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The Lonely Albino

    What a cool tent! The entire thing (although discontinued) was completely recycled! The lack of pigment is a neat thing, and very inviting to wake up to while outside, because:
    1. It's a light color, and although a sterile and unnatural color it diffuses light well.
    2. Because white doesn't really absorb heat, it's a bit cooler than most comparable geodesics.

    The tent has decent ventilation with the fly on, experiencing little to no condensation on the inside on the most humid of nights. The mesh is 3/4 of the body, so if skies are clear this tent is great to sleep sans-fly. The interior is roomy, even for 2 under 6'.

    Two major drawbacks that kept this tent from being a flawless 5-star:
    1. The weight. At over 6.5 pounds with the footprint, body and fly, it's not as competitive as some other makers or even updated versions of the style by Big Agnes.
    2. The entry. This tent is a single vestibule side-loader, so crawling over your partner is no fun. The door itself is also a problem, seeing that it is a D-style door that opens to the bottom, so you have the choice of crawling over the mesh inside the tent, or use it as a welcome mat. I'm not a fan of soggy doors, so that was a big buzzkill for me.

    All the gripes I have about the Salt Creek seem to be resolved in the Lynx's Pass by Big Agnes, which use a more efficient entry system and weighing in at almost a pound lighter and $100 less of msrp, it's definitely the better option, unless you're looking for that super-green tent, then it's untouchable.

    Snow camping with the Salt Creek

    Here is a pic from a backcountry ski trip in Colorado. Salt Creek is an awesome tent and looks super cool in the snow.

    Snow camping with the Salt Creek

    freaken awsome

      i just got this tent, and it is a tree huggersdream!! it is made of complety recycled materials, and just with the great quality of other big agnes tents! ( by the way, the white is made up of toxic decomposig carbon!!!!)

      how long will this tent last if it is made...

      how long will this tent last if it is made of decomposing carbon?

      If properly cared for, this tent will last as long or longer than any other tent made from non-recycled materials. It too is subject to mold & UV damage like all other tents. The floor & fly are both silicone treated with a polyurethane coating making it very waterproof & the body is recycled mesh making it very breathable. I don't see much difference between this tent & one made from new materials other than the green factor.