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Uphill touring ease and downhill skiing power—no need to compromise with the 01 Telemark Bindings.

Black Diamond brings tele gear back to the forefront of high-performance backcountry riding with the Black Diamond 01 Telemark Ski Binding. They won awards from Powder Magazine, Skiing Magazine, Outside Magazine, and Couloir Magazine. A simple push with your ski pole tip releases these hard-charging telemark bindings to tour mode. The free-pivot point allows a natural stride that matches the best alpine touring bindings and keeps you low on your ski for killer balance and feel. Lock these Black Diamond bindings back down, and their under-foot compression springs provide the power and control to drop the knee, get low, and haul ass on the most critical terrain. No more compromising downhill performance for touring ease. Black Diamond gives you the best of both worlds with the 01 Telemark Ski Binding.

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4 5

A lot of binding for small boots

I give these bindings 4/5 because even though they don't work for me, they are a nifty (albeit heavy) item.

So, lets preface this with saying that I ride size 21.5 boots - sole length of 277. Had a chance to use the o1's this past weekend (with the short barrels) and while they kept my boots in, I couldn't get them nearly tight enough to feel comfortable getting aggressive. Even with the barrels tightened to their max, on brand new boots, there was a little bit of play in the heel that made me leery. That, and they look really silly on smaller boots. I think there was more binding than boot.

Overall, got the job done skinning up, I do like the ease of adjustment from ski to tour and back, but not suitable for small boots, regardless of what their size chart says. I returned my o1s and bought some Bombshells instead.

keeping up with the dogs

keeping up with the dogs

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Need power, strength and versatility...go with an 01

5 5

Great do it all binding!

I have had these on multiple pairs of skis and have thoroughly enjoyed them on all of them. I use this binding inbounds and for touring. I have had the smallest issue with the cartridges spinning but once I applied a touch of thread lock on them I haven't had any issues since. I have these paired up with Scarpa T-Races which is a seriously powerful setup.

Don't listen to the folks who spray hate on these. They are worth a try and if you don't like them you don't like them. I tried the 22 Designs and wasn't super stoked on them. So to each their own.

4 5

the go to binding

Been using the O1 since it was first released and theres a reason why I just bought another pair, because they are bad ass! A little heavier yes. Sometimes you get a little snow build up under the toe plate you have to clean out to lock the binding back into ski position. Sometimes the cartridges spin out. But every binding has their issues and these are pretty minimal in my opinion for why you buy these bindings, because you get phenominal power transfer, ease of switching from ski to tour and the cartridges don't get worn down because they are under foot.

i'm 148 pounds and have always been n the ridiculously stiff and have never felt more in control in any variety of snow condition and at any speed.

4 5

everyone has an agenda...

objectivity suffers at the hands of opinion. we all like the gear we like. bashing gear and companies may make you feel better, but at the end of the day, it doesn't really help.

find a good shop, find good people and go skiing.

everyone has an agenda...
5 5

Rock the BDo1's or else

I rock these on every pair of skis I own. I love they and have never had any problem. In my option the only tele binding that should be used,(I would got NTN but they don't make boots in my tinny little size:)). The way I see it is if you like 22 Designs then you hate these and if you like these you hate 22 Designs. And I have skied the 22 Designs and didn't like a thing about them. What works for one person wont work for another. I love them and love BD. Living in SLC you break something they usually have a spare piece laying around they can give you. So supper rap and amazing company and they rock all around.

5 5

Best Binding for Me

So.. I'm puzzled by all the negative reviews.

The 01 has been the best tele binding for me. I have three sets of skis all mounted with the 01. I have never had problems and I think I ski aggressively. Perhaps I've been luck. I try to take care of them and ensure my cartridges are adjusted correctly before each use.

I love the constant tension, zero tip dive, amazingly fluid tour mode. Easy to use. Great to ski.



Posted on

Oh, so THIS is what everybody is talking about.

I think that the combination of foam-core skis and rid stiff bindings (and obviously shredding too hard) broke these bindings. I still have them on two pairs of skis though because I like the way they ski and tour better than any other bindings. Now I just have two backcountry kits, ready to go.

Hi guys,

I just broke the heel cable on...

Posted on

Hi guys,

I just broke the heel cable on my O1 binding (first run, first turn on a pow day ....) and the end of the cable (the little screw-like piece of metal) is stocked inside the cartridge....Does anybody knows out to pull it out ???
Thank you,

Responded on

Yeah, send it back to, and get a new set of Axl's. It's a far better binding, and cheaper, too. It's too bad that your binding busted on the first turn. Really. I hate to hear that kind of thing. Those kinds of failures are just the nature of the BD 01, along with binding pull-out, cartridge loosening and breaks, etc. Do yourself the biggest favor you can in the telemark world, and get some Axl's. Read the reviews. Axl's are the best.
If you are set on keeping them, (and us tele skiers can be quite bull-headed, I know) then send the bindings back to BD, and they'll warrantee them.'s warranty is really better, though. They'll take anything you got from them, and give you back exactly what you paid, no questions asked.
Also, if you want to keep them, go ahead and get the backcountry repair kit and extra cartridges, too. They WILL break again. Guaranteed.
Sorry, again for your missed powder day. Major bummer. Hope the beer was tasty and cold in the bar.
Good luck!

i experienced lots of tip dive with my 22...

Posted on

i experienced lots of tip dive with my 22 designs axl's does any one know how these bindings compare?

Responded on

I assume down hill, not uphill. It's either mounted too far forward or you have the cable position too far back.

Responded on

01's do not compare to Axls. Most tip dive issues are not a result of equipment, but rather technique. I ski with my Axl's mounted center, or a few cm behind. A taller, stronger stance will help alleviate your tip dive problems.

Unanswered Question

i experienced lots of tip dive with my 22...

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i experienced lots of tip dive with my 22 designs axl's does any one know how these bindings compare?

1 5


These bindings held a lot of promise, I liked the concept and design when I bought them initially. Still do, but the build quality and material quality is absolute crap. After 3 days skiing with them the flimsy heel piece snapped in half, there goes 9 dollars on a new heel piece. Then after a month on them the metal just between the toe and started to warp upward which let that green piece rattle freely and caused a weird torsional thing to happen and ripped out of my ski. I have a friend whose O1's had a clean break right along that point after a season. Not a good binding at all if you like to charge when you ski. A good binding if you like mellow resort skiing or mellow tours. They can't take a beating. THey'd be alright if you were sponsored and got free new ones everytime they broke.

I'd go with anything 22 designs, those are bullet proof.

1 5

A Cautionary Tale

Be careful with tele bindings with 4 drill holes - I ripped these bindings off one of my skis (K2 sidestashes) skiing steep, firm snow last season. I proceeded to slide on my head and back through rocks, fortunately walking away with a only a bruised ego and a long hike out on one ski. After 15 years of tele-ing and multiple binding pull-outs with targa and bd's that was the last straw. I locked the heel down since then and am loving it. In my opinion, tele bindings are a dangerous liability and have not evolved enough to accommodate big boots, fat skis and fast turns. That said, think carefully about you and your touring partner's safety, rescue issues/challenges before you head out touring with teles.

4 5

Great Binding

I love this binding, mounted on 180 Moment Rubys. Feels more active than the G3 and BD03. Not as powerful as the Hammerheads. But touring mode works great, so easy to skin these fairly large boards its not even funny. Very easy to go from ski to free pivot. I had an issue with a cartridge, called BD and they overnighted a set of four replacements (great customer service if you ask me). The cartridges do loosen a little, but there are cures for this problem, my cure is to check them at home before heading out. My climbing hooks do not pop out, I installed them with the heel piece off so they aren't stretched out.

The only reason I gave 4 stars is because of the cartridge issue I had which seems to be 1 in 100,000.

4 5

O1 Bindings

Man these are nice! Loving them already. Mounted them on BC 125 Skis and boy it is match made in heaven. The tour mode will take some getting used to. But it makes steep climbing much more comfortable, Zero movement restriction!

5 5

tim from nw colo

just read the reviews on the bd o1. can`t believe all the negative. ilove mine. two seasons and no gripes.they have made a better skier out of this old dude. am 64 yrs, have them on karhu bc 100's, and they perform great!

5 5

Best tele bindings I have owned

I've skied hard on my BD 01s, both resort and backcountry, for 2 years with no problem other than occasional re-tightening of the cartridges and a couple of free-pivot-mechanism ice-ups that were easily resolved. Having the cable and cartridges run under the sole of the boot is key. They deliver a smooth, consistent flex and have a very active feel. I noticed an immediate improvement in my skiing when I mounted these up. They are fun bindings to ski, and they're excellent for climbing. I do carry a very compact repair kit into the backcountry but have never had to use it. I've broken other bindings, but not the 01s. Although I haven't needed it with these bindings, my past experience with Black Diamond regarding warranty repairs has been very positive. I recommend these bindings and just bought another pair for my new skis.

2 5

Great idea, but horrible quality!

I've skied these for 1,5 season on a pair of Kilowatts in the Swedish/Norwegian mountains. Love the feeling of the binding while skiing and the tour mode is outstanding compared to my old G3 Targa.

That could have made it "The Ultimate Binding" if it weren't for the fact that it keeps breaking down.

After one (!) season they behaved like this: (These are my actual skis)

I did a reclaim with Black Diamond Europe this fall and got a new pair for free. Good work, great policy's with world wide guarantees since they were bought in USA.

Mounted the new binding 3 weeks ago and have now skied them for 10 days. Thought the problem should be solved on the new pair, but no. Same issue with these. It's not as bad as the first ones but clearly on the way.

I haven't done any "extreme" skiing with these. Just normal all-mountain resort skiing and some touring.

Now I'm waiting for BD's response on this issue, but I doubt that I'll be using this generation O1 ever again.

Conclution: Don't buy these if you're planning on actually using them. If you like the feel in the binding, buy a pair of BD O2. Need a free-pivot binding, buy the Axl or Switchback.

2 5

Ski/tour well, poor quality

I had these for 1 1/2 seasons before they pulled out of my Rossi Ravyns and the metal of the toe plate snapped in two. The heel throws are made of brittle plastic that cracked on both bindings. I noticed the cartriges loosening on a daily basis, making me check them nearly every time. I wasn't cranking all that hard when they pulled out of the ski. Going to try to get them repaired, but I think I'll get Hammerheads next time. They do ski and tour very well, but it sounds like the Axls do too...

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