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Wonderful cheep lightweight locker

    I always try to have at least two or three more of these than I think I will need clipped to one of my gear loops on any kind of climb that I do. I use them for constructing anchors (I try to use only lockers in my anchor systems), for securing my ATC Guide to the master-point on guide mode when belaying a second, and for securing myself to my anchor (also something which it is best to do with lockers). This biner is small, and the nose does catch on webbing and rope as other reviewers have said, but for me this is more than made up for by its lighter weight and cheeper price. This biner is almost as light as a non-locker, which means that carrying these instead of larger lockers lets me carry a couple of extras; important, because one thing that a climber almost always can use more of in an emergency self-rescue scenario (or any unplanned scenario for that matter) is extra locking carabiners.

    Love them both

      I bought both the screw lock and autolocking versions of this biner. I didn't want the auto locker, but my local store only had one screw lock version in stock so I grabbed one of each. I have no regrets.

      I spent a Saturday belaying kids who were climbing and rapping. I used the autolocker as my belay biner and the screw lock for anchoring me. The autolocker was great for constantly switching rap lines. Ropes move smoothly through the biner. Price is right, and they are not to heavy either.

      does the job

        These lockers are great for setting up anchors and the price can't be beat. I got a few of these to try out for the last few weeks and they have done pretty well. I have had a little bit of an issue with them sticking a bit but its not a big deal they still work great! BD gear is always on point and this locker is some good bang for your buck.

        It works

          It gets the job done but is nothing special. The notch in the gate makes getting rope or webbing in and out a pain. This is especialy bad because it is a small carabiner. Also because the caribiner is not rounded it does not work well for setting up top rope. The only upside is that it is cheap. If i was to buy this size locker again i would just pay the extra money to get hte positron locker because is has a notchless nose.

          Sweet Biner

            Great small locking carab for a daisey chain or setting up an anchor. I wouldn't use this for munter hitches as I prefer something larger like the Rocklock that is more rounded. I keep about four of these on my rack and use them for various tasks -BD makes the best equipment. You can't go wrong with these!

            Great 'Biners!

              I bought these as a special stocking stuffer for my 10 year old daughter, and I wish that I had purchased a second set (for me) as well!

              They are sooo light, and the locking mechanism is smooth and easy to use: now, she is "ripping" up the walls at even greater speed - hopefully, I'll be able to keep up!

              High Value Quality

                For how much the carabiner costs you get alot. It is durable and very lightweight making it a good item to add to your climbing arsenal.

                The screwgate has high quality checkering on it giving it great traction. This will be nice if you are using it in icy or wet conditions or if you wear gloves.

                Simple, lightweight, affordable and Black Diamond bomb proof- what more could you ask for?

                Gets the Job Done!

                  When I was just getting into trad I ordered a few of these for multiple uses. They definitely get the job done, although if you want something to use for a MP or use to clip into multiple pieces of webbing/rope you might want to get something bigger. These biners are on the smaller side of things and are not great for things like clipping yourself in. They are still bomber though and useful to have on your harness just in case!

                  Black Diamond Quicksilver Carabiner

                    Needed a carabiner to facilitate the building of a single rope bridge and attach to a swiss seat. Tech rep on line indicated this one would work well. Unfortunately, the gate is too small to allow quick connection/disconnection. Other than that the carabiner is light wieght and functions well for anything other than 3 or more 5/8" ropes.

                    Is this good enough for top roping? To use...

                    Is this good enough for top roping? To use 2 of these as the master point where you put climbing rope through?

                    is the quicksilver black diamond carabiner...

                    is the quicksilver black diamond carabiner ok for reppeling when clipped from webbing to figure 8 thank you for your help