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How to Choose Big Mountain Freeride Skis

Big mountain lines need serious skis

A true big-mountain freeride ski combines the most aggressive features of powder skis and race skis. This ski has to be able to put in a three-turn line down a 2000-foot face while maintaining plenty of flotation in powder and enough versatility to handle a wide range of conditions, because things aren’t always light and fluffy when you want them to be. In short, this ski must be able to handle extremely high speeds in any snow conditions without even a hint of complaint.


Ideally, this ski will be used after a three-foot dump, but in reality you should be able to ski anything the mountain throws your way.


This ski will fall somewhere between the traditional camber of an all-mountain ski and the full rocker of a powder ski.

Turn Type:

Think long and straight. You want to be able to really open it up without this ski getting all squirrely on you.