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Climb well, glide poorly, stretch when wet

    Previous reviewers got it right.

    These skins stick like crazy and it's great. They don't glide that well. The glue is decent and holds up reasonably well (if you take care of it, obviously).

    Downside: when they get wet, they stretch, and then the Clipfix system doesn't work too well because you can't tighten it down. Then the gobs start getting in between the skin and the ski, and that sucks.

    Conclusion: good skin, Clipfix best for dry snow conditions.

    Standard, but not the best (clipfix for dry snow only)

      These skins work well enough. They climb and grip well, even if they don't glide as well as mohair. The glue is plenty sticky and has held up for two seasons, though I hear that it doesn't last forever and re-gluing is perhaps not worth it. The actual skins are the standard in the industry, though a certain upstart company founded by the designers of the original Ascensions sells better skins online for much cheaper. You probably know who I'm talking about, and after buying those for the missus' splitboard, I can say the hype is true and they are significantly better than BD skins.

      The clipfix works well in theory though there are major drawbacks. You have to size the skin length right, which is no big deal. It even works fine with twin tips. If you live in a place with dry snow, as I was when I bought these (northern NM), it works just fine and you can forget about it. If you experience wet snow, as I did when I moved so SoCal and as I do when I visit the family in the Pac NW, you will discover the shortcomings of the clipfix. When skins get wet, they stretch. On my 175cm skis they stretch as much as 1-2cm when wet, allowing the clipfix to just slide off the end of the ski as if it weren't there. I bought an STS tail kit, though I haven't gotten around to putting it on yet. Not pleased with the clipfix in wet snow.

      Also, like most people my trim tool broke when I was trimming the skins and I had to finish it off with a razor blade.

      Even so, when the glue on these gives it up I'll be eschewing BD and buying "climbing skins direct" from that other company whose glue is better, who has better attachment systems, and whose trim tool doesn't break.


        These are the 4th set of skins I've used over the years, and I thought I was getting a new improved product, with an easy to use Clip Fix tail system. Unfortunately these are not as good as my old purple Ascension skins.

        Ok, so they climb well. That's about it.

        1) They don't glide as well as the old skins.
        2) You have to get the skin length perfectly right, or the Clip Fix won't work right. Theoretically Clip Fix should be much easier to use than STS (which my wife has), but in practice it's a pain.
        3) The overlap recommended at the tip is not enough to keep the skin length constant over time ! After multiple frustrating ski tours, I spent a couple of hours stitching the tip in place (I destroyed 6 needles in the process).
        4) The bag for storing the skins is too small, and the plastic mesh used for protecting the glue on the skins gets hung up bag's mesh.
        5) That cutting tool cracks too easily.

        I own and like lots of BD products, but this is one that they really screwed up.

        great skins

          The gold ones are lighter than my old purple Ascensions or the blue/white cowglides. They seem to climb as well as the others, maybe better... can't tell for sure as I got them to match my new yellow skis, they look great for that.

          I never had problems with water retention but I used some glopstopper on mine. Had one day of minor clumping on the glopstopper and then perfection.

          The glue is softer and stickier than the old purples, sometimes a little bit sticks to the bases but nothing major. I left the center fabric strip and never had a problem with them coming off the skis.

          I never liked the clipfix, I cut them off and put some green euro stretchers on the tails instead, I have twintips. I've never kicked these off with this setup.

          Overall nice skins for the light weight, good climbing, and groovy gold color. I have no issues with them and the mesh-top bag is the nicest skin bag i've ever owned.

          The Gold Standard of Climbing Skins

            I have been using Ascension Nylon Climbing Skins for well over a decade, and I have never felt inclined to switch to another brand. Any change that Ascension has ever introduced in materials or features have only resulted in improved performance. I have seen some of my fellow backcountry partners experiment with the "latest fad" in high-tech skins, only to return to trust-worthy Ascension quality later on. I have a ten-yr-old pair that I have r-glued once and wax regularly for hash early season and late season usage, and they still work perfectly.

            Solid all around.

              I have been using old Ascension skis and tried these for the first time recently. Much better! The clip on the tail really makes for a stable fit that does not come off. They grip well. Also, they are easy to trim. Check out the sweet tutorial on Black Diamond's website for a great video on trimming. They never slip and grip on steeper terrain like my current skins do.

              Not good for spring skiing

                I'm a big fan of the old purple Ascension skins. I believe that Black Diamond bought out Ascension, thus the word Ascension in name Black Diamond Ascension Nylon Clipfix Skins. However, the Clipfix skins do not have the same holding power and resistance to water of the older Ascension skins. Pros of the Clipfix skins: The trimming tool and instructions are very easy. The skins glide better than older skins. The uphill grip on the snow is excellent. Cons: Skins are supposed to stick to the bottom of the skis, period. The Clipfix stick well if they are perfectly dry, but any moisture presents a major problem. I did a 4 day tour in April in the Sierra Nevada. Most days I had my skins on in the morning on long climbs and had them off coming downhill in the afternoon. One day we took a short downhill run without skins and then attempted to skin up again for more climbing. It was a no go. Not even liberal duct tape could keep them one - there was no residual stickiness at all. The old purple skins would have restuck though. Part of the problem with the Clipfix skins is the center of the skin has no glue. While this makes it easier to remove them, I'd argue that the ease of removal does not make up for the lack of stickiness when wet. I plan to reapply skin glue to the entire skin before heading out next winter. Side stepping for a few miles taught me to not trust the Clipfix skin's holding power.

                The best skins around !

                  I have tried other brands and types, but nothing beats them. They stick to the skis and I don't have to tape them to stay on. Also the video that BD has on their web site makes trimming the skins a breeze, much easier than trying to read the instructions. If you notch the tail of your ski to the width of the clip they don't release until you want them to.

                  A 1 plus

                    These skins work fine except for one thing: the tail clip comes undone all the time. I have fixed this by tying a length of utility cord to the clip which I then wrap around the lower part of the heelpiece (I use Dynafits) and then tie back to a loop in the cord.

                    Great all around

                      I have used these skins 100+ days on twin tips. As long as the skin is the correct length the tail clip works great. I have had glue stick to my ski bases, but the bases were not waxed or well cared for. I simply scraped the glue off and waxed the bases. Problem solved!

                      good, but glue problem

                        Mechanically, these skins are fine, the clipfix system works great and the skins climb very well. I had a serious problem with the glue however. It is so soft and tacky it sticks to my ski bases, even after they have been freshly waxed. The problem was worse in warmer weather or when the skins were on the skis and put in the sun to dry. The problem also occurred in the cold though.
                        Maybe it was a bad glue batch from BD, I wonder if any others had this problem.

                        clipfix tail not too amazing

                          If you have a flat tailed ski, these skins are fine, hell, they'll kick ass, but if you attempt to use them on skis that have a twintip, or even a slightly raised tail, I would highly advise getting the ascensions instead, you'll thank yourself later.

                          Easy to fit, Awsome to climb with

                            Found the skins simple to cut to shape for the skis. Once fitted, they are simple to get on and off. The new 'cheat sheet' is useful for storage by stopping the skins sticking back on themselves, it saves the glue. It felt like I was on a magik carpet the first time I climbed on them.

                            Clip fix worked well

                              The clip fix system worked well when cut properly. I was recently touring with three others who had the clip fix. Two of them cut the length too long and the clips kept coming undone. Two of us cut them a hair short and they never came off for either of us. Bottom-line, cut them right and they work great. I also skied with another person who had Xscreams. The skins won't work well with a turned up tail.

                              hi will the 100mm skins be ok for the...

                              hi will the 100mm skins be ok for the obsethed skis think there 105mm?

                              how do I know wat length to buy?

                              how do I know wat length to buy?

                              They are all the same length, they differ in width. so if you want full coverage then you need to find the widest part of your ski (normally at the tip) and get the matching skin. play it safe in the back side, remember to have a beacon, probe, shovel, buddy, and know how to read snow!

                              what length are these skins? is 110mm the...

                              what length are these skins? is 110mm the width under foot? are they one length and you cut to length