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Rest easy on your Big Agnes Dual Core Rectangular Sleeping Pad. This inflatable sleeping pad offers insulation from the cold ground, yet it's lightweight enough to carry backpacking. Big Agnes stuffed the Dual Core with PrimaLoft eco synthetic insulation and high-density foam to help keep you warm, even when you camp in winter. At 2.5 inches thick, this pad is luxurious to lie on, yet it compresses nicely for easy carrying in your backpack. Use the Dual Core with your Big Agnes sleeping bag for a cozy backcountry bed.

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Large packed size

  • Familiarity:I returned this product before using it

I can only talk about the overall packed size of this product, as I never actually used it. I ordered this along with the Big Agnes Q-Core (large) and the Downmat UL 7. Upon arrival, I disqualified this mat due to it's packed size, which was substantially larger than both of the others. If packed size and weight are not an issue for you, my review won't help you much. If you will use this mat for backpacking, or light/ultralite camping, I can tell you this mat is at least 20% bulkier than the Downmat UL 7, which I eventually went with after testing it and the Q-Core in-home.

Weekend campers dream

  • Familiarity:I've used it several times

I took 2 of these on a 3 night trip to Yellowstone at 2 different campsites. All I have to say is you better hope to have a pump to inflate the thing with you, or that you're not camping above 10,000 feet your your'll suck up all the oxogen before it's fully inflated. The night temps were around 34F. I staid nice and warm all night long and the pad remained tight every night.

I will note that I had an issue with one of the valves where part of it came off. Once I got it on again and tight, I didn't have any problem.

If the valve problem prissiest I'll return the pad but just to get another.

Sleep glorious sleep

    I've used this pad a dozen times, and every time I can actually fall asleep, unlike pretty much every other pad I've owned. That means more energy for the day. It's super light, easy to pack away and set up. I have not used this pad in cold weather yet, but can't wait. Everyone I have let sample the ultra-cush of this pad is jealous, and that's as it should be.


      This pad is absolutely amazing! So comfortable and warm. I took it to southern Utah last week and it was below freezing at night and this pad had no problem keeping me up off the ground and warm. Super comfortable, and due to its construction it seemed pretty hard to slip off of it like some pads tend to do. Would recommend this pad to anyone!

      The one I've been looking for

        I've been looking for a do anything sleeping pad and this seems to be it. It's not as small and lightweight as the ultra light pads, but I can't sleep on those anyway. I went with the dual core to get the extra R value for cold weather camping and this delivered. I did an early October backpack through the White Mountains on the AT and found this pad to be a lifesaver on a cold-cold night in Imp Shelter. The low was below freezing (I'm guessing high 20's). Sleeping on the dual core, I barely noticed the cold, but when my knees and elbows ventured off the pad, I could really feel the change. The insulating value of this pad is remarkable. Pair it with a good sleeping bag and you're all set. It packs small (not nalgene small, but close) and 2-2.5lbs it's worth it's weight.
        My only complaint - it does suck to blow it up, especially when you're cold and tired.

        Big Agnes Dual Core Pad

          Had another pad before, this one is a lot warmer, good buy

          Big Agnes Dual Core Pad

          Not so impressed

            I bought this pad hoping for good things. It's a tad heavy, but at the time I was backpacking during the winter and wanted some insulation. I have used this pad on 2 different trips, one a 4 day outing and one a 3 day. I have never had a night with it that I didn't have to wake up in the middle of the night to re-inflate the thing a couple times. I am not sure if it is because of the air condensing after cooling down, or if it leaks, but I always end up on the ground in this thing. It doesn't make for a restful night. I am 6'2", about 210 lbs. I bought the wide/long. I haven't checked it for a leak yet with some soapy water, but I will. I finally ended up getting a therm-a-rest trail lite. It stays tight as a drum all night.

            Comfy Cushie

              Great for side sleeping. Bulky and heavy but well worth a good nights sleep. Takes quite a while to inflate. Almost passed out at altitude trying to get this thing blown up. A perfect match for my oversized Whiskey Park bag. Good night! ZZZZZZ...

              I just spent three more nights on this pad. I inflated it the night we got there and it stayed inflated all three nights without having to add any air. Again, inflating takes quite a few breaths but once you get it filled up you will be sleeping cozy. I have never had a better sleeping pad.

              Big Agnes Dual Core Sleeping Pad

                I just used this for the first time in my new tent & sleeping bag in my backyard. I'm amazed at the comfort & warmth of this pad. The only issue I had was when on my back with my arms to the sides, then I could feel the cold on them. If I folded my arms across my stomach, not a problem. It might be the fact that the down in my bag is thinner at that point, too. Regardless, very comfortable & warm otherwise.

                Best yet

                  One of the best nights of sleep I've had in a while. I usually rotate a lot while I sleep so either my hip or shoulder or both bottom out pads. No such problem with this pad which at 2.5" is very thick and light and kept me very warm. Quickly inflatable as well

                  Best yet


                    This is one of the warmest pads you will find with a R value of 5. It inflates to 2.5" to get you off the cold ground and keep you warm. It is a little heavier at almost 2 1/2 pounds but a good warm sleep is worth it. This is especially true with Big Agnes bags that do not have insulation in the bottom. I leave this pad in my Lost Ranger bag and roll them up together. The only downside is it takes about 5 minutes to inflate this portable bed.

                    Great PAD!

                      Awesome. This Pad is absolutely Awesome. After using the Thermarest stuff for as long as i could remember, I desided to switch it up this year, when i needed to replace my pad. I Stumbled across this pad at the Big Agnes Store here in town. I couldnt pass it up, and have Love it since. Its nearly TWICE as thick as the Thickest Thermarest pad! and WAY WARMER! I cant say enough good Things about the Big Agnes Products. I have slowly been replacing camping and backpacking stuff over the years with Big Agnes stuff, and have yet to be disappointed. Every Item Has been great, and very Durable, The pad included. I will never go back to a Thermarest!


                        I bought this after spending a cold night on the standard insulated pad. While larger and heavier, it was still better than the other option of carrying a closed cell foam pad to supplement. I bungee'd it down on top of a front bike pannier and it travelled fine.

                        My cheeks are still sore!! But...

                          What an absolutely warm pad that packs away just beautifully within the sleeping bag stuff sack along with the bag. I sometimes wish you did not have the blow the thing up a little, but it is little effort for such a warm pad. Just got it & tested it out in 15 degree weather - beautiful!! I have a Big Ag Lost Ranger bag that I tried the insulated BA air core pad with - it is not in the same class as the dual core. Spend the extra few bucks if you plan to do cold weather camping - if you don't, the insulated air core works just fine for most everything else and is an extremely comfortable pad.

                          Bottom line - a great pad with a repair kit, light weight, great comfort and warmth - this piece of gear is gold standard!!

                          Warm Night

                            Pad - big and a warm night - rate the pad 5 stars - Light - easy to set up and hard to put up - only problem is getting it back into it's carry bag - carry bag has been the hardest I've ever used - ( I'm 63 ) just needs 2 more inches in the diameter of the bag - not well thought out in this area - please use this at home first - you'll see what I'm talking about when you try to put it back into the bag - With that said I'll buy this product again and rate it 5 stars - just get a larger bag carrier

                            For some reason it's important to have a...

                            For some reason it's important to have a sleeping pad that I can use as a floaty in a river or a lake. My friend told me I have to go with a straight air-core sleeping pad for that, but I was wondering if this would work as well because I don't want to have to buy separate summer+winter pads.

                            does this pad come with its own bag?

                            does this pad come with its own bag?

                            I weigh in at about 240. Sleeping on my...

                            I weigh in at about 240. Sleeping on my side I have a real problem with my hip joints killing me. Can this mattress eliminate this problem,,,if not could you recommend another air mattress? Thank you.