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A lightweight and reliable headlamp for backpacking and everyday lighting.

Camping solo without a fire isn't such a sacrifice with the long-lasting light of the Black Diamond Gizmo Headlamp. With help from the two SinglePower LEDs, you chow down your freeze-dried feast, stow your food, and then have enough juice left to read a few chapters before you drift off into woodsy dreams.
  • Dimming feature lets you scale down the brightness to fit the task and conserve battery power
  • Provides up to 72 hours of illumination at its lowest setting
  • Distance mode shines the 35 lumens 15 meters into the darkness, so you can spot misplaced items at camp and check on your food cache
  • Strobe provides an emergency signal or beacon while riding a bike in town
  • Adjustable elastic strap secures the lamp to your head while night hiking and the tilt-able, water-resistant housing provides reliable convenience while camping
  • Powered by two included AAA batteries