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The Black Diamond QuickDraw Carbon Fiber Probe 230 weighs a scant 8.1 ounces without sacrificing one speck of much-needed performance. Thanks to the tapered furrels and one-pull setup, this Black Diamond probe will be ready in seconds to save all-important time in an emergency. The QuickDraw Carbon Fiber Probe 230 also has five-centimeter markings for accurate snow-pit study, because avoiding an avalanche is the ultimate goal.

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    I haven't used this probe in an actual burial situation but have performed extended column tests (using this probe and another with some cord to make the column).

    It is extremely easy to use and assembles in a matter of seconds. You just pull it out and yank on the cord until the segments sync up and you hear a snap.

    Nice light probe.

      I used to have the voile tourlight probe until it got left behind on a camping trip. (oops.) Picked this up as a replacement, and I definitely like the weight. It sheds a few ounces compared to the voile, and despite being a bit shorter, is actually a little bulkier due to the diameter of the probe. At 230 cm, it should be plenty long for most recreational tours. I do like the locking mechanism on the voile as it feels more natural, but with some practice this one isn't bad at all. I also like the grip on the top of this probe, it's a very sand papery feel, but it makes it nice and easy to hold even with gloves on. Comes with a bright yellow case, should make it nice and noticeable for people prone to forgetting things like me. ;-)

      Excellent - as long as you use it right

        I had this probe for a few months and found it awkward to probe with, as I struggled to keep the grab loop taut and hence the probe from falling apart. Then I realized that you need to pull it tight until it clicks, and it's a whole different probe. Light weight and really simple to use, once you know the trick.

        good place to save weight

          It took me a while to spend the money on a "lite" probe but I am stoked I did. It is a good place to save weight, a few ounces in some cases and ever ounce adds up. I really like that the probe is marked to measure snow and that it is stiff and easy to open. Kick ass!

          No Complaints

            This is a great, quick probe - the QuickDraw action on all BD probes makes it a cinch to use. It also breaks down nicely and I've had it fit into several different packs. The grip tape in the handle makes use with gloves or wet hands easy too and the measurement markings seem to have held up well so far. No concerns about the carbon fiber being too weak or thin either - unless you're going to be in very cold temperatures. Depending on snowpack and terrain, the length can also be a bit concerning at times too.

            Light and Fast

              Just got this to shed some weight. Much faster to pull together with updated pull system. Like the grip tape on handle, allows for secure non-slip grip while probing. Full measurement is useful for data from pit analysis. Good length as well as break down length. Rod is same thickness as aluminum probe, nice since it is stiff an will be more durable than thinner carbon types.

              mitten friendly

                2 things impressed me: 1. The grab loop is rubberized and mitten friendly. 2. the top section of probe has skate board tape on it making it more mitten friendly for fast assembly. Just tug and go.
                I would give it a five if I could hear the fastener click into place when it's built.

                make sure you're pulling it tight, all the way. the first time i tugged it together, i didn't notice that the barrel lock wasn't totally "clicked" into place. after disassembling it and trying again, i tugged harder and the barrel lock audibly clicked into place, assuring that the probe is locked and loaded.

                Everything that you could want in a probe...

                  Luckily, I haven't had to use the probe for what it was intended, but I will say that after testing it, I'm impressed with its functionallity, user-friendly design, and most of all, weight. I just spent a week in Brittish Columbia with it and was happy to have such a simple, light setup.

                  Black Diamond QuickDraw Carbon Fiber Probe 230

                    The carbon fiber makes the QuickDraw probe nice and light. I like the relatively short sections which will fit in my smaller pack for my quick slack country trips. The probe is nice and stiff, though I have used it only in a beacon park and not actual debris. Black Diamond makes thoughtfully desinged and durable products, and I highly recommend this probe.

                    Great Probe

                      I've only had it for a few months now and haven't needed to use the probe in the field, but I only have good things to say so far. The probe is nice and light, easy and quick to assemble, and fits nicely on my pack. So far, so good. I'll add more if I ever have a complaint.

                      Light and quick...

                        Light... quick to put together... what more do yo want out of a probe? I have been very impressed with this probe. I upgraded from my old aluminum probe to shed some precious ounces and have been pleasantly surprised to find that this probe is not only lighter but more functional. The shorter sections make it possible to fit the broken down probe in my smallest pack without it sticking out. Also this is the quickest probe to put together that I have ever used. The velcro flap on the stuff sack opens much quicker than a drawstring, then just pull the cable tight and the whole thing snaps together. Very impressive.

                        Nice probe

                          Quick deployment and great construction. The newer smaller sectioned probes are great for putting in those smaller more accessible pockets in your pack (each section measures 15.5"). Have been using this for about a year both side country and AT... no durability issues yet.

                          Solid, Big and Fast

                            Very nice probe, solid and beefy to probe dense debris, and very fast to open when adjusted right; however if the snap is out of adjustment it can be a pain to figure out why it will not snap and the biggest beef I have with this probe is that the plastic coating on the cable is quick to come off in the area where the cable comes through the snap. Mine separated after only about ten uses. Could have used a kevlar cord would have been my only improvement.

                            Quality product

                              Very quick to put together -- just toss and pull until the final piece snaps into place. Doesn't rely on any plastic parts to hold the probe together + coated wire, unlike other brands. Stiffer but lighter than aluminum probes. Nice stuff sack with a Velcro flap, instead of the usual draw-string bag, so you can get your probe out quicker. Have yet to test in the field.

                              anyone know the folded dimensions?

                              anyone know the folded dimensions?

                              got it today. the longest section is the tip. so the overall folded length is pretty close to 44 cm (17.5") — a little bit longer than i was expecting, but at least it fits in my pack's avi gear compartment. although it barely fits in the holster if it's in the bag/carrying case.