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Good skins for the weight

    The STS tail kit is a great improvement over the old clip fix tail. It keeps the tail on snug. The tail straps will break over time, so carry a spare. The Glidelite skins are a nice lightweight skin. I have had issues with the sides curling due to the thin backing material. I would highly recommend these, but don't expect to get as many years out of them as the regular BD skins.

    Great skins

      The GlideLite skins are a nice light weight improvement to the classic BD/Ascension skins. With the thing backing, they are prone to edge curling so you need to store them carefully. carry extra tail stretchers as they do break.

      Great skins..

        I have been using these skins for about three years now and they still work fine. I was worried when I first bought these that they wouldn't hold up as well as the asensions but I wanted something really light weight and small in my pack. So far I haven't been disappointed. I think I may need to reapply some glue but they seem to be staying on fine anyway because of the clip system. When they wear out I will def. replace them with the same skins. And my friends with the ascensions are thinking about getting these.

        Great skins

          This is my first pair of skins, I've had them out the gate about 5 times, once for a multi hour skin up 2000' vert. They seem to work very well, though I did have one of the tail clips fall off. Since then I've been putting them on tighter and haven't had a problem. They climb great my only complaint is that I was under the understanding that they were very compact and packable. Though they are a little smaller then normal skins when folded up they are nowhere near small enough to fit in a jacket pocket like I read. Overall great skins just not as small as I imagined.


            They worked just as they're designed to for me. I haven't taken them up anything extremely steep yet, but more most skin trails around Grizzly Gulch, UT they've been perfect. Easy to cut, and the tip/tail attachments work like a charm.

            Cold weather climbing review

              seem solid enough.
              I haven't yet tested them out in all conditions as my climbs have been on firmer snow in sub arctic temps but just to address a couple issues that have been brought up:

              I find the bag to have plenty of room.

              All razors that come with skins are terrible in my experience.

              They have very little glide at all.

              They weight on the skis seems pretty good for the size, but it's hard to gage on the fat skis. These are cut for my Jaks. It's really hard for me to imagine how these are much better or worse than any other skins i've used. They certainly did the job, but my biggest problem is clumping and that wouldn't happen with any skin on Hoth.

              Bonus: sts is real easy on and off so your hands stay a bit warmer than on other tip tail attachments i've tried.

              Almost Perfect

                I purchased these for a trip to Japan. The snow has been incredibly deep and so I needed a pair of skins for the Volkl Kuro. The width of the skins is perfect, but the double bar tip attachment isn't big enough. I improvised with a copper hanger. It seems to be working. I think a bike spoke would work better, stronger. And I agree with Jeff, it would be great if the bag was a little bigger and the razor sucks. I broke my razor on my first cut.

                Almost as nice as your mom

                  These pack down significantly easier and smaller than my pair of BD Ascension STS's. They dry out faster too. I've had these on powder, slush, windslab and boilerplate and they perform perfectly. I noticed a smoother and slightly faster glide compared to the Ascensions.

                  I agree that BD should make a slightly bigger sack for these. That's my only gripe. Do yourself a favor and take them to a shop to get cut. The provided razor sucks hard and breaks after the second cut and if you don't have a nice sharp thick razor you'll just f them all up using your old picnic pocket knife.

                  scrubbed a potentially epic weekend

                    Ordered 80 mm skins on the advice of the experts for my 76 mm wide ski. NOWHERE in the product description does it tell you that the included tip rings are 95mm wide!AND you have to order smaller ones directly from Black Diamond at an additional 12.95 EACH (who is currently out of stock at the moment) PLUS shipping! What did I get for my money? The pleasure of tagging behind my group with snowshoes and 15%off* one item on my next order! WOW thats a great deal!

                    Solid Skin

                      Got a pair of the 140mm for my Line SFBs. Skins were easy to cut and have been solid so far. Grip is good on all but the steepest sections of the worst snow. Glide isn't fantastic but I'm guessing as they wear slightly this will improve. Haven't seen any signs of wear and tear or poor craftsmanship. Highly reccomended especially for your fat sticks.

                      Great skins

                        Love the light weight and they climb great. Easy on and off and they stay in place great, even when the occasional early season branch needs to be crossed. No complaints! The stow bag that comes with them is a little snug but that's no reason for complaint.

                        Climb well

                          have used these skins a number of times. Metal clasps at the tail of the skin both came off while climbing, but actually nicer now not having to worry about them. Fitting is a breeze and the glue from the factory seems to be holding up well. Good value

                          Lighweight skins with great traction

                            These skins have great traction and are very lightweight. Easy to trim as well. They are on on the thin side so you can store them in your jacket if need be. The big tip loop and the sts tail attachment make putting the skins on and taking them off very easy. Very secure attachment.

                            cow graphics not just for farmers

                              I own two sets of these for different skis. Also own the orange ascension Black Diamond skins for a third set. Lighter and more flexible than the ascensions, seem fine durability wise. Like them like I enjoy burritos and cold beer! Tasty!

                              Great skin, good features

                                The sts kit is my attachment of choice, if the skins gt wet and stretch you can tighten them up. Every skin will ice up if you let them, just throw them in your jacket and warm them up between laps and they will stick and not ice up!I find their glide fine for the up and down of today's main users.

                                Great Descent-Oriented Skin

                                  These skins are for going up. I wouldn't recommend them for long traverses with lots of up and down, since they don't glide very well. They do, however, stick to snow like glue on the way up. I found the sizing to be a bit larger than listed as my 105mm skis barely fit the 100mm skins.

                                  I have purchased a set of Glidelite STS...

                                  I have purchased a set of Glidelite STS 60mm for a pair of Fisher Touring Crowns. They measure 58-50-52 but the tip clamp seems too wide to grab even when turned over- it just slides down the ski. I haven't attached it to the skin yet, maybe this will take care of it?

                                  I just bought a pair of Volkl Mantra's....

                                  I just bought a pair of Volkl Mantra's. The widest part of the ski is 133mm. Would 120mm skins be sufficient?

                                  Yes, it goes by the narrowest part, which is the waist, so buy for that size and cut down.If you buy skins for the narrowest part of your skis you will have exposed base which sucks. The preferred method is buy skins for the width of your tip or in the Case of Volkl Mnatra 133m. 140mm skins would give you full coverage 120mm would leave about 6.5mm of base showing on each side of the ski at the wides part of the tip. If the side cut is aggressive you many not have much base exposed with 120mm.

                                  I have some Movement Flames spec 118,78,108....

                                  I have some Movement Flames spec 118,78,108. Which skin width should I get? I am worried that if I go for 100mm the loop tip will be too small. Do they vary in width? And will the STS fixation work with rounded tails?

                                  I haven't had issues with the tip adaptors, even on skis with up to 130 tips. Re: width, buy the closest size to your tip, then trim with a razorafter you've applied to your skis. I.e. I recc' buying 110 vs 100s. STS tail clips work fine on rounded tails. Or at least they do for my ANTs.

                                  I would definitely go with the 110 mm width. You will regret going any skinnier. As far as the STS tail clip and rounded tails they do work but not perfectly... if you have less than perfect skinning technique and you cross you tails on kick turns then you will probably kick the clip off of the tails here and there.

                                  How do I know what size skins to get. I...

                                  How do I know what size skins to get. I have a pair of 2008/09 Mantra 177. I think they are 98 under waist.

                                  Dynastar big trouble 176, I believe they...

                                  Dynastar big trouble 176, I believe they are 92mm underwaist. Will the 90mm skins work?

                                  i would like to purchase these for a 181...

                                  i would like to purchase these for a 181 k2 coomba. will the tip and tail attachments work. thanks rob

                                  Will these fit my 184 Rosignol B-Squads....

                                  Will these fit my 184 Rosignol B-Squads.....100mm waist?

                                  I have these skis in length 172. The tip...

                                  I have these skis in length 172. The tip has a metal-enforcement about 8 mm thick. Does the loop fit and what size should I choose?Model: Dynastar Legend 4800 (2007)Size(cm) / Radius(m): 158/14 165/15 172/16 178/17 184/19Sidecut: 114-75-102

                                  I've got K2 public enemy's, 118/85/109,...

                                  I've got K2 public enemy's, 118/85/109, what would be the best size? and would it include all the accessories for trimming and fitting to twin tips?

                                  Either a 110mm or 120mm. The 120 will obviously require more trimming, but will give a true edge to edge wall of skin on your skis. I usually size my skins for the widest part of my ski. The tip and tail kit should work fin with your twin tips. I use this same skin on a Karhu Team 100 twin tip.

                                  I have rossi bc60's 185 length and am just...

                                  I have rossi bc60's 185 length and am just getting into a bit of backcountry. I know these skis are not very good but I want to try some skins because these no wax ski cant climb much. What size should I get and am I just wasting my dough? My girlfriend has Fischer snowbounds 169 which are 77,61,69 width which width should she get?

                                  I am thinking of buying these to use on...

                                  I am thinking of buying these to use on Line Prophet 100 ski's. Any recommendation on what size to go with or other skins that may work better on twin tip skis?

                                  What is the best skin for my DPS double...

                                  What is the best skin for my DPS double reverse camber skis? I am on Lotus 138s at 192cm length. Width underfoot is 138mm (140 at the widest arc); full dimensions: 125/140/138/139/108.

                                  For K2 Dawn Patrols- tip width 124mm- 167...

                                  For K2 Dawn Patrols- tip width 124mm- 167 length. Would you go with the 120s?

                                  I have Karhu Ursa 65/55/60 190long would...

                                  I have Karhu Ursa 65/55/60 190long would you go with a 50mm or 60mm and cut them thank you Larry

                                  I'm looking to buy some skins for my new...

                                  I'm looking to buy some skins for my new Atomic Kongurs, they're 161 with the dimensions 106-78-100. How do I choose a size?

                                  I just picked up a pair of Armada JJs,...

                                  I just picked up a pair of Armada JJs, which have non-standard dimensions (126-136-115-133-121). Do i still use the tip dimension when choosing a skin or should i go with the widest dimension, which is a bit center from the tip? Any size recommendations would be appreciated, thanks much.

                                  What size would you get for the Gotama...

                                  What size would you get for the Gotama with 105 MM width?

                                  Any thoughts on which Black Diamond skins...

                                  Any thoughts on which Black Diamond skins are the best?