it's best to begin paddling quickly, make loud noises and hope for the best. Luckily there were about 10 of us floating (power in numbers), but I'm not sure if the outcome would have been less eventful with fewer humans! SCARY!



Admittedly under-inflated by a small margin.
I should have kept pumping, but the SHUBU is fantastically magical.

4 5

Awesome Board!

I debated over getting a inflatable board for quite some time, however I decided to give the SHUBU a try, I could not be happier. This board is awesome! I have only tried it out on the ocean but so far so good. It handles great with all three fins attached, without the third removable fin it is a bit harder to maneuver. I am typically not a review writer but am a review reader thus the reason I am writing this! The reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the pump that is included. I have a hard time getting it pumped up past 6 psi. It is a breeze pumping it up to about 5 and then after that it gets harder and a struggle to get it to 10 psi which is optimal for me. The bag that the board comes with is very sturdy and cleans up well, as I mentioned I take my board to the beach often and my gear gets sandy, it all cleans up nicely and washes/packs back up well.

Responded on

Agreed! The included pump is a piece of garbage.
It broke on me after 2 uses. Plan to upgrade!
Otherwise the SHUBU is totally dreamy.

3 5

SHUBU Inflatable- not perfect

I am a yoga teacher looking to get into paddle yoga. I have also used an NRS inflatable board. I can't say I noticed much difference in the performance of the SHUBU over the NRS. I do find this board difficult to inflate past 8-9 psi. I find that the pump blows out in one spot or another, either at the board end of the hose, or at the pressure gauge. Often allowing half the air to escape. I've spoken with boardworks twice, the first time they suggested I tape up the pump to prevent blow-outs. I have done this (but really, I feel like a brand new pump should operate duct tape free, at least for a season) And the duct tape has helped, I can get the board up to 11 psi with one person holding the hose pump into the the pump at the pressure gauge. There is a ton of air leekage at the pump. I spoke with board works again, and they suggested a "finishing pump" made by k pump, model k20. This is another $110 accessory. I love the ease of transport, and at 5'2 / 125 lbs, the board at least won't sink if I can only get it up to 8 psi, but very slow at that inflation level, certainly not ideal. If I had to do it over again, I would likely try to test out ease of inflation, as this one is not as easy as shown in all the videos. Though it is physically difficult to inflate the board beyond 10 or so psi, that is not my limitation, I'm pretty strong and very fit. The issue is that the pump just isn't really able to handle that much pressure. I've also had bigger, male friends help me inflate, and the issue is the same, the pump just dosen't want to have a blow out after 8-10 psi has been reached. I do feel the quality of the board is good. I would love to see more fin options, and please, please, please A BETTER PUMP included. I don't feel like it's acceptable to say put some electrical tape on the pump and see if that helps. This was boardworks, not backcountry. I have had all positive experiences with backcountry.

5 5

We Love it - great family board

I never write reviews...but this product has been so great I decided to write a review for the SHUBU. After much research and debate between a blow-up or fiberglass board, we bought the 10'7" Boardworks SHUBU just before Memorial Day weekend and have used it every weekend since. The board has been on Lake Erie in both rough water and smooth water and has performed very well (though better on smooth water). We also brought the board on a House Boat Trip on Lake Norris in TN where 6 families and nearly 20 kids used it from sun up til sun down. Obviously with that many kids and the tight storage on the House Boat, the board got banged around and dragged a bit....but I was never concerned...the rubber construction makes this board really durable and able to withstand much abuse. Also, the accessories (i.e. Backpack) are designed extremely well and make it easy to transport. Finally, when fully inflated to the recommended 14PSI the board performs extremely well and the stability on the water enables us to go out with one of our smaller kids (3 yr old or 5 yr old) on board. Bottom-line, I highly recommend this board for families and/or folks who have tight storage and/or hauling options. My only regret is that I wish I would have bought one sooner!

5 5

Me and the dog love it!

This is an all around great product. Super durable and super stable. I debated for months about what to get, and I am very happy with my purchase. I'm small about 5'1", 110 lbs, and I can handle the board easily even with my 54 lb. dog riding with me. It turns easily, and glides really well for an inflatable. Even when my dog jumps around on the board I can keep it stable, his paws don't slide on the surface, and the board hasn't shown and marks from him hoping on and off. Bottom line - great board for beginners, and highly recommended if you want to SUP with your PUP!

5 5

Boardworks SHUBU Inflatable Paddle Board

I'm in love! I debated between an inflatable and standard paddle board for months. But being landlocked, I decided to try out the SHUBU and I don't regret it! The military grade rubber is burly and it does stiffen when inflated - I believe they can go to about 12-14 psi, but I've only ever pumped it to about 8 psi which more than does the job on the lakes. (I'd definitely want it stiffer for the river though.) It inflates/deflated quickly and is easy to get into the backpack. Very stable board! I'm perfecting my headstands on it already!

I have yet to fly with it, but the convenience of the inflatable has already proved its worth on the road. I've taken it to Bryce and Green River on camping trips where otherwise I wouldn't have had room (I had a cargo box on my roof for those).

My goal this summer is to get out on some smaller rapids with this! I'll update with performance on that later!

5 5

Blow'n up!

This "Show up and Blow Up" board is a treat! Here are my impressions.

* convenient - I live in a tiny apartment, so this is really the only feasible way for me to own a paddle board. It does store fairly small, so this was really the only way for me to participate in stand up paddle boarding. While it is honestly kind of a pain in the "you know what" to blow up, that seems to be a reasonable sacrifice/trade-off for me.

* stable - I am a relatively new paddle boarder, but I found this board to be infinitely more stable than the other two traditional hard and soft top paddle boards I have tried out. When using it, some of my friends didn't actually even realize it was inflatable!

* AWESOME to travel with! I just took this on a flight back east, and it was a breeze! I just rolled her up in a snowboarding bag with wheels. I added a few bundles of clothing to protect my paddle, and it was awesome! Obviously not as simple an option with a traditional hard board, so SHUBUs are excellent travel buddies.

*SHUBU paddles like a dream in smooth water, I have yet to try river running, but will update this review when I do so. Choppy water paddling, not ideal, but still learning, so this could be a user error type situation.

*Included travel bag seems sturdy and haven't had any issues with it thus far. I did actually upgrade my SUP pump, since the one that came with was kinda dinky.

Pretty awesome, I love this thing. I've had a blast taking it out and will continue to do so all summer. I am loving that it is such a breeze to travel with. I will be taking it up to Wyoming next week to explore some rivers/lakes. I would definitely recommend this for new paddlers or those who have storage limitations.

**** UPDATE****
River performance: awesome. I am no river expert, by any stretch of the imagination, so I was terrified, but the Shubu did awesome! I even straddled a few rocks with no harm at all to my board or fins. I did take the large, main skeg out, since this was a shallower river. Without the skeg the board was a bit squirrely and hard to control, but that was the only option with the low water levels. I did class I and II rapids with no major problems. The board did so great. It was more rigid than I expected, and I had an absolute blast!!

Responded on

Hey Lexi, you mentioned that you upgraded your pump. What did you get? I agree with you the one included has broke on me twice, so I'd like to upgrade mine as well.

Responded on

Funny you should ask!
I got a fancy pump from the folks at iSUP, it broke on my third use. One of the shafts on the plastic handle snapped off when I got up to about 9 psi on the gauge, (though the pump claims it can handle up to 15 psi). This surprised me because the plastic appeared to be pretty heavy duty, but not so. I am going to see if they will offer me a replacement, but thoroughly UNIMPRESSED with the iSUP brand single action pump.

Responded on

I invested in K-pump brand K20 model. We don't currently sell them here on backcountry, but this is far more durable than any of the crappy SUP pumps I've used. I was sick of breaking them, so I spent the extra money on the K-pump and I'm not looking back.

5 5

Details Perfected

I'm focusing my review on the pack / bag the SHUBU comes in. It is by far the most comfortable inflatable SUP bag to carry or have on your back. The thick shoulder straps make carrying this around a breeze.

I've also had a blast paddling SHUBU's all over rivers and flatwater. And the bunjee system on the front of the board is perfect for packing a dry bag with a camera, lunch or a couple cold ones.

Boardworks SHUBU on the Arkansas River

A clip of myself on a 9'2" Wide SHUBU and my amigo Earl on a 10' Regular SHUBU going through the Buena Vista white water park on the Arkansas River

5 5

Super durable, easy to transport!

The Shubu rocks! Literally. This is a great all around travel board and an excellent down river board. The drop stitch construction gives the board extreme rigidity and response when inflated properly. The UV resistant rubber is really strong. you can bounce off rocks, and run into things with out the worry of dinging your board. The Soft flex fins and removable middle fin is also a nice feature. I really like that everything you need comes with it. A barrel pump that goes both ways, a repair kit, and a great bag with shoulder straps that carries your board and all the gear. A perfect travel companion. I took mine to Mexico over the winter and it counted as my 1 piece of checked luggage with no extra charge. Nice!