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The Black Diamond 02 Telemark Bindings provide the power and control that hard-charging tele skiers need to push the limits. Under-foot compression springs create a progressive flex that makes the O2 Telemark Bindings a great choice for driving big sticks. Black Diamond designed them with a solid heel wire to increase torsional stability for snappy edge-to-edge transitions. The O2 Bindings have what it takes to launch a massive cornice or power some fatty planks in funky, beat up snow.

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Alright, if you like loose as heck

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I am a patroller at a Northeastern mountain and made the switch from alpine to tele about a year ago. I get a lot of time on the hill and do try to wake up at 5 am to earn my turns at least ten times a year. These bindings are great for the experienced tele skier who wants a binding that will remain very loose all the time and allow for plenty of knee-touching-ski time. However, the spring cartridges suck! They loosen up with every run and cost you some seriously good time on the hill where you are sitting in the snow spinning the cartridges before getting back on the lift or tossing on your skins and hiking up.

One would think that for $199 BD could deliver something a bit more bomber. I bought the ridiculously stiff cartridges and was finally happier with the flex, but then they become incredibly tedious to put on, which is not ok for a patroller responding to a code.

I have also experienced a serious lack of stability in the sides of the toe plate when knee-dropping in the uneven, loose snow that we encounter all to often on the east coast. They are loose enough that the ski will bounce around, side-to-side when you are engage that edge through the icy, churned up stuff on the trail edges. This makes pulling a toboggan (especially when a patient is in it) absolute hell on your knees.

In short, not the greatest binding, far from it in fact. They have the ultra free flex that will only loosen as you come down the trail. The only benefit to this could be that if you somehow encounter some powder at the base (which never happens as it is always all skied out) then your bindings would be loose enough to allow you tips to float above the snow rather than diving down and giving you a face-full. I am just starting out on a pair of 22 designs axls and I LOVE them. They give you some serious power flex with such great connection to the ski, like NTN but without all the extra crap on them.

Don't buy O2s unless you want them to loosen on you every run.

For finesse skiers.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These work great until I start flailing around or landing a little wonky on jumps. Then my binder releases unexpectedly. I think I'm stomping on the heel-wire and pushing it off my boot. This never happens with my G3 Targa's. But I'm a brute and am often skiing with reckless abandon.

A Very Good Inbounds Binding!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've read a lot of the posts slamming this binding, and feel they are unfair. I have owned several pairs of HH's, and while they do ski fine, I really did not like the loose tolerances and broken heelpieces. I always felt that the duckbills were sloppy in the HH, not so in the BD02. Frankly, I think the pivot point feels better in the 02 than the HH, the engagement of the springs smoother. Once the binding is installed and the cables seated, all that is needed is a narrow ribbon of Gorrilla duct tape to "lock" the cartridges together, and they will not loosen! True, the HH has fewer moving parts, but I don't feel it skis tighter or better than the BD02 when correctly set up. It should be noted that BD has not changed the design of the 02 for some time, and HH's are ending production.

Good Ol' 02s

    I'll start by saying that I really do dig these bindings- they've taken me many cool places, and performed in some sticky situations. I have two pairs of these that I've been on for the past 4-5 years, in both Big Mountain and Park skiing. I've had to pick up the small cartridges for both (if you do this, make sure they give you the smaller housing as well, or else they'll still be loose if you have a small boot). But yes- they tend to loosen themselves when you ski, so you are constantly having to tighten them up. They recently came out with newer cartridges that supposedly helped fix this issue- I haven't tried any of the recent models, so I can't say for sure. They also recommend throwing on a piece of tape to decrease the chance of them loosening up when skiing.
    Overall, even though it's a bit of a pain having to make sure that your bindings are tightened up at the beginning of each day, I still love the 02s. They're great for charging, throwing down in the park, and just having a good time!

    Expected more.

      I've ridden this binding for the past year and a half and initially liked it a lot. As time has gone on I would not recommend this binding since there are better options out there. I think it performs ok but you have to constantly re-screw the cartridges which leads to inconsistent performance. At times I've had to change this mid run because it loosened so much and locktite and thread tapes never helped long. Kind of frustrating when every other binding I've used is a set it and forget it deal.

      Not Even Worth The One Star

        Um, I'm sorry but who wrote the product description for these? I'm guessing Black Diamond because it couldn't be more wrong. "The O2 Bindings have what it takes to launch a massive cornice or power some fatty planks in funky, beat up snow." These bindings can't even handle my Karhu Team 100's (100mm underfoot). I have the rid stiff cartridges on them and they are still far from being "tight" or responsive. Very loose and sloppy when skiing pow, steep lines, and choppy conditions. On top of that, they "squeak" on every turn,(a sound that I am pretty sure comes from the boot sole rubbing on the plate, and definitely not from the cartridges, which are brand new). There's a reason pro tele guys, like the boys from Powderwhores, are riding Hammerheads, Axles, or NTN setups. Sorry for the harsh review BD but you should be sued for false advertising. Your bindings suck

        i'd agree. seem to be a lot of folks preaching about how this piece of gear is far superior to this - and yet, when I talk face to face with tele buds the binding issue is not a huge one. I have found I just end up adjusting my style to that which is underfoot and every set up skis a bit different offering up advantages and disadvantages. Still comes down to the skier's ability.

        Five seasons and going strong

          I used to hijack my dad's old Rivas until I got sick of too little tension and a few too many nosedives. Picked up a pair of O2s and while they took a little breaking in and are definitely heavier they get the job done. They flex evenly with my garmont boots and I've never had any problems. The weight doesn't bother me either and I have no problem touring. I see guys on the O1s but I'd rather have a little tougher climb with fewer mechanical problems if you know what I mean


            I have had the bindings rip out twice. The first time it happended I thought install error and had another dealer remount them onty to have them tear out again. I recently have been discussing this with different shops and pin heads I meet and am finding that it happens very often. I would be interested in knowing if other people have had this issue.

            is this a hammerhead, axl club reviewing the BD's? rainey designs right - the super loop? every binding has issues. personally, i like the simplicity of the voile. guess at 43 I am not hard charging. Yet in the 90's when I was skiing the pass - cartridge bindings were the big upgrade and yet, we still managed to rip beautiful lines down hill. Just saying, to much focus on gear...

            Total Crap.

              I bought these and mounted them on my K2's with the intention of having a great all mountain set up. These bindings were a waste of money. They are constantly loosening up and I have to crank them down every time I ski. They were supposed to be the mid-stiff but not as nearly as much as advertised. For the cherry on the sundae I was skiing at Keystone and my binding loosened up again allowing my boot to pop out and off my ski goes, on a adventure never to be seem from again. Try Hammerheads or G3's much better deal.

              Great In-Bounds Binding

                I have been on these bindings for three years now and love them. I like the pivot point on these bindings way better than the Hammerheads. I currently have the rid-stiff springs on a pair of 188 LIB TECH Freerides and it is a great in-bounds setup. I don't use these ski's or bindings for my hiking setup. I have a lot of preload on the springs and haven't had a problem with springs coming loose. I know if you don't have the BD compression spring cartridges tight they do tend to give you problems...but then so would my pair of Rottefella Hot Chilis back in the day.

                2 years on these.. I loved them

                  Mounted in 2 pairs of skis (BD Havoc and Volkl Karma). Rid Stiff cartridges were awesome! I ski very agressively and they never pulled out of skis and had great feel. They do need constant adjusting and tend to freeze such that you can't adjust and have to bring inside to thaw to adjust again.. but that was never critical, just an annoyance. The duct tape trick sounds like it should be effective.I'd recomend, but not for touring.. just on lift served. Get the 01 for touring.. just as great but have touring mode

                  it's okay

                    Nothing standout about the O2 for me. It gets the job done. I have a pair of O1's and they seem to have a slightly different pivot point. Even after adding plumbers tape to the threads and properly preloading, my cartridges just spin loose all the time. The binding feels sloppy on hardpack. It's a fine binding and all, but there are better choices for your standard telemark binding. A lot of it is preference. I have friends that love the O2, but I am not crazy about mine. The BD warranty is pretty good though. Cracked a heel throw and they just gave me a new free one.

                    They do work

                      These were the first pair of tele bindings I ever used. They were adequate for the job. Most people will be perfectly happy with them, yes they have a couple of flaws, a little duct tape, or locktite fixes that.


                        I have had two pairs, and they have performed well. The old style need to have lock tite on the threads so the round nuts at the front of the barrels do not come loose, The newer style do have to be tightened occasionally. I have been skiing at Taos for over 300 days with the combination of the two bindings on pretty big skiis. Mostly bumps, powder, and steep shutes,ie; (in area).
                        I have not had a failure of the bindings and really like the way they pull from under the sole of your boot rather than the side.
                        I could see increased stress on the heel piece if you tend to bend your rear boot to 90 degrees.
                        All-in-all, they have worked really well.

                        Look elsewhere

                          I have put in a solid 200+ days of hard teleing on the O2s with rid stiff cartridges, and I would not recommend them to any of my friends. While they are indeed adequately stiff for driving a pair of 186 karhus through any snow I could think of, the flex is very unnatural, and I have broken 5 heel pieces. The flex problem originates from the location of the springs, and results in a very stiff initial flex, followed by a less active low stroke. This basically means that it becomes difficult to initiate a turn that becomes progressively less stable as your stance lowers. A subtle detail, and perhaps a personal peeve, but give these bindings a demo before you purchase.
                          Also, due to some structural flaw, The heel pieces are exceptionally prone to snapping. Usually they fail right above the clamp, which is more frustrating than anything, but none the less, an obstacle, especially at the beginning of a day, or the top of a hike.
                          I hate to say it, because I really like BD gear, but there are much better binding options.

                          Good Enough!

                            The BD O2 is a great stable binding for the resort. I like the fill of it and the stability that it provides. I'm riding them with Scarpa T2x which is great for the resort but not so hot for touring. If you need touring capabilities go with the 01 or perhaps the Voile Hardwires. One thing that bugs me about the binding is that the cartridges rotate throughout the day. I have to twist them every now and again to keep the flex stiff. All in all, I'm a BD person and think they make great high quality gear.

                            What is the difference between the o1 and...

                            What is the difference between the o1 and 2? Can you tour with the o2 and if so can you switch from ski to tour with your pole? Is an o 2 better for groomers or glades? I'd like to ski both and have a chance to tour. Does anyone know a good binding for that?

                            Hey Yimbus,

                            The 01 and 02 are pretty similar however the 01 features a resistance free touring option that the 02 does not have. If you plan on touring a lot this is a feature you will want to have. I would point you to the 01 over the 02 if you plan on touring at all.

                            has anyone heard about compatibility issues...

                            has anyone heard about compatibility issues between the 02 binding and the t-race boot? i used the two together and after the first day there was large indentations on the t-race duckbills from the 02 toe piece.

                            That tends to happen when you press p-bex into steel repeatedly. Won't affect anything, but hey, you might as well get some Hammerheads or Axls, just 'cause they're better and might not leave imprints in the toe. Or get NTN's.
                            I wouldn't worry about it, though. That's just how it is.

                            will the hammerhead or axl also blow me? sounds like they do about everything. maybe this could be the next upgrade? Hey, like that you are the small fries taking on the big guys - and suppose the response, "Just get some hammerheads..." is wearing thin. BD has been around a long time putting out some solid equipment. Are they perfect - nope. Was the super loop - hammerheads ugly step child - nope.

                            Does the O2 have the same hole pattern as...

                            Does the O2 have the same hole pattern as the G3 Targa ? I would like to swap out my G3's

                            Yes. BD and G3, along with Voile and Rottefella (cobras) all work on the same "standard four hole mounting pattern." Do yourself a favor, though, and go for some Hammerheads. Different mounting pattern, but such a better binding! 02's will be an improvement over your Targas, though. Enjoy!

                            I am having the same problem a couple of...

                            I am having the same problem a couple of other people have had with these bindings. They are releasing and loosening as I ski them. I am an intermediate, skiing moderate to BD runs. I keep having to stop and tighten the springs.
                            Mid Stiffs, Medium size, Size 9.5 Garmont boots.
                            Any thoughts on this?

                            Wrap a piece of duct tape around both of the springs, keeping the springs apart, but not moving independently. Once some moisture gets in the springs, they'll stay put. Your best option would be to sell those 02's, and get some Hammerheads, though. Much, much better binding.

                            Best Answer

                            The problem with loosening originates from not having your bindings tight enough in the first place. Make sure that when you attach the heel piece (with your heel all the way down) so that 5 to 10mm of the inner arm of the cartridge is visible beyond the cartridge housing. This tension is known as pre-load, and it locks the threads in the cartridge keeping the bindings from loosening as you ski.
                            The instructions are available here:

                            Will these bindings release in a bad crash?...

                            Will these bindings release in a bad crash? I demoed a pair of another brand where the cables ran along side the boot, and when I crashed bad, they released. (I liked that to save my knees) With the cables under your foot, will they stay on better?

                            Does anybody know if the regular sized O2s...

                            Does anybody know if the regular sized O2s will fit a Mondo 26, Scarpa T1??

                            i have size 26 t1s, and i've skiied on the following: small cartridge+small wire, large cartridge+large wire, small cartridge+large wire. so long as the crossbar doesn't interfere with the heel riser, size 26 is smack in the middle of bd's binding part offerings. it does mean you're at the largest part of the smalls or the smallest part of the larges, but it works.

                            good luck!

                            I got a pair of regular O2s as a gift but...

                            I got a pair of regular O2s as a gift but need to exchange for a size small. Can I just get a new pair of small cartridges or do I have to get the entire binding in a small? Thanks

                            I wear a mondo size 25.0 boot, it is the...

                            I wear a mondo size 25.0 boot, it is the scarpa TJ what size cartriges should i get and will these bindings even work with this boot???

                            Best Answer

                            # Standard size fits boot sole lengths over 315 mm
                            # Small size fits boot sole lengths under 315 mm.
                            Not sure exactly how the TJ measures at a size 25, but you can just take a tape measure and do it yourself. Those boots will fit the O2s, but I'd get the free-flex cartridges, as the bellows on the TJs are very soft, and the O2 is capable of overpowering soft boots.

                            Are the 02 Binding compatible with the K2...

                            Are the 02 Binding compatible with the K2 four hole system on the Schi Devil's and She's Piste skis?

                            I am interested in the BDiamond O2 however...

                            I am interested in the BDiamond O2 however I demo'd it this past winter and had issues with the small cartridge. I am a woman with a size 7 foot (5 mens) and so I have to use the small cartridges. When I try to drop a knee the small cartridge is either bottoming out or it is catching on my boot which limits how far I can drop down. I am an agressive skier so the first time it stopped my motion it caused my heal to yank up from the bottom of the boot which was a bit painful. Has anyone else had this problem.

                            I would get the G3 Ascent but I already have a pair of those and the pivot switch ices up and heal lift falls when I am climbing.

                            Not quite sure what you mean by "catching on your boot"... As for the cartridges bottoming out, O1 and O2 cartridges reach their spring limit because over over-tightening. You might have them cranked down too tight. When BD says that only 5-10mms of metal should be showing outside of the cartridge, they mean it. In my experience, aggressive knee-droppers barely want any metal to be showing when clipping them on. With your foot size, the smaller cartridges should be right for you, so try loosening them up. If you feel like the resistance isn't enough, buy the Rid-Stiffs, and if that isn't enough for you, you should get a pair of Hammerheads.

                            I am trying to figure out whether to buy...

                            I am trying to figure out whether to buy the O1 or the O2 and which size. I mainly ski at the area but will be touring about 1 out of every 7 days or so. I am not too aggressive with my turns. I'm 120 lbs and my boot size is 24.5. I just bought the BD Joule (my first fat skis!) and want some bindings to go on these for powder days. I have the She's piste with G3's right now and love them. I don't know if I need the O1's or if the O2's will work for me.
                            Thanks for the help!

                            Im debating whether to get these w/rediculously...

                            Im debating whether to get these w/rediculously stiff or the hammerheads. i only do around 2 huts trips a year so i care mostly about the downhill. im an advanced and agressive telemarker. anything helps thanks.

                            I bought new K2 Work Stinx and was thinking...

                            I bought new K2 Work Stinx and was thinking of putting these bindings on them. What does it take to put them on, do they match up with the predrilled inserts.

                            Hey Gary, do remember that if you are using stiffer cartridges and stiffer boots with these (like t-races or customs), to epoxy the screw holes. The four-screw pattern plus the underfoot cable system puts a tremendous amount of torque on the back two screws which can rip them out of your skis. My O1s (which have the same screw pattern) ripped the inserts OUT of my K2 Anti-Pistes, so make sure to tell the shop to epoxy the crap out of the insert holes...

                            Putting epoxy in the screws won't do anything. If they're going to rip out, they're going to rip out. All your going to do by putting epoxy in there is to make sure the bindings don't come out with a screwdriver either. NEVER use epoxy when mounting skis. BD says use wood glue. Titebond is enough.
                            I realize this is probably too late to help you, but if anyone else sees this, DON'T USE EPOXY!

                            i have a pair of black diamond 02 binding...

                            i have a pair of black diamond 02 binding mounted on some piste pipes and they are not mounted where i want them can you tell me how to center mount these bindings?

                            Best Answer

                            If it's the Piste Pipe with the inserts, then you want to mount the front of the toe piece in the forward-most holes on the ski. Then mount the heel piece wherever your boot needs it. If the Piste Pipes don't have inserts, you'll have to get them mid-mounted in the shop.

                            These have been awesome bindings over the...

                            These have been awesome bindings over the past 2 seasons. I got laid off from my job 1 month ago, and the skiing here in VT has been pretty good, so I've been skiing 4-6 days/week instead of 1-2 days/week. (Poor me, right?.) I mostly do backcountry, and my O2's have developed the following problem: When I reach the top of the ascent and de-skin, etc., the barrels (springs) are frozen and won't spin so I can tighten them. As soon as the skis get inside for a few minutes, the problem goes away, so it must be water getting inside the springs and freezing on the threads. One night of drying out inside/WD40 doesn't seem to help. Otherwise, the bindings work fine.

                            Best Answer

                            That has always been a problem with these bindings, though changing it would sacrifice durability and simplicity of design. I've found that I can usually warm them up with my hands enough to unstick them, or if it's too cold for that, then flexing up and down a lot (at the risk of looking like an idiot) usually loosens them up.-----My old targas used to do the same thing, I would carry a handwarmer with me and unfreeze the cartridges with it...

                            Unanswered Question

                            I have an old pair of Riva bindings. The...

                            I have an old pair of Riva bindings. The kind with a cable with a 1/4 inch thread on the outside end and a tapered cable itself on the inside end which goes through a screw/nut. The cable wrapps around the ski tip end of a 3 pin plate. The binding is latched down on the outside heel near the "spring" piece which wraps around the heel. These have been very dependable bindings. I snapped the cable piece the other day. I am looking for several replacement cables. Size 9-10. Where can I find these or other cables which I can make work?

                            I have a pair of Black Diamond O1 bindings...

                            I have a pair of Black Diamond O1 bindings that i got from a friend. What i FORGOT was that he's a small guy so he had a small sized boot and thus, ordered small O1 Bindings. What I want to know is if you all think I can get a backcountry kit for either the O1 or O2 so i can swap out my current small heel-throws for the regular size and call it good. What do you guys think?

                            You just need longer cartridges. Here you go.'t get anything with S in the name (e.g. MidStiff S). To swap them out, use a screwdriver to pry the small metal piece that holds the cables together away from the toe piece of the binding. Then the whole heel throw, cartridges, and cables will pull out together. Then you just unscrew the cartridges and replace them. Don't even need tools. It's a 30-minute job. Good luck.

                            does BD make the Rid Stiff in a small? I...

                            does BD make the Rid Stiff in a small? I wear a T1 lady 5/6 shell. will the Rid Stiff regular size work for my boot size?

                            Unanswered Question

                            Alright one more question... I wear a...

                            Alright one more question... I wear a size 8.5 - 9 shoe and I'm about ready to purchase a pair of tele boots... What size binding should I purchase, regular or small??? Thanks for your help