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Great multiple use poles

    I've used these poles in multiple backcountry excursions, casual snow hiking, and even for expedition trekking. I've been extremely happy with them in every instance. They are lightweight and very easy/convenient to store. The flicklock adjusters are great and have held up for me. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the poles themselves, but just be careful with the protective rubber tips, as they don't stay on (I had to tape mine on for trekking use).

    Black Diamond sucks in general

      I bought an older model of these poles a few years ago. The aluminum they used then corrodes when it gets wet, making it impossible to adjust them. When i tried to warranty them, they told me it was my fault for not drying them properly. Dry your ski poles? Has anyone actually ever done that? Apparently the a warranty doesnt mean much at Black Diamond. I also have a shovel that the handle broke off, they wont warranty that. I will NEVER buy anything from them ever again. There are companies out there that will stand behind their products. BD wont.

      WEAK poles

        Broke the second day I was using them, between the two flick locks. The metal snapped when I was skiing and made a hard pole plant. The locks work very well and didn't budge, but the poles themselves are weak. That was especially awesome since I was headed into the Darwin Canyon backcountry the next day.

        Great poles, great company

          I've beat these poles up in the backcountry for a year now with no complaints. They collapse to a perfect size for packing, but I'm not sure they're as sturdy for the same reason. I kinked and broke a pair with my edge the first day out. Black Diamond was awesome and replaced them no questions asked. My second pair have provided almost 50 days of hard use, climbing through rocks, bushes, crust, you name it, and I haven't had any problems. Love the flicklock system. My old twist lock Leki poles would slip all the time and I would have to duct tape them constantly. Another added bonus, these poles will attach to the end of the Black Diamond snow saw, which also has a flicklock mechanism, for cutting rutschblocks or cornices where reach is necessary.

          Flicklocks rock

            The Flicklock system doesn't slip, and is much easier to adjust with gloves on. A friend used these poles up Mt. Whitney, did a ski descent of the mountaineer's route, then went out and bought himself a pair of the Traverse model (just one flicklock adjustment instead of 2)... guess he liked them.

            I like them a lot

              I used these poles for a two week backcountry camping/skiing trip in Grand Teton Nat'l park and they worked great. They pack down small enough to easily attach to the ice axe mounts on your back pack, they extend long enough for for backcountry travel and adjust nicely anywhere in between, like for telemark downhill skiing. An unexpected use of having 3 sections per pole was in constructing a snow shelter where disassembled they provided 6 pole sections to help judge wall thickness - very handy.
              I have never had a flicklock slip even when leaning heavily on the pole and the flicklocks adjust easily even with gloves on. I took a good spill and had a wrist strap rip out, a bit of a bummer, but better than loosing my arm. I have since taken my guides advice and simply removed the other strap and for the type of skiing I am doing I have not missed the wrist straps at all. If you want to use the pole (or two) to setup a tarp for a quick shelter you will appreciate the poles ability to get really short so you can set one in the center of a small low shelter, something my longer two-section poles can not do. Also I used Lifelink's larger powder baskets which fit these poles just fine. They do have a center of balance that is a bit lower than a lighter 2 section pole that gives them a slightly heavier swing feel, but not so much as to be a bother for backcountry skiing at all, I just would not pick them first for ski racing. I would pick them first for any back country skiing. Wrap some waterproof duct tape around the handle just below the grips to give you a second lower grip and some handy repair tape! Great pole, thanks Black Diamond.

              Solid ski poles

                Awesome ski poles. In fact the only ski poles I've used this season. They have been used on the trails, in the bumps, in the woods, & alpine touring. These poles are rugged, economical, & the flicklock doesn't slip at all.

                Small and Easy

                  I got these poles late season so I haven't had a chance to really beat on them yet, but so far so good. The really nice thing about them is the size. With three segments they collapse down to easily fit on the side of a pack without changing the overall profile so you're not likely to be catching on trees or hitting your head when you look up. The half powder baskets are great for sloping terrain, and I'm completely sold on the flick lock system for adjusting length. It's so easy to use even with gloves on. I can't see the purpose of buying any other type of adjust design at this point. The one thing I haven't given a great test to is the durability. That will only come with time. I could see how really leaning on them might do some damage, but you can probably say that about any pole. Overall I'm quite happy.

                  Black Diamond Flick Lock Poles

                    These poles work perfectly every time. As a snowboarder doing back country, its really helpful to have a slightly longer pole on your heel side, that this design allows. The lock mechanism works at any length you choose. Dry them between uses, per the instructions, as they can freeze up in extreme cold conditions. La Grave tested and proven!

                    Almost Awesome

                      Went to Aspen to try these "top of the line" poles out. My buddy there had the same ones as well. Both pairs were brand new. We skinned up, skied down, and tore it up for three days. After day 2 of normal skiing, (no big wipe outs or misuse)both of our poles had bent. Just a little bend, you could definitely see it. It made it hard to adjust the length and to get them to collapse back down. We bent them back on the bus rails. I'm not upset with them, but not overwhelmed. They need to be more solid. Too expensive for the failure. Come on Black Diamond, I love your gear.

                      Black Diamond Flicklock Exped. Poles

                        I love these poles. Got them for hiking but lost a pair of ski poles and dug them out for downhill with some AT climbing.
                        Very sturdy, comfortable and reassuring.
                        They are of course a bit heavy for downhilling but really didn't notice after a while. Easy to adjust to the exact length you want. Easy to stow. Easily adjusted with mitts on.

                        Pretty sweat poles!

                          I am a snowboarder, so do not use poles except when hiking and using a split board for touring. I purchased these poles just for that, and they are great. They are very light weight, and i love how small they get. They seem to be fairly sturdy and the flick locks are great and do not slip. Not sure how durable they would be for a skier to use all the time, but for touring and hiking they are great.

                          Yo Splitboarders!

                            These are the definitive splitboard pole. Lightweight, totally reliable, and as compact as they get. As an added bonus, you can pick up the attachable snow saw which is perfect for Rusch blocks.

                            fits into small spaces

                              I use these poles for hiking in the backcountry with snowshoes and a snowboard. These poles stow away nicely in the backpack for the ride down. After owning twist lock poles and having them freeze up the FlickLock seems to be the better system. Great pole for a great price.

                              Best Poles for the Money you can find

                                Cheap, Lightweight and Strong. I have put these to some serious abuse and they are still kicking very well. Use them for skiing and hiking and they take the abuse. Lightweight too yet they don't cost very much, they are my favorite poles for the price. The fliplock mechanism is also very easy to use and field maintainable.

                                Black Diamond FlickLock Poles

                                  Really nice poles. They pack down good and short. This is my second pair (I managed to lose one, - so I now have 3). My only issue is that I would prefer the wrist straps to be longer. They're a bit short if you have bulky gloves.

                                  Pro's and Cons

                                    I’ve owned a similar pair of Black Diamond poles for over 10 years and used them extensively in the Alps and the US for mainly hiking. Mine do not collapse as much as these (only 67cm), but my other poles from Leki do. As adjustable poles, I find the flick-lock system is harder to use than the twist lock system, and despite what the description says, they will freeze up in cold weather when they have to get wet. And I have also experienced slippage caused by having to adjust the flick-lock to make it easier to open! The twist lock system can suffer from the same problems in adverse weather conditions and can also be harder to collapse when your hands are cold or the pole is wet and slippery. As for putting the poles inside your pack, most people will attach them to the outside since they are then easier to access. And if you are checking all your ski gear onto a plane, you would probably pack your poles with your skis anyway, thus negating any advantage of shorter size. All the baskets on these type of poles are changeable and will usually fit either brand.