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  • Black Diamond Vector Helmet Black
  • Black Diamond Vector Helmet Blizzard
  • Black Diamond Vector Helmet Orange
  • Black Diamond Vector Helmet Ultra Blue

Available colors

  • Black Diamond Vector Helmet Black
  • Black Diamond Vector Helmet Blizzard
  • Black Diamond Vector Helmet Orange
  • Black Diamond Vector Helmet Ultra Blue

Black Diamond Vector Helmet

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    • Black, S/M
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    • Blizzard, S/M
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    • Blizzard, M/L
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    • Orange, S/M
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    • Ultra Blue, S/M
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    Remind rocks that they are for climbing, not hitting your head.

    Your head is your most valuable climbing asset, which makes a good helmet key. The Black Diamond Vector Helmet keeps all your marbles where they belong: in your noggin and focused on climbing. A vented polycarbonate shell encases co-molded EPS foam for a versatile design that allows airflow without compromising protection. The Vector's ratcheting adjuster means you get the most ideal fit without fiddling around, and secure headlamp clips keep your light source from taking off for an adventure of its own.
    • Item #BLD1409

    Tech Specs

    polycarbonate, co-molded EPS foam
    Adjustable Vents
    Number of Vents
    Claimed Weight
    (S/M) 8.1 oz, (M/L) 8.5 oz
    Recommended Use
    rock climbing
    Manufacturer Warranty
    1 year

    Tech Specs

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    Better beer-cooler foam helmets...

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    Buy something else. Yes, it's light, but super fragile. Sure, all beer-cooler foam helmets are fragile, but this one is terrible. They made lots of vents in the back, which is nice, but that created thin, delicate spans of foam that easily break. Other companies offerings use the same, weak foam, but have a much stronger design. I've used this a lot skiing and climbing and have never really smashed my head. Foam has cracked and broken from getting shoved around in a backpack, dropped, etc.

    Excellent helmet

      Not a tremendous amount to say here other than I love this helmet. It's incredibly light weight and very comfortable. If your climbing, I definitely recommend this baby to protect your head or noggin. My only complaint whatsoever would be that you do need to use both hands to adjust the back strap. So if your halfway up and extended climb and feel you need to loosen or tighten it, your SOL. However, I've found that once on my head, if adjusted properly, I forget it's even there. It's that light.

      Very bad quality

      • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

      Even though is pretty comfortable and ultra light, its extremely fragile. Mine looks like if it has faced a world war and haven't even had its first hit. It has only one year. For that price i'm sure you could find a better option. My first half Dome helmet i've had for more than 7 years, is still looking nice...

      Very bad quality

      Very light, but seems very fragile

      • Familiarity:I returned this product before using it

      When the helmet arrived I was impressed with its light weight, but after a closer look I have come to feel that the foam structure and thin plastic shell are too prone to inadvertent damage. I returned the Vector in favor of the much more durable Half Dome.

      You'll forget it's on

      • Familiarity:I've used it several times

      This helmet feels comfortable, adjusts well, and is so light you'll forget you are wearing it. I highly recommend it. There's been several times I have been very thankful I had it on. Headlamp fits very securely to it as well.

      Helmet does scratch easily, but doesn't change the way it protects your goods! Just gives it more character!

      You'll forget it's on

      Great Helmet

      • Familiarity:I've used it several times

      This helmet is fantastic. Extremely light weight and the fit is very comfortable.

      The con I have: I got the color Black and scratches show up really easily, wish I would have gotten a different color.

      Thats not really a con though, its a great helmet. I would definitely recommend it.

      Dented my Dome.

        Compared to any of the plastic helmets this thing can get dented with anything hard being pressed against it.

        I have a few dents in it from being shoved into a pack and having something being pressed hard against it.

        I prefer the Vector helmet to my plastic helmet. I just know it won't take the abuse any plastic one can take.

        It is very comfortable and I have found my head really doesn't get hot nor does it get cold when wearing it depending on the conditions. The headlamp clips work great too.

        If I could go back and not buy my plastic helmet I wouldn't have bought it and just gone with one of these. Now would I ever loan my Vector helmet for anyone to use? No way in hell. I know it would come back beat to shit and have the dents to prove it.

        You aren't going to be seeing these in any outfitters rental gear.

        For personal use.. I would recommend it because it is a great helmet.

        Light and durable

        • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

        Has a few dings but has held its own. Its so light i forget its even on. I haven't taken any huge falls onto head so I cannot attest to how it will hold up, but it has been thrown around in the airport, stuffed into a backpack for several days, so its general durability is great. The vents do a good job at keeping your head cool on blistering hot days.

        Light and durable

        Survived 60ft fall with this helmet!

        • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

        Crazy true story!! So I was debating whether or not to spend the extra money and get this Vector helmet over a normal plastic one. I thank God that I did buy this one.

        Two weeks ago I freefell from the top of a 60 foot climb in Staunton State Park, CO. down to the boulders below. 911 was called and I got rescued down the mountain, taken by flight for life to a level one trauma center and then walked away from the ER 7 hours later. No concussions, spinal damage or even any broken bones! I had this helmet on and I honestly think that it helped save my life. I have a shallow 1 inch dent on the top of the helmet and a little blood but that is the only sustained damage from a fall 11xs my height! God used this helmet to protect me from having permanent brain damage and even death. Its a part of my miracle story and a big reason why I'm alive today.

        Get the best protection possible, youre life is worth the extra money.

        Spend the extra money

          I originally bought the half dome, returned for this. The Vector is much more comfortable and significantly lighter (to me). You could honestly forget you are wearing this thing. Weight was important for me and my ski mountaineering pack gets heavy, so I was very glad I made the step up from the Half Dome.


          • Familiarity:I've used it several times

          VERY comfortable. This is the only piece of headwear I own that I can stand to keep on longer than I have to! Sometimes I belay with it on because I forget I have it on... The only downside is that unlike the plastic suspension buckets, the Vector is soft and will dent easily.

          Great helmet, but know the tech

          • Familiarity:I've used it several times

          This is a great helmet, lightweight, comfortable, and it looks cool - understand though that it is different technology than a suspension helmet. Construction is typical of a bike helmet - light outer shell and dense but light foam core. This helmet is designed to be used once - once it takes a shot, it goes in the dumpster. It also scratches easily so don't expect it to stay pretty. Finally - its a lot more bulbous than some of the suspension helmets - if you have a big head you might not like the fact that you'll look like an alien.

          I have a big head, and some of my friends have make snarky comments that it makes my head look even bigger, but bottom line its so light weight and comfortable I don't care..

          We'll see over the long haul, but I definitely prefer this to a suspension helmet. Does not stay wet either.. buy with confidence.

          Great Helmet

          • Familiarity:I've used it several times

          The helmet 8oz, which you easily forget you are wearing, until you come in contact with a surface, which is the reason you are wearing it. I prefered the BD half dome one hand adjustment, but the two thumb adjustment with the BD Vector is dismissible. The venting at the back is also a feature to admire. I would recommend this helmet if you have the extra credit.

          Very comfortable helmet!

          • Familiarity:I've used it several times

          My previous helmet was a Petzl Elios helmet, but it felt awkward, either not well adjusted or too tight around my forehead. So, I tried both the Petzl Meteor III+ and the BD Vector, and even though the former is also very lightweight, the Vector was a much better fit for my head. The fit on the Vector is so seamless that I find myself walking back to my car without realizing that I still have my helmet on. That me, for me, is a telltale sign of a perfect fit--and a great product. In addition, the helmet is very lightweight, yet provides good coverage around your head. So lightweight, again, that I totally forget about it. What more can I ask for?

          Awesome Helmet!

          • Familiarity:I've used it several times

          Great helmet. Its super lightweight and it protects the side of your head well for falling on lead. It also looks really cool for a helmet, which is huge (even if it is a little shallow). It is expensive, but it is worth it to protect your nog. Try it on before buying it! Same with other helmets.

          Is the Vector just a slightly more durable version of the Vapor?


          The Vector and Vapor will have similar fits but the Vector is slightly bulkier. It is about 2 oz's heavier and a larger profile. Similar fit, but just added bulk with less vents.

          It is still an awesome helmet with great protection. The Vapor is just for those looking to be gram weenies.

          Some of the weight savings in the Vapor comes from the sheet of Kevlar that it has whereas the Vector doesn't have that.

          Shoot me an email anytime you have questions!

          Jared D.

          Expert Gearhead


          I have a big head, really big. I tried on a Vector M/L and Elios size 2 today, both were almost comically small perched atop of my giant head. Any Ideas?

          Hey badp1148379,

          I would suggest you check out the Grivel Salamander helmet (Item # GRV0082). The XL size can fit heads that measure 58cm-66cm in circumference. Have you measured the circumference of your noggin with a tape measure? I would think that it would fall under the XL variant of the Salamander. I hope this helps, the link below will send you to the helmet I am suggesting.

          Whats the deal with the sizing? I currently...

          Whats the deal with the sizing? I currently wear a Petzl Elios which has a max size of 61cm, my head is roughly 62cm and the Petzl fits ok. Went to try the M/L (says it fits up to 63cm) BD Vector on and couldn't even begin to get my head in. I know manufacturers size things differently but this is ridiculous.

          S. Lee,

          I would suggest The Grivel Salamander helmet, The XL size measures 58cm-66cm so it would accommodate your head circumference at 62cm OR the regular maxes out at 62cm so if you are comfortable with being at the very largest setting you will be fine. I hope this helps.

          Best Answer

          I realize this is probably too late, but for anyone else reading, try this:

          Loosen the straps at the back of the helmet that the rear head retention (hard plastic strap things) is attached to. Pull the head retainer down and out, then try on the helmet. I had the same issue with this and the Vapour due to my large head, but it turns out that the issue is that they're set up at the smallest size of M out of the box rather than the much larger L sizing they are capable of attaining.

          Thanks for the tip on the back plastic strap piece! Something else I discovered about this helmet is that the pivot point of the plastic strap is adjustable. So if the above tip isnt enough to get your big head in you can pop the plastic strap out and move it back to the next set of holes (about 1/2inch back). Not sure why black diamond doesn't post any of this stuff.

          Thanks for the tip on the back plastic strap piece!  Something else I discovered about this helmet is that the pivot point of the plastic strap is adjustable.  So if the above tip isnt enough to get your big head in you can pop the plastic strap out and move it back to the next set of holes (about 1/2inch back).  Not sure why black diamond doesn't post any of this stuff.

          Can you wear ski googles with this?

          Can you wear ski googles with this?

          Best Answer

          Hi Aaron,

          you totally can, it depending on the goggle it will push them down on your face a bit. and you have to put the goggles on before the helmet and run the strap under the helmet. I use it with the smith I/O and it pushes them down, its really annoying at first but then you forget about it once you start skiing.