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Get baked.

The Bern Baker is something of an icon in the ski and snowboard industry. it was one of the first helmets to use classic skateboard style, and has survived a laundry list of imitators. This is the one that Seth Wescott was wearing when he won not one, but two gold medals. As far as qualifications go, we'd say that's a pretty convincing one.

The Baker starts with Bern's Hard Hat ABS hard shell to make the Baker a true multi-impact helmet. Bern then adds a Brock foam liner, which allows the Baker to be up to 35% lower profile than standard ski helmets. You won't ever be mistaken for an old-timey deep sea diver in the Baker. 

The Baker isn't just about style, though. All told, the Baker weighs just 17.9 ounces and fits like a glove, so you won't be thinking about your helmet while you shred. Except, of course, when an admiring rider tosses you a compliment. And, unlike other helmets, you can take the liner out when it warms up for spring-ski comfort.
  • Hard Hat construction
  • Brock Foam liner
  • Classic skate styling
  • Up to 35% thinner than traditional winter helmets
  • Up to 14% smaller front to back than traditional winter helmets