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There’s nothing worse than fumbling with your skins in the backcountry, so touch up your skin glue with the Black Diamond Gold Label Adhesive. Count on this handy squeeze tube for easy application onto your skins, and let the reliable skin glue breathe some life back into your climbing skins.

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Only option for replacing glue

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I have a pair of Jones split board skins and the glue on those was rather worthless. I ended up owing my touring partners beer at the end of the day after my skins gave out on the 4th lap and I had to pull the plug on the day. I bought a tube of gold label, removed the old glue with the paper bag trick and applied the gold label. The skins are better than they were new, and it took under an hour to completely remove and replace the glue. If you want to see how easy it is check out Andrew McLean's video on youtube here:

Best Glue

    If you like other brands skins but are having issues with them sticking after a couple runs then this should be your go to. The glue works great run after run in the Wasatch. A little sticky to start off, but after a couple days of break in you're golden.

    Oh the Terror

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Well, I trimmed up my Mohair Mix skins for my new AT skis the other night, and opted for the G3 trimmer because it's way easier to use than BD's mail opener. I get them trimmed up, peel the skins off the skis and what do I see? The trimmer sheered off about 1cm of glue down roughly the whole length of one of the skins. My bad I guess?
    Anyway, I'm stoked that BD offers Gold Label Adhesive to fix problems like this. The skins aren't good as new, but at least they still stick.

    Needs a high skill level

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    This seems like it'd be a great product for patching, if you have more skill than I do about using it. I thought it would be easier than the Glue Renew sheets considering that I just had to patch a few spots on this particular pair of skins. Not so, but no fault of the Black Diamond product. It just inherently takes more skill than the sheets.

    Regluing with the sheets is also a tedious and lengthy process, but it doesn't demand any great touch. I had a lot more trouble using this tube glue and wound up using a whole tube to patch one pair of skins that weren't too bad.

    I thought I would feel more comfortable after, say, the first half of what I had to patch on the first skin, but I never really got comfortable. To be fair, I am only mediocre as a craftsman so I blame myself as much as I blame the product.

    Good for touch ups, can use for reglue

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I have used this glue for touch ups and for reattaching the skin tip loops on the older BD skins (before you had to screw the tip loop into the skin and instead folded the top of the skin onto itself). The glue does those very well, obviously.

    The other use is to reglue the entire skin with this tube. Although the strips may work better, I was able to successfully reglue my BD mohair mix skins after removing the old dirt/glue mixture. The most important thing to do is to apply several thin coats instead of 1 thicker one. I completely used 1 tube to reglue a pair of skins that measure ~185cm long x 110mm wide. Make sure you have a source of fresh got pretty stinky in the room as they I was working and gave me a headache. The photo was taken as the reglue was drying.

    I used this link as a guide, but adapted as needed:

    Not bad, but ...

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Gold Label is great for touch-ups, but like a below reviewer said, I would not recommend for a total re-glue of your skins. A friend of mind who's a ski tech. recommended that I use this to re-glue my entire skin instead of using the sheets. I have been on three tours in extremely cold temps. (-20 F to 0 ) since and I haven't been really happy with the result. Have the skins failed? No. But the stick hasn't been confidence-inspiring either. I would describe the glue as just-tacky-enough, which is fine ... but a little sketchy, especially when you're four miles from the car, there's two ft. of powder, and it's below zero.

    The temps. have been pretty extreme on my tours since I used Gold Label, but I want to know I have glue on there -- especially in those temps. -- that's not going to fail.

    Great for small repairs!

      This is a great option in the times that your tips and tails are loosing their stickiness. I would not recommend for use with full glue replacements buy the glue renew sheets if that is what you are looking to do. Great for small repairs! ***one extra note if you are having an issue with your glue loosing its stick first try a piece of parchment paper and an clothes iron on medium heat. lay the paper down on the glue smooth side towards the glue. Then iron over the paper. it will smooth out the glue and renew the stickiness.

      Like NEW

        after a season of heavy use your skins aren't quit as sticky as you would like, this stuff is great because you can do touch up jobs on patches where you skin blew into the side of your car, or a cat,or dog, dirt, etc. I've use it on all brands of skins, and it seriously brings the stick back to life. Apply the glue, let it dry (~1 hr)before putting the skins back together or you'll have a problem, and you're back in business. Once it dries it isn't perfectly smooth like the new skins are but its just as stick if not more. Companies sell entirely new glue renew sheets but that really seems like a pain and usually there are just a few patches that need more stick, it used to come in a big jar, but the tube is the same stuff, just smaller. Try it, it will make your skins as sticky as they ever were.