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How to Buy a Belay Device

A belay device can arrest the momentum of a falling climber by applying friction to a sliding rope. It's like a brake for your climbing rope. Tube-style belay devices like the Black Diamond ATC, and assisted braking devices like the Petzl Grigri are the two most common types. Belay devices must be used with a locking carabiner and require proper training and attentive use.

Belay Devices
The two most common types of belay devices are tube style and assisted braking. Tube style devices are simple to operate, compact, and can be used for every style of climbing as well as rappelling. Assisted braking devices use a camming mechanism to aid in stopping a climber's fall, and are most often used for sport climbing. Shop Belay Devices Shop Belay Packages
Belay Carabiners
All belay devices require a carabiner with a locking gate to securely attach the belay device to the harness of the belayer. Some belay carabiners include a mechanism to prevent cross loading. Shop Belay Carabiners
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