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Climbing power for your mega-fat powder sticks.

Designed specifically for powder-specific planks with a waist larger than 110mm, the Black Diamond Nylon Split STS Climbing Skins give you the same climbing performance with reduced weight and drag. A section of webbing in the middle of the skins makes for easier packing and quick on and off, while the adjustable STS tail strap gives you 10cm of leeway for different skis in your quiver. Black Diamond also added a split skin-specific tip loop made for the massive shovels found on most powder skis.

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2 5

Not impressed

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Glue is weak right out of the box compared to bd's nylon skins. Had issues climbing same slopes I have done in the past on my old skins on skinnier skis.....Replaced with the nylon sts and the glue is way better almost too much and they climb almost anything now....

1 5

Terrible in fresh snow

  • Gender: Male

Just spent my first day on these..what a disappointment. On existing skin tracks they were fine up to about 30 degrees. However, on a fresh skin track through deep snow (with 5 people in front of me breaking trail), snow immediately nestled its way into the small space created by the sail fabric and proceeded to soak/freeze the glue, rendering them useless within 20 minutes.

Long story short: if you only skin on existing, maintained skin tracks less than 30 degrees, they're fine. However, if you ever find yourself in fresher and/or steeper snow, get ready to rip them off, take off your skis and spend the better part of your day wallowing uphill. I'm planning to get the 140mm skins and have a bit of base showing at the tip and tail (shouldn't matter with rocker) - anything would be better than these.

1 5


There is no way the weight savings is worth the agony of suffering with these up several thousand vert. Even with skis as fat as the Megawatts, these things will make you regret your decision for as long as you are skinning. Worthless!

2 5

tip loop failed

I got these for a pair of Voile Drifters and the tip loop tore out of the skin on mile 1.5 of a 5 day hut trip. I have know idea what I managed to screw up but the 3 screws tore straight out of the material. BD has covered under warranty all of the random parts I've broke over the years so ill probably just email them and see what they say.

Responded on

FYI they replaced the skin and parts after I mailed them back the failed one. Mad props to BD customer service.

1 5

Not worth the extra coin

Echo on previous reviews here. The glue on these is mediocre, and before I re-glued them, could not reasonably do two laps on anything without having them slip right off of the skis. I ended up sewing older purple tractor skins cut in half to the nylon strip to improve the grip. Right out of the box I couldn't make it up even mellow slopes or through switchbacks. They work well now but have needed a lot of extra love. Would have been better to get something wall to wall in the first place

would the split skin work for a ski that...

Posted on

would the split skin work for a ski that is 147/117/143 by 188cm

Responded on

no....i suggest 125 mid foot

Responded on

I use them with voile drifters: 128 at the waist and id say that's cutting it close.

3 5

For FAT skis only

I think everyone is hating a little hard on these skins. They are great for what they are. Yes bulky and have a little bit of trouble slipping in certain conditions if your skis aren't fat enough but if I had to chose these or a full base nylon I would go with the split. However I would rather go with the full mohair over everything because of how small they pack away and weight.

Only get these if your skis are FATTT!!!!

Anyone used these on a splitboard? Would...

Posted on

Anyone used these on a splitboard? Would they work with a board with 26cm waist width and 164-168 long? Nose wideth of 310 mm ,tail width of 304mm ?

Responded on

I do have customers who use their ski specific skins for their splitboards, they do have to do some fiddling to get them to stay put. It can be done but I think you will end up altering them to much for them to fit back on your skis nicely. Ultimately they are not designed for a snowboard half (the tip clip won't fit correctly and the tail hookup will have to come off as it is wasted and will fall under the board). If $ allows, just buy the Voile splitboard skins.

Responded on

Also, you would have to trim them too much I think. Even though the board when its split makes 20 130cm waisted halves. the angle that the top of the skin would be at would make it not preform well because up at the top you would have to cut into the webbing on one side and that may make the ski fall apart more easily. I would just go for the regular STS skins for a split board. Thats what all my split boarder backcountry buddies use.

Responded on

Yes, they work perfectly, and save a ton of weight. I used them all last season on my Venture Storm, 166 x 26. Contrary to replies here, the tip holder can be set up asymmetrically to work very well with a splitboard. I use them without the tail clips, and have experienced no problems at all. Plenty of grip for the up, much lighter weight, and better glide on the flat sections. I would not use any other skin on a splitboard.

1 5

Worst skins ever!!!

I bought these for my Pontoons. Worst ski purchase in years. The glue is not very sticky. The skin has a nylon strip down the center that lets snow in, eventually making the skin work loose.

HD needs to redesign this skin by making the overall glue better and making the center strip adhesive.

They are particularly bad in colder weather, ie below 20 deg F.

4 5

Maybe only good for super fat skis

I use these on liberty genomes (141 waist, 170 shovel) with marker dukes, so obviously I didn't get them to cut back on weight. I give them 4 stars because they do an adequate job as far as I'm concerned. I find that they slip on a very high angle track that is well-packed, but any skin has to have a "slipping point". I think my experience with these is better than most other reviewers because I just didn't have to trim much of the skin at all to fit to the genomes. The skinnier your skis are, the more of the actual skin you have to trim since it is on the outside edges. So, if you have the fattest of the fat skis, this might be a good skin. If you have average width fat skis, you may end up trimming away too much skin and losing precious grip.

Responded on

I am interested in setting up a set of the Genomes and was wondering what you though about them?

2 5

split climbing skins

I took my first tour with these skins yesterday. I must say it was very frustrating. I kept slipping backwards in the skin track. I never had this issue with my old skins. I should have stuck with what I know. Get a solid set of skins and save yourself money and frustration.

What skins would you reccomend for Armada...

Posted on

What skins would you reccomend for Armada ARG (185cm) sidewall dimensions 125-135-133-134-120 ?

Responded on

get the BD ascension STS 140mm. You will get full coverage and better climbing grip than the ascension STS split skins.

2 5

Not Impressed

Unlike Peter, I cut these to fit my S7s and they failed to impress. It's true: they save a few ounces for the climb, the fold and pack more easily, and in some cases they seem to have a little bit more glide. That said, those few onces saved translate into greatly decresed climbing performance on steeper tracks. They climb just fine if you're cutting mellow switchbacks to-and-fro, but if you're skinning a ridge with steeper steps then you're in for a time. I'm switching back to the normal STS skins, which have done the trick for years.

Responded on

What size skins will you be purchasing for your S7's?

3 5

Shoulda stuck with the usual

I bought these because I was trying to "save weight" and also because I got a killer deal, but ultimately I should have stuck with the usual full base skin (save weight? My skis are 120 under ft, I don' think it matters at that point...stupid choice). On low angle terrain, with decent snow depth these skins did great, but once I got onto steeper slopes i definitely had to edge in uphill to keep enough skin on the track keep from sliding backwards. There is a caveat to this of course...if you buy these skins, it's for fat skis, so hopefully you are using those skis for what they were engineered for...DEEP SNOW. The same goes for this skin. These are not your ski mountaineering skins that will get you super fast to the top of any peak.

These skins are fat, heavy, and designed to save even the smallest possible weight from you fat skis, burly bindings and tired legs. Also, I've only used them twice, but even after one ski I found that if I didn't put them in the bag, they were almost worthless on the 2nd lap. Still working out the kinks I guess.

Bottom Line: Use them in Deep snow. Use them on all but the steepest terrain. Unless you are OCD about it, expect them to get iced up and worthless by round 2 or 3.

I've had great experiences with skins from "Climbing Skins Direct." He used to be the designer for BD and moved on to better things. I really like their setup. Less expensive, easy to use, and they just work damn well. www.climbingskinsdirect.com


1 5

Good idea but poor climbing performance

I bought these for a pair of 185 Kuro's and learned quickly they work fine for low angle soft snow climbing but when the ramps go up these slide back. On firm boilerplate they were challenging.

Great for breaking trail on long mellow approaches but not so good for going steep in an existing skin track, a track that's been hit with sun or a track that is off-camber.

5 5

no hassle

I've got a pair of Pontoons, not easy to find skins for these. With a little trimming these worked very well. Easy on and they stay on. the tip loop looks a little small but it's never slipped.

Hey what skin do you recommend for Scottybob...

Posted on

Hey what skin do you recommend for Scottybob headrush??

Length 184cm waist 90mm x 130mm

Responded on

How to skin a scottybob Headrush !hey there here is the answer everyone is looking for. Get yourself a pair of BD STS Skins appropriate length and width of course. lay them out over the ski. For a 167cm ski I used a 125mm skin. now do the unthinkable . On the tail strap about 2/3 of the way away from the tail apply a G3 twin tip connector. slide that over the bobtail. make sure to stetch your skin forward to the tip of the ski. Then follow Bd s instructions to install the adjustable tip loop. This is a bombproof setup and you dont have to compromise the integrity of the ski. Lets face it you don twant to hack your skis with a fucking dremel tool. The only drawback to this set up is you may need to bring a peice of chord w some sort of hook on it to get the skin on and off of your ski in the backcountry. Small price to pay to save the structural integrity of your ski. Hope this helps love to hearyour comments

I have a pair of the Coombacks what size...

Posted on

I have a pair of the Coombacks what size and type of skin should i purchase?

5 5

great skin for a fat ski

these skins are huge! i got them for my rossi s7's and they work pretty good. a 115 waist is the minimal waist width i would go with these skins. the white strip in the middle of the skin is almost like a nylon sail material. these skins are great. the only thing about these i dont like in that the strip in the middle of the skin is alot wider than your would think. it is about 40 mm wide. so if you can get just full nylon skins by black diamond thats how i would go.

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