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Make backcountry snow testing a little easier with the Black Diamond FlickLock Snow Saw. Not only does this 5.6oz snow saw have a comfortable handle for cutting the walls of your test pit, it also attaches to your ski poles for extra reach. Clip the FlickLock Snow Saw to any 11mm or 14mm telescopic ski pole section to extend it for cutting the back of a Rutschblock or dropping a cornice onto a suspect slope.

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Check your BD Poles for Compatibility

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Great tool! Obviously an essential for backcountry winter travel and snow study. In particular the sheath included with the saw is a huge step-up from the flimsy joke of a cover that came with the last BCA saw I encountered.

My complaint with this product actually centers around my BD poles. Not all of BD's ski touring poles are compatible with this saw. Mine are of the non-compatible variety. Not a huge issue if you carry a length of cord to cut out the backs of columns, but inconvenient nevertheless to borrow a friend's pole.

Bottom-line, check your pole for compatibility before you buy. Otherwise, its an awesome product.

Great Tool to Have

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This saw is super sharp, strong, and durable. This saw has a sharp blade for cutting pits or anything else that gets in its path. The nice thing about this saw is that it will attach to the end of your trekking pole to extent the handle. It has easy to read 30 cm markings that are engraved as well as a large Black diamond Logo. It gets the job done for a good price and is a great tool to have in the backcountry.

It's made by BD, need I say more?

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This saw is very sharp, very strong, and very useful. It comes with a good sheath and fits nicely inside my Kode 30. Like other saws, this has a 30 cm measurement on the blade making it convenient for pits. There isn't much you couldn't cut with this thing.

Put it in your pack

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Snow saw's not just a snow saw... This one beats out all I've had in the past! It cuts nice and smooth and belongs in everyones b/c pack. Only downside is that its crazy sharp - also a good thing, but if it comes out of its sheath watch out hands, pack and anything inside the pack - OW! Cuts trees with ease as well, found that one out the hard way but glade it was in my pack. Must better than a folding saw for sure. Nice work BD!

An essential tool

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This saw is a crucial piece of equipment when digging pits to evaluate snow stability. It allows you to smooth the walls of a pit so fine that every snow layer will be easily identified by a quick glance. You can isolate columns for a Compression test incredibly quick, and chopping out a section of your pit for an ECT is too simple not to do. The Flick-Lock is great for attaching it to BD poles, and with two sizes on the lock it can fit a variety of other poles. This just made all of my pits exponentially prettier, and is an essential tool for responsible decision making in the backcountry.

An essential tool

Another great product from black diamond

    This is a great snow saw for cutting columns for doing snow pit tests. It can also cut through wood and other materials if needed. It has a 30cm mark for you know how big to cut your columns. You can attach this to your Black diamond Flick lock poles, for doing extended column tests. A great product.

    Mary Ann, the "flick-lock" system is a Black Diamond made tube clamp. stuff a Black Diamond flicklock ski pole (or similarly sized stick) into the hole and there's a little "flick" lever that "locks" or clamps onto the pole. Same as the seat adjustment on your bicycle. Get black diamond collapsible ski poles and this bad boy is a guaranteed fit. cheers

    Nice addition to my BC gear

      This saw is a nice addition to my bc gear, and snow study kit. It attaches easily to the pole, is very sharp and cuts through firm snow like it was butter. It is really sturdy and lightweight, and takes up almost no room in the pack. Really happy with it so far, highly recommended, especially if you're using bd poles.


        cuts through snow pretty well (not that its difficult) and the attachment to BD ski poles is genius for a myriad of snow tests. My only complaint is that the handle is a bit thicker, and when used with the pole it doesn't leave a nice clean cut, there probably isn't a way around that though.

        Best Saw Yet

          I previously had the BCA saw but needed one that can extend in order to cut the back of extended column tests. This is a great tool - really well made. The sheath is well made and makes carrying in my avy tool pack pocket much easier - and safer. After seeing my Avy 2 instructor dig pits in 10 minutes with one of these, I was sold.


            On my Black Diamond Expedition poles the saw attaches only to the bottom part of the poles, making it way to short is deep snow to cut columns. It is a sturdy saw, and the sheath is very nice as well. Cuts the crap outta ice and hardpack.BD, please fix the attachment issue so i can use 2/3rd of my pole, not 1/3rd of it and I will give you 5 out of 5!


            Will it attach to BD Pure Carbon adj....

            Will it attach to BD Pure Carbon adj. poles?

            I have a Dakine Altitude 25 liter ABS cover...

            I have a Dakine Altitude 25 liter ABS cover & my current Ortovox saw does not fit in the pack I have upgraded to. Does anyone know if this fits into the ABS cover pack that I have???

            Best Answer

            I think it will be close. I believe that ABS cover is 21 inches tall or so and the overall length of the saw is about 17 inches so it should work but you may have to angle it depending on what else you have in there. I have this saw and the standard Vario 25 cover and it fits in there just fine if that helps at all.

            Is the saw compatible with the Black...

            Is the saw compatible with the Black Diamond Whippet Self-Arrest Ski Pole?

            Just bought one of these with some pure...

            Just bought one of these with some pure carbon poles and the lower is way too loose in the '14mm' port but too big for the 11mm port. It's supposed to fit just fine but the attachment system seems unusable.

            Anyone else have this problem?



            Yep - they changed that after I pointed out to BD Europe that all their literature, website, product info sheets supplied with poles and saw etc. listed the pure carbon as compatible, when they'd actually changed the saw slightly and it was no longer compatible.

            They offered to swap my poles for some that did fit, but they were such a good deal I didn't want to pass them up. In the end I made a small shim from a piece of ice-cream tub lid which makes it fit just fine.

            I have a pair of Traverse BD poles from...

            I have a pair of Traverse BD poles from 08, does anyone know if the snow saw will fit these poles?

            How long is this saw

            How long is this saw

            So the saw attaches to the lower half of...

            So the saw attaches to the lower half of the pole, and the handle you grip would be the end with the basket? Wouldnt it make more sense to attach to the upper half for a better handle? I suppose I could find an equal diameter piece of tubing (a union)that would join the saw with the upper half of the pole??Is the tension on the flick lock adjustable?

            I have a concern about the strength of the...

            I have a concern about the strength of the blade. Would it tweak when sawing into ice, etc?