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Black Diamond designed the Fusion Ice Tool to handle the steepest, thinnest, most ridiculously difficult mixed climbs in the world. The revolutionary hydro-formed shaft adds stiffness and lowers weight, while the adjustable grip features three interchangeable spacers for dialing in fit. Black Diamond also added a removable spike for icy top-outs.

  • Staggered grip eliminates pick shift when matching
  • Clip-in point allows you to use tethers
  • Fusion pick for better mixed climbing performance
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Sweet tools

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

The Fusion worked equally well on rock as in the ice. The tool is light and stiff. It's fun to work to find different ways to torque and challenge it. They held up surprisingly well banging out pro stuck in rock! Love it!

Seem to work good on M11

These tools are bad ass. I shot this video of Sam Elias on an Red Bull and Vodka on Vail Pass, and he wasn't complaining about the tools!!! These are an aggressive new school mixed climbing tool, there are better tools for ice.

Fusion hate'n

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I don't know why these tools get a bad rap, I love them! I have climbed with Nomics, Monsters, vipers, Reactors, Quarks. If I had to choose just one pair of tools it would be these. I'm not saying that the others suck, just that I like these the best.

Fusion hate'n

intense design, but to small for my hand

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

For non-carbon shaft, these tools perform well but don't have the light feel. The ergo-grip feels ok in the hand, but not as comfortably as some other tools I have used. I have to agree with what many people say about the angle of the pitch on these is a little too severe for me and I prefere the more traditional shaft with less pitch. That said these slice really well and challenge the likes of the the Nomic as mentioned below, or the Grivel Monster. I think the staggered grip on these do provide a nice protection for the hands, but find the grips to be a bit small for my hand (I have a large hand). All in all they get the job done, but I am always finding myself wanting more comfort in a tool when I am done. Keeping in mind that I have larger than normal hands the handles can be adjusted to a certain extent to accommodate larger hands. This is just my opinion but this is a pretty solid product from BD!

Awesome tool, not for me

    I know some serious winter crushers in NH, VT and NY (insert name drop here) that swear by the Fusions...but for pure ice climbing, I've been more impressed with other tools. The angle for me was too much for pure ice routes, but they seem right at home on difficult technical mixed terrain.

    I like BD tools in general because you can use one tool to tighten the pick of the other - but only as a patch in the field...and yes, I have actually needed this function. I couldn't get enough torque to really tighten them all the way down while repairing them at a belay. Another pair of hands might make it easier, but at least it wont fall off...

    Mixed tool and great dry tooling weapon

      not so great on ice compared to Nomic. The clone missed some of the genes of the Petzl Nomic. It isn't user error. If you want to climbed hard mixed this is a good tool. If you are on steep ice it isn't.

      Mixed tool and  great dry tooling weapon

      your way off man. these tools are incredible, try using the laser pick on them for ice. if that doesnt work then the tool just isnt for you. but i climb grade 5+ ice at lake willoughby vermont with these and they are a dream. theres a reason you see every top climber in the world using them.............and its not because they suck. dahhhh!!!!!!!!!

      Dane - If you see this, wondering if your fusion comparison to the nomic is made with a with a nomic cascade pick or ice pick? from your amazing blog at, it seems you're not so much in love with the ice pick (even when modified due to the change in angle). With a steeper angle of the ice pick, can you confirm that it still climbs ice better than a Fusion with a laser pick? Thx!

      Hey Graham, Nomic climbs ice better/easier with the Ice pick or the Cascade than a Fusion. No comparison. No matter what pick you put in the climbs ice OK...but not great. Fusion is a better mixed tool for high end rock, but still flails around on the really steep ice.

      Fusion is not a bad tool, just that the Nomic is such a great tool on ice and still decent on mixed. Difference in picks bewteen th two? Light years.

      Dream? Dream on :)

      Solid tool

        I just got back from using the Fusions for an ice climbing tour of 4 days and climbing 6-7 hours a day. These tools are quite sweet. They stick like a dream, you just have to drop down at the last second or the pick does not hit right on the point. Other than that its reasonable light weight, the handle grip is super comfortable. The on and only perk over my nomics is the spike and the pommel, it really makes mantling at top out easy and give a solid clip point for an umbilical.
        I had the laser pick on so Mix climbing was a bit hard on the tips, defiantly go with the titan pick for mixed.
        So to date my favorite tools are the Petzl Nomics, Bd Cobras (new style) then the BD Fusions.

        Fusion vs Nomic

          I had a chance to test the new BD Fusions side by side with Petzl Nomics at the Adirondack Mountainfest while running several laps on ice with a pair of each (pictures - I have also written a more detailed review on the test itself at I should say that I was initially excited about the look and features of the Fusions. I had great expectations but was disappointed by performance of Fusions. The bottom line was that, at least for me, Nomics (Astro picks) worked much, much better than Fusions (Laser picks). With Fusions the swing was wobbly and awkward, leading to poor sticks. With Nomics the swing was balanced and natural, the stick was easier to get and felt more secure, and the handle felt more ergonomic. The issues with Fusions became more frustrating by the end of the day as the fatigue set in – while my last lap with Fusions was miserable, I made another lap with Nomics afterwards and could go for more. A few weeks later, while playing with different tools at The Mountaineer (Keene Walley, NY) gear shop, we realized that the key difference between Fusion and Nomic was in the balance. The center of gravity for Nomic (and for many other ice tools, for example Cobras) was much closer to the head. The center of gravity for Fusion appeared to be near the middle of the shaft. It should be possible to learn to swing Fusions right. However, with all the great performance Nomics offer both on rock and ice, I just do not see the reason for choosing Fusions and struggling to learn a different swing. The verdict for me is that Fusions may be a great specialized rock tool (I have not tested them on rock) but for ice and modest mixed ground I will choose Nomics every time.

          Not sure what you were doing with these tools... I agree I like the Nomics better for the pick penetrates easy and clean superbly. I just got back form a 4 day tour with the fusions, 4 days, of 7 hours a day of WI-4 and 5. The fusion you just can slam in to the ice, you have to do a little elbow drop at the last second to a line the pick. But it butter knifes ice just beautifully. So sorry guy but Im calling your review user error.

          Have a buddy who swears the difference in the these is the head weight in the Fusions is too far back. has blades for the Fusion which accept the Petzl pick weights. I'm no super pro on ice, but using his Fusions with Petzl pick weights (and shaved off hammer to even the weight out) felt really easy with my natural swing. Why do all this when you could just buy a Nomic? He liked the grip better on the Fusion :)

          I was initially disappointed in the Fusions so I sold them. They seemed hard to swing and felt heavy/clumbsy. I was coming off of Petzl Quarks. Then I tried the same green Fusions again after new owner raved about them. I have to say that my opinion changed to more positive after doing some steep hooking routes with them. Fusions are a specialized tool for above average ice climbers on steep ice. Also seem like they would be good for dry tooling but I do little of that. For all around tool, I recommend BD Cobras or Grivel Matrix Tech.

          Hello.. We need fusion ice tool old...


          We need fusion ice tool old version.(red color).

          Don't you have old one? We need 6 pcs...