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Black Diamond's Best Harness Ever

    I've been climbing in Misty Mountain harnesses for years (I'm from NC), and this is the first Black Diamond harness I've felt was on par with my Misty Harnesses. This is now my main all around rig for everything from Maple bolt clipping to climbing on El Cap. It's the do-it-all rig for sport and trad, and even aid fests if you aren't into the huge Cadiallac type harness. It's got up turned gear loops which I prefer for trad climbing because I think they are easier to get gear onto and off of. Seems like the true measure of a good harness is forgetting that it's there, and this lives up to that. It's also priced pretty economical and of course looks good.

    Impressive Harness

      Great all around harness. I've used it several times already and I completely forget that I'm wearing it. The adjustable legs are nice but make the harness slightly heavier than the non AL. For me the adaptability was worth the extra weight. Would buy again in a second.

      Super comfortable

        Use it strictly for sport climbing. VERY comfortable, Very adjustable. Basically don't even notice that I have it on, but feels super secure and comfy in a fall. Great price for a quality harness. Couldn't be happier with it.

        Keeps you locked in, beyond that: Meh.

          This harness is... OK. The waist-belt was comfortable enough while belaying, but always rode up in a weird way when I was hanging on the rope.

          The padded leg-loops always rubbed against each other and made me walk a little bit bow-legged to minimize that. I never needed to adjust the adjustable leg-loops, so that's just more junk to worry about.

          I've also come to dislike the gear loops that flip up when not in use. It can make them hard to clip gear into if your shirt is any less than 100% tucked into the waist.

          I'm updating this review after owning a Petzl Sama and giving it 5 stars of love. The Petzl is a superior harness in terms of comfort, lightweight, fit and function.

          Focus Harness

            This harness is awesome. One of the most comfortable harnesses I've ever worn. I wore this harness the first time for over 9 hours strait without once having to adjust it. It was almost as comfotable as not having a harness on.

            Sweet and Light

              As comfortable as a big wall harness, without all the added weight. This harness is sick and I look forward to taking some huge whippers with it. See you 40ft above your last marginal piece. Peace.