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Ditch the gas.

With Black Diamond's introduction of the LED Apollo Lantern, gas lanterns have officially become a thing of the past. The Apollo has even won the Alpinist Mountain Standards award. This compact lantern packs down to only 5 x 3in and then extends to a nine-inch height when you need some light. Black Diamond added folding aluminum legs to make the Apollo Lantern stable when it's on a table, and a top loop lets you hang it inside the tent for those storm-bound card games. The three LED bulbs light up a 30-foot radius for outside use, and the Apollo dims to save energy when don't need the power. You can use Black Diamond's NRG rechargeable battery system or four AA batteries.

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5 5

Great Little Light!

Small, Lightweight and Bright. We use it for backpacking, camping and at roasts when it gets dark. Perfect to have in case of an emergency as well. Great quality and would definitely recommend.

4 5

Nice Little Lantern

Nice little lantern. Puts out a good amount of light.
That being said The Orbit for its size and weight is a better deal if you grab it on sale. The weight of the Apollo is 10.6 oz with the bateries. Will Be great for base camp lighting. Car camping ect.
The orbit is 4.6 oz with the batteries. Its light output is very close to the Apollo. For the amount of light you get for the weight I rather carry two orbits @9.2 oz and have twice the light that is much greater than one Apollo. Plus this gives me a back up. In addition, AAA batteries are lighter to carry.

5 5

Great Light ...Light

Have brought this on a few trips now, from car camping to back country.. A great product. Keeps battery life a long time, and for its size, really brings a lot of light to the dark woods

When will the new version be available on...

Posted on

When will the new version be available on Backcountry? (For everyone disappointed with the light output, the new version outputs 80 lumens)

Responded on

Hey Jay,

The Gray as well as the Ultra White currently stocked are the 2010 version.

2 5


I can't believe how many positive reviews I see here for this lamp. They're one of the reasons I bought one, and they're all wrong, IMHO. This lamp is highly overrated. The base is flimsy and unstable, the amount of light output is overstated, and it is too heavy and bulky for what it does.
I had one of the coleman 4AA pack-away led lanterns and that thing put this to shame. Unfortunately I over-torqued and broke the battery compartment screw on that one, so I bought the Apollo as a replacement. I should have just bought another Coleman. The light output was better, it packed more compact, and it was just generally a superior light. I used it as my primary light source for 2 months in Africa, and never changed the batteries. The Apollo, on the other hand, died after only 3 weekend backpacking trip.
Don't get this lantern without checking out the Coleman 4AA pack-away lantern first. I would never have believed that a car camping-oriented company would outdo black diamond, but they definitely have.

4 5

Black Diamond Apollo Lantern

Much lighter than it looks with a bright and long lasting bulb! Dimmer works great for when you don't need it "bright". Used it playing cards in the woods, when the power is out at home, and as a back patio light.

My only complaint is hopefully something they will be implementing on new units. The D-ring clip on the top is a solid ring, unlike the smaller and larger version. On those versions, the ring is two separate rings that overlap but do not go the full length. With this feature you can thread it through fabric straps to hang from inside the tent without the use of a carabiner. While this isn't a major flaw, and I see the reason why they aren't doing this as a re-tooling issue, having the D-ring clip be as it is on the other two versions would allow for more variations in hanging options.

4 5

Light is right

Very bright and durable little pack along camping lantern. Simple to use on and off. Nicely designed to hang from inside the tent, or stand on the table. Battery life seems great so far even in cold winter camping.

5 5

Great to have

The Apollo lantern is a nice addition to any trip. It is light, compact and handy both inside and out of the tent. It provides plenty of light for a table and definitely fills and entire tent with light. Only downside is the batteries, but it is better than the propane alternatives from a weight and size perspective.

5 5

Great Lantern

I have used this lantern around camp from winter camping trips in the mountains to car camping. It is so much more convenient not having to have a headlamp on at all times. I charge up the batteries before a trip and the lantern will easily last 3 or 4 days in the field. It also packs up pretty small.

The set of LEDs to tell you battery life is also handy, it just took me a bit to find it at first. Extend the lantern so just enough so that you can press the power button. The red, yellow, and green LEDs are near the top on the inside cylinder. It would be nice to be able to view the LEDs with the lantern fully extended, but this isn't enough to drop it from 5 stars.

4 5


Bright enough! Really small, fits in pack nicely. Sweet dimmer button. Wish it had a hook AND a loop. (has a loop) Have to hang it pretty high up to cover a lot of space. I want to try the titan out.

4 5

go light or stay at home

I've had this lantern for two years-purchased in 2080-and has served me well. Just recently stopped opperating after many car and hike-in trips.
Durability not an issue as the Apollo survived dishwater and being knocked around the picnic table. I do suspect the electrical contacts within the removable battery compartment not to be functioning. Light dispersal was good and battery life average-needed replacement batteries after 3 nights. An above average small lantern.

5 5

Good Little Lantern

At first I was a little disappointed with the output of this little guy when I got it, put the batteries in and flipped it on in the house... but I had to give it a chance in the field. After multiple uses now, I love it!

I am surprised at the long battery life. The output of the unit (though disappointing at first) has been sufficient in our tent, cooking at night, and everything else.

Does it replace a fullsize coleman lantern? No way! But it is small and light enough that you can have a capable lantern on any backpacking trip.

Awesome! Recommended!

5 5

Let there be light

Small and bright, what more could you want? I upgraded from the Orbit lantern and have been very pleased. Perfect amount of light for inside the tent. Ample light for cooking, hanging out, playing cards, etc. Good battery life, the legs keep it steady, and it can be hung from the hook at the top.

2 5

Am I the only one getting horrible battery life?

Put in 4 new AA alkaline batteries, and swiched it
on max (the default when you turn it on). I got
approximately 6 hours of life, then the batteries were dead.
I never would have bought it if I knew the life was so short.
The reviews here and elsewhere indicated 12-15 hours
of life at max setting.

However, I did the math and my number actually
makes sense. Google indicates an alkaline AA
battery has a max capacity of 3Ah. The light is
advertised as a 3 Watt LED. 4 cells = 6 volts.

Thus 3 watts / 6 volts = 0.5 amps.
3Ah / 0.5 amp = 6 hours.

How can you people POSSIBLY be getting those huge
hours out of the lantern at MAX. I understand at lower
settings, but you people were saying you got 15 hours
at max setting.

Responded on

White LEDs typically run at 3V (not 6V as you assumed) with an output of ~90 Lumens/Watt. BD specified the output of the Apollo at 56 Lumens.

Alkaline AA batteries are more like 1.5Ah. 4x gives a total power output of 9W.

90 Lumens/Watt hr * 9 Watts / 56 Lumens = 14.46 hrs.

BD rates the output from 12-15 hrs using Alkaline batteries. Obviously cheaper batteries with lower capacity won't last as long.

Responded on

This is a response to the commentor on my review.

First of all, experimental results trumps theory in every case. That's
why Newtonian mechanics was revised with relativity in the early 1900s.

I was using high quality alkalines from radio shack, and got 6 hours.
That's a fact, and I doubt any other similar alkaline would've lasted

Looking at your analysis, I have to say it doesn't matter what voltage
the LED operates at. I used 6v because energy is conserved by
the LED driver circuitry (actually some is lost in heat), which DOES
operate at 6v because thats 4 alkaline 1.5v batteries. I.e., if the
LED is burning 3 watts, let's say, then 3 watts have to be going into
the driver circuitry (from the battery) to make it work, regardless of
the voltage at the LED itself.

Black Diamond advertises the lantern as having a 3 watt LED, so
it must use 3 watts at the highest setting, no? That would make
it 3 watts per 56 lumens according to black diamonds own specs.

To top things off, I actually measured the current with a multimeter
flowing into the lamp from the battery pack, and it was near the
value in my original comments.

I can only assume those with longer run times were running at a dimmer
setting, or the lantern design has been recently changed.

5 5

Great choice...

I had done plenty of searching and info. gathering on the LED lanterns before making my decision to go with the BD Apollo which made me more anxious for it to arrive after I ordered it... and wow, hands down this little lantern packs a lot of light for the buck. Everything about is cool and makes sense. Not only are the design aspects of it good, but it is durable as well.
I never would have thought that I'd spend this amount a portable LED lantern, but after receiving it I'm glad I went with this one, it is worth every cent.

5 5

One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind

Black Diamond does it again! The Apollo lantern is a must have for any camping trip! For those of us that dont want to pack our bulky Colemans and its fuel we have the Apollo! The compact design is great, and battery life is long. I would recommend this product to any outdoor enthusiast concerned about weight and size.

5 5

Great Lantern

This Lantern gives off a lot of light for how small it is. It compresses down and the legs fold up so that it is a little bigger than a salt shaker so it takes up next to no room in your pack.

Lantern Technology: Features of the Black Diamond Orbit, Apollo and Titan lanterns.

Posted on

Black Diamond's lantern design team speaks about the technology behind the current award winning Orbit and Apollo lanterns and the Titan basecamp lantern.

5 5


The amount of light the Apollo gives off for its size is surprising. It doesn't way nearly as much as I would expect either plus battery life is great. It works quite well for playing games or eating after a long day of climbing. Plus my personal favorite, it works great hanging it in the tent as a backcountry chandelier.

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