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Gearholics will rejoice with the opportunity to build anchors and lock down their high-alpine homes away from home; with a flurry of hands, 'biners, and Blue Water Titan Cord w/Dyneema, your safe haven in the vertical world has never been more secure. After slogging up and down a few pitches, cinch down your tent in the face of burly winds with this pencil-thin, űber-strong cord. Blue Water made this versatile stuff with Dyneema for strength and water-resistance, but we wouldn’t recommend trying to floss with it after cooking camp dinner.

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    We have used this rope for a anchor line for 4 weeks now on our 19 foot river jet boat it has held up very well to all of the demands that we have put on it from 70 pound anchor swinging around when we jump dams also from all of the rocks and broken concrete on the bottom of the river this rope still looks like it just came off the spool!

    Hi, Im looking for 5mm spectra pull...

    Hi, Im looking for 5mm spectra pull cord.

    I am pretty sure Dyneema is the same thing as Spectra but I just want to clarify if anyone knows.

    Anybody have good experience with this cord?


    Dyneema and Spectra are in the same family of fiber (UHMPE) ultra high molecular weight polyethelene but are different generations. Dyneema is known as SK75 and Spectra as SK65. Both are extremely strong but Spectra has greater creep. This means that kept under constant high load, spectra will elongate and eventually fail. Dyneema also has creep but not nearly as much. Dyneema is used for a number of high load applications and is quite durable as well as very tolerant of UV. search for Dyneema on the web for more information. this line doesn't specify. Also this line looks like a double braid but doesn't state whether the core and cover are dyneema or just the core, with a dacron or nylon cover. I'd check before using this line in any "loaded" application.

    can i use this to build an anchor to belay...

    can i use this to build an anchor to belay up a second?