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Three-season camping comfort.

Spring, fall, and mild winter camping can reward you with colorful vistas that you didn't know existed, but without the Big Agnes Encampment 15-Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag to keep you warm at night, you might be too busy shivering and cursing the cold to pay them any attention. Luckily, the Encampment is packed full of 97% recycled Integrity synthetic insulation to keep you warm, and has an integrated pad sleeve and insulating wedge so the cold from the ground doesn't seep into your bag and turn you into a snoozy popsicle. To reduce the size and weight of the bag, Big Agnes eliminated insulation on the bottom (it only packs down under your weight anyway), instead requiring a compatible sleeping pad to insulate you from the ground. Bonus: you won't roll off onto the ground anymore.

The Encampment is designed with Insotect Tubic baffle construction, which is a tongue-tying way of saying that the high-loft baffles run vertically, conforming to your body for maximum heat retention and comfort, while keeping the insulation where it belongs. You don't have to worry about your pillow running away at night, as Big Agnes gave this bag a built-in pillow pocket, nor do you have to stress drafts, since there is a no-draft collar and zipper to keep sneaky cold air where it belongs. If you have two left-zip and right-zip Encampments, you can even mate them together to create a double-wide bag, so you don't have to be sad about sleeping alone.

  • Integrity synthetic insulation
  • Insotect Tubic vertical baffle construction
  • No ground insulation; 20" pad required
  • Integrated sleeping pad sleeve
  • Roomy rectangular shape
  • No-draft collar and zipper
  • Pillow pocket
  • Left- and right-zip bags mate together