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What goes up fast, must come down just as fast.

After winning more than its fair share of awards from almost every magazine in the ski industry, the Black Diamond 01 Telemark Ski Binding has carved out its place as a high-end, performance telemark binding. Flip between ski and tour modes with a simple push of a button, rip through technical terrain supported by an uncompromising compression spring design that offers both power and control, and glide naturally on the skin track thanks to free-pivot point action similar to that of the best alpine touring bindings. There are three flavors of cartridge flex to choose from too, so pick your poison and dive into a world of equal uphill and downhill performance.

  • One-piece stainless steel toe piece features a new 6-hole mounting pattern for increased screw pull-out resistance
  • Solid wire yoke heel piece keeps your heel firmly in place and underfoot cable
  • routing ensures smooth, uninterrupted action
  • Toggle between ski and touring modes with a simple push of a button on the toe piece
  • Three flavors of cartridge stiffness allow you to pick a cable tension that suits your skiing style specifically
  • FreeFlex is the softest tension, Midstiff is the best balance of stiffness and forgiveness, and Ridiculously Stiff is the hardest tension flex Black Diamond offers
  • Climbing wires are included with binding