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33% fat, 33% rocker, and 100% touring friendly.

Weighing in at just eight pounds at its shortest length, the Justice is a touring ski with a girthy waist, a little bit of rocker, and a lightweight build. Black Diamond makes fatter touring skis, but the Justice is the most ideal balance between the flotation you want on deep days and the agile chassis you crave for the skin track. Greenhorns might find this ski a little less forgiving than they need, but experienced sidecountry and beyond-the-ropes skiers could easily turn this into their one-and-only touring selection.

  • Rocker tip helps this ski plane up on top of deep powder, it makes for easier turn initiation, and it reduces the likelihood of hanging up your tip in choppy conditions and chunder
  • Semi Rocker tail allows for smoother turn release and more agility during turn transition so you can make quick direction changes despite this ski’s fat tip, waist, and tail
  • Traditional camber at the waist gives you superior edge hold and turn control directly underfoot
  • Paulownia wood core gives this ski the strength of poplar wood and the snappy responsiveness and ultralight characteristics of balsa wood
  • Torsion Box Cap construction combines torsion box and cap construction via fiberglass layers that wrap around the wood core like a burrito
  • Torsion Box Cap construction increases torsional power for more secure edge hold, and this construction gives the ski a more energetic feel underfoot
  • Formula One Tech utilizes three three-dimensional ribs built into the structure above the core, these ribs control longitudinal stiffness without requiring the use of heavy stringers that would increase weight
  • Carbon Fiber reinforcements are sandwiched between sintered base and the wood core in order to increase structural strength and provide a more consistent longitudinal flex
  • 115mm waist (185cm length) provides plenty of flotation on deep days and a wide, stable platform for powering through choppy conditions
  • Moderately deep directional sidecut allows you to carve medium-to-long radius turns
  • Power Edge uses a layer of shock-absorbing rubber between the fiberglass cap box
  • structure and the metal edge, and this results in more consistent feel during edging
  • Tail includes SkinLock attachment point that helps to keep the metal clip of your touring skin securely in place