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Burton Fall Collection

X-Fire Disc - 2015

Ridley X-Fire Disc - 2015


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Earn $150 in credits

X-Ride Disc - 2015

Ridley X-Ride Disc - 2015



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Helium Road Bike Frame - 2014

Ridley Helium Road Bike Frame - 2014

$1,946.00 $2,595.00 25% Off

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Helium SL - 2014

Ridley Helium SL - 2014

$2,771.00 $3,695.00 25% Off

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Fenix Road Bike Frame - 2014

Ridley Fenix Road Bike Frame - 2014

$1,346.00 $1,795.00 25% Off

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  • gray
  • white

Fenix Road Bike Frame

Ridley Fenix Road Bike Frame

$1,346.00 $1,794.95 25% Off



Noah RS

Ridley Noah RS

$1,435.00 $2,394.95 40% Off

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Noah Road Bike Frame

Ridley Noah Road Bike Frame

$1,850.00 $3,700.00 50% Off

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How to Choose a Bike

Sold as a frame or a complete bike, a bicycle is much more than a tool to get you from A to B. It’s an investment in your good health. It’s a means of exploration and an instrument of freedom. A custom bicycle can even be an expression of who you are. How you use your bicycle is entirely up to you. The real magic of a bicycle, however, is that it makes the destination less important than the journey itself.

Mountain Bikes
Mountain bikes are a heavier and designed to tackle more rugged terrain. The first mountain bikes were just repurposed cruiser bikes, but these days, mountain bikes are designed for very specific purposes. Divided into XC, downhill, freeride, and all-mountain, there’s a bike for every type of dirt worshipper. Shop Mountain Bikes
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Road Bikes
From race-day rockets to commuters with fenders and lights, road bikes are designed for use on the road. A steel townie or a touring bike isn’t going to win any races, but a high-tech carbon fiber or titanium race bike may be overkill for the casual commuter. Skinny wheels and tires make these bikes faster and more aerodynamic than mountain bikes. Shop Road Bikes
Cyclocross bikes are designed to provide maximum pedaling efficiency when the terrain varies between light singletrack, doubletrack fire roads, and pavement. Aside from the obvious differences in tires and brakes, cyclocross bikes use a less aggressive geometry than their road cousins for greater stability off road. Cyclecross Bikes
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