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The Black Diamond Men’s Method Alpine Touring Boot offers aggressive all-mountain skiers a stiff freeride boot with excellent backcountry access capabilities. This 110 flex-rated boot features interchangeable sole blocks compatible with ISO Alpine DIN and all AT binding systems, including Dynafit(ISO Alpine DIN block sold separately). Black Diamond gave the Method an alpine style overlap design that provides a natural, progressive flex on descents and increased uphill touring efficiency. Three forward lean setting allow for eight degrees of customization, and the mechanically integrated ski/walk mode toggles on and off securely. The Method Alpine Touring Boot comes stocked with a thermoformable, anti-microbial Stobel Power Fit liner.

  • ISO Alpine DIN block sold separately
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good boot

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've used these boots for 2 plus seasons. I am not an agressive tourer, only having gone about 20 times over the 2 years. The walk feature is nice, and as others have mentioned the boa system works great for walking to and from the mountain and while touring. I haven't had any problems with the boa system, buckles, or shell yet. They might not be as stiff as other boots but they aren't expected to be. My biggest problem is forgetting to take them out of walk mode when going downhill. I would recommend these boots as a good introductory boot for touring, but not someone who will be doing long tours or lots of tours a season as they are a little on the heavy side, but that is expected for something at this price point.

good boot

Broken Shell

    I used my Methods twice. The second time, the shell split in the back. Very strange.

    I found the boot frustrating because it was difficult to adjust the forward lean. The only way to adjust the forward lean is to take the rear locking mechanism off with a hex wrench and replace the spacer with one of the others that comes with the boot. Then the forward lean was too much for me. Why can't Black Diamond just make an easily adjustable forward lean mechanism?

    not a quality product, or an aggressive boot

      I been skiing in method 110 boots for about the last month. they were new when i purchased them. a month later, a buckle is broken and the plastic shell is flexing more than i feel is acceptable. over all the boot is extremely comfortable and light, but feels cheaply made. After one month I expect these boots to preform like new, but thats far from reality. they are not by any stretch of the imagination a "high performance" boot. they lack the forward cant that an aggressive should offer, and over all they are soft and sloppy. I will not be buying Black Diamond boots again. If you decide to use this boot in any situation where a failure like a broken buckle would leave you in a tough spot, i would recommend bringing spare buckles. over all they are not durable and not an aggressive boot.

      Shells ok, liners leave much to be desired

        I purchased these boots this season and I've had about 15 backcountry days in the PNW on a Wailer 112/Dynafit setup. I'm about 5'8" 150 lbs. While they are really comfortable to skin in with BOA cinched tight and shells loose, when the skiing gets serious I had to resort fully cranking BOA and the buckles and power strap (to the point circulation is cut off in my feet) to drive my skis with any precision. I experimented with a set of Atomic T2 liners from my downhill boots in these shells and problem solved. My feet felt connected to my skis again. The downhill liners are slightly thicker foam and had stiff plastic on the tongue and around the sides and back. They are heavier but this was not noticeable on the tour. The Method liners lack stiffness and support and they feel like thick socks as compared to real ski boot liners. For what these boots retail for, I feel Black Diamond could deliver better liners.

        Decent Boot

          I've used these for about 60% inbounds and 40% backcountry. The idea is solid and well implemented. The BOA is awesome to get things nice and tight, but the toebox like others have mentioned is a bit tiny. I have bad circulation in my feet, but these can make for some miserable days out there without warmers. They can be a bit tight getting on and off, which is frustrating after a long day. All that being said, I feel that they are very responsive and my favorite boot ever for skiing. For comfort, they are a C+.

          Great so Far

            Only a few days on the boots. I got both the factor and these and decided to go with these. They only weight a hair more than my Garmont Adrenaline with intuition liners. I really like the BOA. I have skinny ankles so I usually have to crank down the buckles to get it tight enough but not with the BOA. Also stays tight when skinning. Great Boot. I was a 27 in my Garmont boots with a 28 Intuition liner. The 27.5 liner fit well. The 27 liner was too tight and the 28 was OK but I was afraid the shell was too big...and that was confirmed with a shell fit test. I have attached a few pictures to compare to my Adrenalines.

            Great so Far

            Haven't Done Much Touring, but Love In Bounds

              These just plain fit my feet very well. They're warm and responsive as well. I've gotten both soles and have felt good in my Dynafit AT bindings as well as my Look alpine bindings. They're definitely going through a lot of different conditions as well this year and have held up nicely.

              Good for Lifts and Skin Tracks

                I used these boots for both in area and backcountry in 2009 and they were great. They have the right balance of stiffness and forgiveness so that they turn the ski and are comfortable all day long.


                  Had a big season on these, 75% resort and 25% backcountry. Would be a 4 star except the toebox is too narrow for my feet which are wider. Really wanted these and was hoping they wouldn't be too narrow.
                  Otherwise.....these boots held up really well to a full season of abuse. They were super solid for anything at the resorts, and were adequate for the backcountry, as they are not the lightest, but appreciated having a solid boot in nastier snow conditions. I'm not completely sold on the boa system yet, sometimes more of pain then I feel any benefit. I'll know more when I try a boot without them in the future. Really wished these fit my feet better as I have been really happy with them.

                  Love these boots!

                    I was able to score a really good deal on a pair of these so I snagged them. I currently am not into AT, so I got some off the Alpine din plates and I've been using these for resort skiing. The Boa system is choice. It cinches the liner right up to your foot. I were a 10.5 in normal shoes and I went with the equivalent 28.5. At first they seemed pretty tight on my feet but after a few days of skiing, they packed out a little bit and now they are perfect.
                    They are very lightweight which would make them a perfect touring boot.

                    No footbed.

                      In an odd development, my Methods shipped without a footbed. I threw in a pair of superfeet liners, and it all worked out. But, is this a BD choice or just a BD/ mistake?

                      Mine also shipped without footbeds. I had to send them back to S&C, who I believe then sent them back to BD, who then sent them back to me with footbeds. Kind of a head-scratcher, as I was denied on my suggestion to just send me some footbeds (any decent footbed would suffice), but they paid for all the shipping, not me. And it didn't take very long, either.

                      Best Boot Yet

                        I have only had these for a couple months, but so far so good in the comfort department. Can't vouch for their durability yet. They are pretty warm, almost to warm when touring. The walk mode functions great. I have also done half a day of walking across a scree field and the rubber soles hold their own on granite. I do kind of wish I would have waited a year for the new efficiency line that they are coming out with though. They look/sound pretty dang sweet.

                        Pure Sex

                          I actually purchased these boots to use at the resort, i was a little hesitant, being a strong skier and weighing in at 225, to ski a boot that had a "softer" flex than my Tecnica Icons. But let me tell you these things kill it! I had no problems skiing these with my Line Ep Pros, actually the methods drove the ski better than my tecnicas.... and the major plus... my shins didn't kill me at the end of the day! Love em. Leave the stiff boots for the racers... Only bummer is after spending 700 bones you have to drop another 40 on Alpine soles, but hey, i had to seal the seams on my 600 dollar black diamond tent, guess black diamond can get away with it because they make the sexiest gear on the planet.......

                          Hours of touring never felt better

                            I, as many other skiing fans out there, had a tight budget and needed a pair of boots that would please me on tour and serve as a moderate resort boot as well. These are not the stiffest boots on the market (the Factor might fit your high pain threshold a little better), but I had no complaints while in the backcountry on the methods. In fact, they were quite comfy and the range of flexibility makes steep climbing bliss. As for the resorts, they did much better than any rental/friends boot and were only noticeably soft when I was pushing them in my fat skis. Now just to make myself clear I bought these with 75% touring in mind and the rest in the resort when I could catch a lift in between shifts. I demoed Garmonts but found they pinched the top of my foot. Overall, this boot has treated me very well in the back country and although it wont be the most impressive skiing you have ever done, they are more than reliable on groomers.

                            My fav boot...

                              I skied these all last season and I'm just now getting around to writing about them. Loves... the funny smell when you first get them, (sort of like a barn with hay), the BOA system, (I've never had a boot fit as well), they're sized accurately, the swappable AT/Alpine soles, the fantastic ski/walk mechanism, (a solid confidence building click when going to ski mode), the adjustable forward lean, (I tried all 3 positions and the most upright worked best for my skiing style, your results may vary), again, the BOA system, the natural walk mode, a beautiful liner, (although the Factor's liner is burlier), the boot is cosmetically low key and, best for last, the BD customer service department. You have a problem, those guys are right on it. Not so loves... the AT sole could be more durable, mine got pretty chewed up. A lot of people have reported hassles with the BOA liner or cold feet or the durability of the walk/ski switch, I experienced none of these issues. I did remove the Velcro strap and replace it with a Scarpa "booster" strap, the great people at BD walked me through the swap. Not as easy as one would expect. I also ran a pair of Factors this season; I cooked the liners on them and found they packed out too quickly afterwards, so I avoided this step with the Method's liners and was much happier with the results. In addition, at the risk of insulting my manhood, I found the Factor's to be too much boot for me. I always ended up reaching for the Method's. A little lighter, just that much less stiffness. I've heard there's no changes to either boot for the '09-'10 season so feel free to buy now. Cheers.

                              Never look back

                                I ended up getting a pair of these after the touring latch broke on a pair of Tecnica Agent AT boots I had recently bought. This was possibly the best accident that ever happened to me considering I ended up with much better boots! To start,the methods are incredibly comfortable, I never had them heat molded at a shop because they simple molded to my foot on my first day out. They are fantastically water-proof, even on the soggiest of days my feet have remained dry while the rest of me hasn't. the only thing i might recommend is getting the alternate soles that are DIN standard, so you can use them on non-touring bindings if you have a multi-ski quiver. I havent tried them, but i assume that the BD Factors are even better on top of being stiffer.

                                Not made in Italy shows

                                  When I first tried these on they felt like butter & so I could ignore the cheap looking finish on these boots. After about 40 days on them between backcountry & resort they became the bane of my feet. They needed to be punched out & remolded & the canting adjustment allan screw& washer replaced. They just Felt like butter when I first bought them but became the bane of my feet after about 40 days split between back country and resort skiing.
                                  Had them punched out & remolded & they were better but never as good as the first 10-15 days. Also the cant screw & washer fell out.
                                  Then the screw fell out again & the cuff lost any hold on my shin.
                                  The Boa system was nice for touring as I could secure my foot in & then loosen the rest of the boot & avoid heel slippage. But the plastic guys that hold the Boa wire to the tongue of the liner actually broke within the first week of use. Not a deal breaker, nor did it affect performance, but for over $600 I expect better.
                                  I could not find another replacement piece for the missing cant adjuster ( something I never even touched) so the store took them back & I bought apair of Scarpa Skkokums instead. Have yet to try them still.

                                  I am having trouble removing the heel at...

                                  I am having trouble removing the heel at sole block. Any tips on how to get those screws out of the bottom of the boat?

                                  Unanswered Question

                                  i need a boot that can be canted- is it...

                                  i need a boot that can be canted- is it possible to put a wedge between the block and the sole on the black diamond boots? currently in lane superblaster pros because of that but the walk mode is pretty ordinary

                                  Unanswered Question

                                  Boot Size Question i usually take a 29.5...

                                  Boot Size Question
                                  i usually take a 29.5 in solomon boots, but the index shows a 29 for a size 12 foot. Should I try the 28.5 or stick with the 29.5..didn't know how these run.

                                  I have a pair of Methods and love them. ...

                                  I have a pair of Methods and love them. I use them with Marker Barons and use the AT sole blocks which all work great together. However, can I use the AT sole blocks with regular alpine bindings or do I need to buy a pair of Alpine sole blocks? I am going on a trip and will need to demo skis so I want to be sure I have the right gear. Thanks

                                  I need a new boot for a DPS Wailer 105...

                                  I need a new boot for a DPS Wailer 105 with Dynafit TLT Vertical FT 12 Bindings. Any strong thoughts on either BD Method, BD Factor, or the Dynafit Titan?

                                  Can anyone give an indication of the Last...

                                  Can anyone give an indication of the Last size for these boots?
                                  I would be a 26.5 but have a foot that that suits 102mm Last.

                                  Any help would be appreciated.

                                  Will these boots work nicely with Marker...

                                  Will these boots work nicely with Marker Barons?

                                  Unanswered Question

                                  Factor / Method / Radium I am trying to...

                                  Factor / Method / Radium

                                  I am trying to decide between one of the three choices above. I have read many reviews on all the boots listed and it seems that they all have concerns regarding the narrow toe box. Does any one of the three have a wider toe box than the other? I have a wide foot and have been skiing on Scarpa Denalis for 6 years. Love the denalis for walking on rocks etc them but they are getting a little soft. My next boot will be primarily for backcountry that would hopefully be much stiffer than the denali. I am having trouble deciding between the three. Any input on the above three or alternate suggestions would be appreciated.

                                  Ok, how do these fit compared to the Scarpa...

                                  Ok, how do these fit compared to the Scarpa Denali or something similar. Thought I would save a few bucks by prodealing them and not having them professionally fitted. I bought a 27 (i'm a size 9.5) and now after the liner packed down I am swimming in them. How do the method's run length wise?

                                  I'm a size 9 and I am in 26's, and they haven't packed out after 50 days.I was in 26.5's in my endorphins.I think you'll find these narrower than the Scarpa's, but with the Boa liner they just fit sooo good.

                                  Will this boot work with my Fritschi...

                                  Will this boot work with my Fritschi bindings??

                                  Will this boot work with my Fritschi...

                                  Will this boot work with my Fritschi bindings??

                                  Do these come stock with both sets of sole...

                                  Do these come stock with both sets of sole blocks, or just as pictured with the AT / Dynafit soles? If not, how much are the sole blocks and where do I order them?