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An oval-shaped Elliptic shaft gives the Black Diamond Spire Trekking Pole increased stability and durability to take on all the abuses dished out by long days on the trail. Black Diamond gave the Spire Trekking Pole an anatomically correct, dual-density handle to make your hike as comfortable as possible. A combination of FlickLock and Binary locking mechanisms make length adjustment quick, easy, and solid to keep you going mile after mile.

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Make for Easier Trekking

    Admittedly, I have not ever had experience with any other set of trekking poles, so take that for what it is. However, notwithstanding this automatic and narrow bias that I inherently possess towards these poles over any other, I would have to say that they prove to be absolute wonders when out on the trails. I hiked Swift Camp Creek in Red River Gorge a while back, and the trail had seen a lot of action and tumult due to some storms that had occurred in the area recently. The trail was torn to s*** and I was carrying a pack that weighed ~40 lbs. All I can say is that my ankles and lower legs are much happier doing longer hikes when I use these.


      I'm gearing up for a trip with some serious hiking on it, and having suffered from JRA in my knees and ankles since 13, wanted something to reduce the wear and tear on my knees. I've taken these out for a few test runs, and they are an absolute lifesaver. Anyone with weak knees or ankles, or anyone wanting some extra stability on the trails should have some trekking poles. These poles performed beyond my expectations.


        I have had two pairs of these poles. I bought them because I was told they are the strongest poles on the market. I broke the first pole 2 days into the West Coast Trail, the second pole broke two days after that. The first pole folded on itself at the bottom (sideways) and the second pole broke at the binary lock at the bottom. The binary lock quickly became dirty and I suffered similar problems of the mechanism jamming.

        I returned the poles upon my arrival in town and replaced them with another set. I broke the first one of those poles on my first ski tour with them. It survived 2.5 days of skiing before it broke.

        I have since returned them for a pair of 2 piece Komperdell poles that are going strong after many ski tours and hiking trips.

        I'm not a big guy at 170lbs, but I found these poles to be EXTREMELY easy to break. Given the high pricepoint ($130 retail) I'm extremely disappointed with these poles.

        Nice fit for backpacking

          First thing I noticed, with trekking poles in general, is how much stress was taken off my knees going up and down steep hills.

          As for these Spires, I really appreciated the sturdiness, lightweight design. They also double for my tent poles with the nemo meta 2p. Adjusting is quick, easy, and flawless - a new companion to my backpacking experience.

          As advertised but...

            These poles were as advertised but when I used them on the icy trails of the Grand Canyon one pole broke almost immediately. The poles are light, lighter than any other pole I've used. The mixture of foam and rubber in the handles make for a very comfortable grip. The locking mechanism is really convenient, no more twisting and twisting and twisting... But as I said the pole broke. I do not plan on purchasing another pair since the price is steep for a pole that may leave me pole-less for the remainder of my trip. I plan on purchasing a set with similar features at a cheaper price.

            Compact, Lightweight and Strong

              I am very happy with the Black Diamond Spire Elliptic Trekking Pole.

              The elliptical shape of these poles gives them strength when hacking up a steep trail on snowshoes.

              Few other poles on the market are as light and sturdy.

              Cheaper poles may a few seasons (or a few hikes) and then fail you. Black Diamonds are a durable good meant to last for years.

              If you snowshoe, these are worth the investment.

              Leki no more

                I used to use Leki's exclusively but no anymore. I received these as a gift and haven't looked back. I love the lock on the bottom portion of the poles (such a great idea) and the locking mechanism in the second section is much more reliable than the twist mechanism Leki uses. These things are perfect and have never collapsed on me.

                Nothing but Praise

                  Not any lighter than my ski poles but more versatile! The flick lock and the autolock 'binary system' on the lower section are both reliable. I've traversed scree slopes with one pole fully exended and the other fully collapsed. It was a pleasure having them for that. The flexible tips have also been put to the test and it is a nice feature.Only two possible improvements I've found in a solid year of four season use: It would be nice if they CAME with powder baskets....but they are available separately; and the very comfortable and supportive wrap around straps aren't quite long enough to use with Black Diamond's Mercury Mitts when the temps drop. You can get the mitt through them but there just isn't enough length to run the strap through your hand, under your palm, and over the back of your wrist with mitts on. Had to adjust to use them running up over the back of the hand. Still functional but not as comfortable.My wife wanted adjustable poles instead of ski poles so I got her a pair for Christmas that are conveniently identical to mine (in case one of mine goes bad).Lastly, BD service is top notch. I left my pole unattended right next to my tent for about 30 minutees one trip and a Marmot drug it away from the tent and demolished the foam hand grip and strap. They like the salt from human sweat. Photo attached - BAD Marmot! I patched it up with duct tape but had another big four day trip coming in just a week. BD Customer Service sent me a replacement via two day shipping and my poles were back in shape in time for my Granite Peak trip - summited!BD is my first choice for most products!

                  Nothing but Praise

                  BD SpireTrekking Pole

                    Just got back from the Chugach Mtns in AK,very steep and rough! I've never used poles before but now would never be with out them. After 2wks in AK my poles look a little rough. After all the abuse all the working parts still work like new. My guides poles had the twist type lock and he had to readjust alot, mine never moved once.Great poles,would highly recommend.

                    Black Diamond Spire Contour Trekking Pole

                      These are my first trekking poles I have ever purchased and I am glad I bought some. I bought these because of the reviews, really. They are light, compact well, and sturdy enough for my 6'3" 250 lb. body. I hike and snowshoe a lot and have found these to help out a lot (powder baskets are a must in snow).

                      I actually forgot them for one hike I did recently and was sore the next day! I guess that's a good thing and a bad thing. Good because they help make the hike more comfortable but, bad because my body seems to rely on them now. Oh well...

                      I do have to say, I didn't collapse the bottom part of the poles for a good 3 or so months and when I needed to collapse that bottom part to stick them on my pack, it actually took some time and hurt my hands to get them to go in. But now they work fine. So, I collapse them all the way at least once a week to keep the parts working well.

                      Also, when they get really, really wet from rain or sweat, it can be harder to grip them, which doesn't happen too often. And, the adjustable strap comes loose while on long hikes if I apply too much pressure. But they tighten with a quick pull so, again, not a huge deal.

                      Bottom line: Solid poles that make for a more enjoyable hike.

                      BD's FlickLock Rules!!

                        FlickLock is a far superior design compared to the compression twist design. These can be easily adjusted with or without gloves. They won't collapse unexpectedly. The rest of the poles offer very good quality. A little expensive for what they are.

                        Top Notch

                          believe the reviews...they are top of the line...the eliptical design gives them more linear stability...they are lightweight (dont weigh much more than the CF models) and the FlickLock design is unique on these...most have two FlickLock adjustment points...this only has one...the lower section extends and is fixed in place while the upper portion has the FlickLock allowing you adjust the length...angled handles are very comfortable and absorb sweat well

                          Fantastic Poles

                            The best feature of the Spires is their FlickLock. The lock holds the pole in place and you know it's closed; no turning and wondering if the lock is holding like other poles. The lock does need minimal maintenance, however. The screw that holds the lock's latch needs to be checked after and before every trip. It is a standard Phillips screw, and can be turned easily with a penny, knife blade or fingernail. I consider this minimal maintenance just part of taking care of one's toys, so it is not a detractor.

                            For their weight, these are the best trekking poles around. The straps are a easily adjustable and large enough to accommodate gloves (but not big mitts) and have a 3D mesh to wick away moisture. Should you break a part, you can get replacement parts from Black Diamond.

                            I've put a 400 or so miles on mine, and they look good-as-new. They hold just as well, too.

                            Have you had any problems with the bottom section getting sticky. After 7 days on the west coast trail one of my poles was very sticky, there was some sort of grit caked onto the pole that would not come off very easily ( my nails couldn't scratch it off) what would you advise for fixing this?

                            You can remove the lower section by depressing the lock buttons, then pulling it all the way out. But before you try that, blast a bit of WD-40 up into the locking mechanism and slide the pole in and out repeatedly (get your mind out of the gutter...that's what you need to do) and also depress the buttons a bunch of times to free up any grit and debris. Wipe the whole thing down with a clean rag, and repeat until it's smooth. If that doesn't work, and the pole is still caked with crap, then remove the section completely, and try using a light scouring sponge to scrub it off. Lube up the little spring loaded ball locks and the rubber dirt covers when you're done. Worst case scenario- bearing in mind that it'll take the paint off the lower section of the pole, and will melt any plastic it comes into contact with- wipe it with a bit of lacquer thinner. Best to remove the section completely before you try this.

                            I know this is a little late, but yes! Many people have a problem with the bottom section. I work in outdoor retail and I see a lot of these come back. Me included. One day, it just stopped working. I couldn't move it even with a vise.

                            Great poles

                              I'm new to the world of trekking poles. My knees have been bothering me while hiking and out of desperation I decided to shell out some money on some poles. What a difference they make! These poles are very light weight and are ideal for a woman's height and hand size. Also, the locking system is easy to operate (the first few times it's hard to flip the locking switch). I would highly recommend these poles.

                              Is there a right and left to these poles...

                              Is there a right and left to these poles or are they interchangeable? Also, does the set come with powder snow baskets? Also, deciding between these and the BD Contour Eliptics, what difference I should consider?

                              Do the Compact poles save any space in,...

                              Do the Compact poles save any space in, or on, your pack, when they are retracted and stored, over the standard poles?

                              I didn't find a clean answer in the other...

                              I didn't find a clean answer in the other reviews. Which are the ones for sale here, standard or compact? Do the grips work well for large hands? Is this price per pole or for the pair?

                              Where can I get the rubber protective tips...

                              Where can I get the rubber protective tips for these poles? You used to carry them, but apparently no longer.

                              which one is for sale here? the compact...

                              which one is for sale here? the compact or the std ? can not choose the size, it s written 'one size'. thx

                              how do you make the pole open (extend)

                              how do you make the pole open (extend)

                              Best Answer

                              Pinch the button on the lower adjustment and pull the lower shaft out. It has two positions - collapsed and fulled extended. It is fully extended when you hear the "click". The top (black Flicklock mechanism) is where the adjustment to your height is made. The Flicklock works like a bicycle seatpost - use your thumb to open with the pole in your hand. An adjustment screw is there to adjust the tension if you need it. The Flicklock should be factory tightened.

                              I'm guessing you are having a problem extending the flicklock upon first receiving the poles, as I did. My poles seem to have been forcefully collapsed and I needed to use extreme force to extend the section the fliplock controls.

                              What is the difference between the compact...

                              What is the difference between the compact and standard?