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Megawatt’s the name, powder’s the game.

On those glorious mornings when there’s a double-digit number in the snow report, the super-fat, powder-addicted Black Diamond Megawatt Ski begs for untracked lines through bottomless fresh. This zero-camber beast returns this year with a fresh design for added pop and stability regardless of conditions. When the snow stacks up though, the Megawatt’s long rocker tip and massive underfoot width keep you floating along in a snorkel-puff nirvana.
  • Long rocker tip, wide platform and zero camber provide unparalleled performance in deep powder
  • Internal Wall Core Technology uses poplar with birch sidewalls for more pop and better edge hold
  • Formula One geometry features three internal ribs for hard snow performance and improved turning

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What is the flex like in the Megawatt?...

Posted on

What is the flex like in the Megawatt? Comparing to 2010 Volkl Bridges (178cm) and 2009 Coombacks (181cm)?

Has anyone come up with a consistent way to quantify and communicate flex for skis?

Responded on

I can't give you the exact answer but if you can speak to Nate Blouin, who works for Backcountry.com, he'll tell all you need to know. He swears by those skis.

The other two skis you mentioned are different style of skis vs. the Megawatt. I would recommend the 188 cm, but it depend on your height & weight. See if you can try to contact Nate, he shreds Snowbird everyday on them.

Responded on

Paging Nate to the thread. Nate Blouin to the question thread.

(Found his BC.com profile, but no contact info)

Responded on

I guess you send an email to bc.com asking them to forward it Nate to get the answer you need.

Would the Dynafit TLT Radical FT be suited...

Posted on

Would the Dynafit TLT Radical FT be suited for this ski or should I stick with the Fritschi Diamir Freeride (I need touring ability)?

Responded on

I wouldn't say either binding is better for a specific ski, but you should choose your binding based on what type of skiing you intend to do. Fritschis are better for charging and are easier to put on. Dynafits on the other hand are better suited for longer tours because they're lighter.

Write your question here...are black diamond...

Posted on

Write your question here...are black diamond skis only for tele and AT rigs? i was wondering about mounting regular (downhill) bindings on them...

Best Answer Responded on

Hey JonnyReb. This (and all other BD skis) are designed so you can mount them with any binding-style you prefer. You'll see telemark, AT, tech, and standard DIN (downhill) binders used on the Megawatt. It's a great ride and loads of fun no matter how you mount it.

Is the 178 too much ski for a 5'6" 125...

Posted on

Is the 178 too much ski for a 5'6" 125 pound teleier?

Responded on

Could be. It depends on 3 things: how aggro you are, what kind of turns you like (short or long radii) and terrain you like (bumps/tight trees vs. wide open spaces). If you're pretty aggro and used to longer sticks and like big turns in the open, then these could work. Otherwise, I'd lean shorter for your weight/height.

i just picked up a pair of these and was...

Posted on

i just picked up a pair of these and was wondering were the best mounting point would be?

Responded on

Well are you mounting Alpine or Tele? How do you like to ski?

Responded on

Write your answer here...I'm mounting standard alpine and I charge pow/crud and like speed

4 5

Big Ski big results

This ski is great. In fact all Black Diamond skis are great. Mounted with some Dynafit AT bindings and you have one of the lightest set-ups in the backcountry. The mega's are your deep deep deep powder ski. Equivalent to that of K2 Hellbent but just much lighter. You wouldn't want these to be your everyday ski tho. This is your special occasion sort of ski. If you're lookin for a good slack/side country ski for big dumps then this is a great choice. If you're lookin to tour up the side of a mountain, I would look at some of the smaller Black Diamond skis like the zealot.

5 5

Great powder ski

These skis are so awesome in powder. The fat and rockered tip floats like a dream and I've never had tip dive, which is a constant worry for tele skiers in powder. The non-rockered tail helps to stop wheelies and its great for skinning. I've skied them in a variety of conditions and I have to say they are NOT an all-around ski. They work but I rather take out another ski if there isn't much powder. I ski them with BD 01s and customs

5 5

Runs over badgers and small children

Sick in any condition, skis chop like your riding in po, skis pow and pops and porpises really well. Basically kills it, way too easy for a ski this big. Great on groomers with FKS, carves awesome.
188 and I am 188 with gear, great combo

AT vs Tele? I know it's a dumb "it depends"...

Posted on

AT vs Tele? I know it's a dumb "it depends" question but I have a pair of Megas and am trying to decide to mount Dukes vs tele (likely HHs). I have the 178 cm, I'm 5'7" and 140lb, I have been skiing a long time but am getting older/slower/less aggressive. I'm concerned that they may be too wide for a lightweight like me to turn with tele, especially on end-of-day chopped up and groomers (I mainly ski Alta or Solitude). Any opinions on this (besides "it depends") and/or do I follow the recommended mounting points? thanks!!

Responded on


Turning these boards is not an issue on Tele or AT. The rocker makes skiing soooo easy. You may fall in love with Tele again. They will bounce around a bit on you in chop so you may want to go with AT. One of those tough life decisions that you will have to make.

Responded on

Even at an older age tele isn't going to make it easier to ski. Always dropping your knees. and if your knees aren't what they used to be, I wouldn't go tele. AT is the way to go. You get all the versatility of goin up the side of a mountain, but you have more control, and less wear and tear on the knees on AT bindings. Plus, when you are feelin a little crazy, you are able to charge a little bit harder with the AT.

Responded on

I read the review of the skis because I want them but felt inclined to respond, because age has no bearing on tele at all. I'm 32 and have horrible knees, hence why I was afraid to tele for a long, long time. The truth is that if you don't do HUGE (overblown) knee bends (that really aren't needed), Tele'ing makes your legs feel amazing because it works your quads and hamstrings. I ski morning-noon, then snowboard after and have never felt better because of telemark. If you have the bones, go tele and never look back. Meantime I'll be ogling these skis.

Night Skiing on Megawatt's

Posted on

Shot this footage a few seasons ago on the best pow ski around.

I would consider myself to be somewhat...

Posted on

I would consider myself to be somewhat close to an expert skier. I demolished a pair of 2009 BD stigmas last year, skied a few days on a pair of BD ethics this year and was unsatisfied in the pow. I just ordered some 188 mega's, I do a lot of backcountry skiing but Im more into the book packing than skinning. I live in Colorado and it seems that every day I want to go backcountry the avie conditions are bad so I end up going on piste and boot packing past the ropes. What would be a good binding to drive this ski knowing that I really dont need the AT setup. Thanks!

Responded on

I think marker duke/baron is the obvious choice here. I have a sidecountry setup that is similar that I use for almost exactly the same things as you seem to intend for these. Big, beefy ski=beefy bindings that fit alpine sole blocks. comparing fritschis to dukes is like comparing a toyota corolla to a BMW. Go heavier and get the control and sturdiness you'll want dropping into chutes and the like.

5 5

fun in the deep stuff

Rode these bad boys at Solitude about 2 weeks ago on the 188 with O1 tele binding. It had dumped several feet in the last couple days and I was able to snag a couple of first lines in deep stuff and they just floated so wonderfully. I'm still pretty new to tele and had no problems. Later in the day they dropped the ropes for Honeycomb and it was just incredibly. Effortless floating through the deep stuff, just too bad a tree knocked out power in the canyon so the one trip through honey comb was all i got.

The day before that it was wet clumpy snow and they worked pretty well there too but were a bit much for the churned up, heavy packed out bumps that were forming (atleast for me). On the grromed stuff though I was amazed at how well they got me back to the lifts being full rockered and so wide but there were no issues.

I'll be taking them out again soon and will keep you all updated.

5 5

Don't be afraid

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SKI THESE. Just because they are fat does not mean that they are only going to work on powder days!!!! I ended up demoing these skis because the shop said they would have the justice (that i wanted to ski) but ended up only having this in...ends up i went home and ordered the ski. I'm a telemarker and unless i'm trying to beat bode miller down sheet ice, i have no issues carving on these. Definitley worth a demo if you are between these or something more like the justice. You will be surprised!

Float yer boat!

Float yer boat!

Posted on

The BD Megawatt skis get up and plane on top of anything, which makes 6" of powder seem much deeper. Fun!

I just bought the 188 cm megawatts and...

Posted on

I just bought the 188 cm megawatts and will be mounting Marker barons. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to mount the bindings? I'll be using them in open powder, in the trees and for dropping cliffs. I will use these in bounds but if the conditions are good I'll be skinning as much as possible. With these skis powder performance takes priority over touring performance for me.

Best Answer Responded on

If you are going to tour, then get the Marker Dukes (strong AT) bindings that are more like tanks. They are heavier, but the 16 DIN setting is wonderful for large drops. If you are going with straight alpine then the Look Pivot 16 are choice for this wide board. You can always hit the Marker Jester, but the Pivots give you more versatility, I think. For me, I would only go with the AT Dukes. GOOD LUCK. Also, look at the Movement Flyswatter. ANOTHER GEAT SKI!

If you are going to tour, then get the Marker Dukes  (strong AT) bindings that are more like tanks.  They are heavier, but the 16 DIN setting is wonderful for large drops.  If you are going with straight alpine then the Look Pivot 16 are choice for this wide board.  You can always hit the Marker Jester, but the Pivots give you more versatility, I think.  For me, I would only go with the AT Dukes.  GOOD LUCK.  Also, look at the Movement Flyswatter.  ANOTHER GEAT SKI!
5 5

smooth like the butter on the muffin

Confidence inspiring, floaty, and so much more versatile than you would think. I probably used these 8/10 days last year. One look at the dimensions and tip rocker and it's obvious that Black Diamond declared a holy war on tip dive. They ski suuuper smooth in the soft stuff because of the lack of shape and flat tail. In fact this could be a problem because you start going faster than you normally would and when you get to tighter terrain/trees you'll need to shut it down right quick. I started a torrid love affair with a new mistress, and her name is megawatt.

5 5

the watts

mounted them +3cm to make the more agile in the trees and varied terrain. almost feels like cheating when it's deep, feels like you are on a mini trampoline bouncing in the deep powder. buy these for when its deep and ski them all day even when the resort gets chewed up.

the watts
Unanswered Question

Just bought the '10 Megawatts! Now, what...

Posted on

Just bought the '10 Megawatts! Now, what bindings to get? I'm used to skiing a light ski (PM Gear's BRO Model 174s) with Dynafit comforts. I'll still use those for long touring days, but I think I'll need a much stronger binding for the Megawatt powder days. Oh, and I've got Dynafit Zzero 4 buckle boots.

how are the bd megawatt in the forest?? i...

Posted on

how are the bd megawatt in the forest?? i am thinking abouth baying them but i ski som in forest with much trees..

Responded on

With the help of the rocker they turn quickly for a big fat ski. They are fine for tree skiing. And if it's any sort of powder snow you'll love it.

will the zealots be hugely better as an...

Posted on

will the zealots be hugely better as an all round ski? If not what length megas should i get? im 6' 150lbs and not too aggressive.

Responded on

yeah the zealots would be much better bacuse wats are a powder specific ski.

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