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Today's professional music engineers manipulate music on hundreds of levels to create the most dynamic sounds ever experienced by the human race. Beats by Dre designed the Studio High-Definition Headphones to bring you every nuanced note in brilliant clarity and with mind-blowing power.

  • Powered amplification takes whatever your media player has and then pumps it up with extra juice from two AAA batteries
  • Integrated mute button lets you power down without taking your phones off (just don't let anyone else touch it ... ever)
  • Internally powered noise cancellation is like being in your own private recording studio
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Looks like th product was used!

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Batteries did not work there was a white liquid , batteries residues, where batteries are placed! Over all the product works fine! I like it did not return it!


  • Familiarity: I gave it as a gift but have feedback to share

Very satisfied with my purchase of Beata by Dre Studio headphones. Clear, very good bass sound. Purchased for myself and as gifts. Everyone was happy with them being in their favorite color.

Love them

    Got a great deal on these and have not been disappointed. Great sound, great bass, and they pack down to a convenient size in the travel case. Only downside is changing the AAA batteries but great for plane rides and long road trips when you don't want to hear anything.

    Great Headphones

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    These are some of the better headphones I have owned.Having to change the batteries can be annoying, but other then that no complaints. The sound quality is amazing and the base is even better. Definitely a great headphone overall if you are willing to spend the money.

    Beats by Dre Studio high Definition headphones

      1. these headphones have a lot of moving pieces to them, I can easily see myself breaking them in a couple of months. It comes with a carrying case (good move) and an extra cord.

      2. They run on 2 triple AAA batteries. So If you don't like turning Off your headphones then these aren't for you. Honestly I'm plugged into a computer all day, so I can see myself tearing through batteries.

      3. The sound is crisp good highs and good lows. The base is a bit much for me, but I can't hear anyone around me at work so that is a plus.

      4. These are snug headphones, I can't wear them all day.

      Overall- I think these are solid headphones, but for the price I feel like they should come gold plated. I really enjoy my Skullcandy Aviators, they have better sound quality and I can wear them all day without my ears hurting.

      Mixing headphones

        Absolute crap for professional mixing...WAY too much boost in the low end...sounds like at least +6dB below 150Hz, and that's waaaaaay too much. Noise cancellation, so neither you nor your vocalist will accurately be able to hear what you are singing...too much of a boost in the high end as well, something like +4dB or more beyond 5KHz...if you want to listen to music, then that's just fine, 5/5. But if you actually want to professionally produce and mix a track and distribute it to your label owners without the embarrassment of not being able to properly mix a track, go somewhere else. Grado, Sennheiser, and Beyer-Dynamic have a LOT better in their higher end products, which are actual STUDIO headphones (for those unaware, these are professionally referred to as "Monitor Headphones", not "Studio headphones" - your first clue that the developer of Beats doesn't have a clue about true or professional audio production). To end my rant, it's a waste of money. If I wanted a pair of headphones that gave me more bass, i'd buy a $40 pair of Sony's, and I'd use the built-in EQ presets on my mp3 player.

        Decent headphones, but overpriced.

          Having used these before, I can honestly say that I was impressed with the sound quality. However, the price seems a bit outlandish to me. I own a pair of Aviator7 chopper headphones that were about $80 and the sound quality from those is just as good, if not better than the Beats. The build quality on the Beats is not too amazing either. The way I see it, these headphones are like Ferrari cars: you pay for the looks and the name, but you can find other brands that are less expensive that perform just as well. If you really want to spend this much on headphones, get a nice pair of Bose. But hey, they are an effective way to display your wealth.

          grossly overpriced for the quality

            I'm a sound engineer and have tried dozens and dozens of headphones. I'm always interesting in trying new gear to see if I can find anything to surplant my classic Sony Studio Pro MDR-V6, or Sennheisers or Audio Technica headphones.

            While these are nice sounding headphones, compared to other headphones in the same price range, made by truly reputable, long running headphone makers, these fall short sound quality-wise.

            On a scale of 1-10 these would rate about a 6.5 or 7. Most people are used to your run-of-the-mill department store headphones (skullcandy, sony, etc) and compared to those, these sound worlds better, however if you compared these to truly good headphones then you'd hear what you're missing. These have a good bass response but are lacking elsewhere. The bass is overwhelming and you miss a good part of the rest of the spectrum. (mids and highs) Apparently young listeners think a strong bass equates to great sound quality. They don't know what they are missing.

            If bass and style is all you care about, and over spending for headphones is your thing, then go ahead and get them. If you want the best sound for the price and don't care about what your peers think then you can get better and more natural sounding headphones for less, probably half as much.

            This is a good article that'll explain it more:

            Beats have a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz what the average human ear can handle. Beats are GARBAGE because for the same price you can get a better made and better sounding headphones with sounds you cant even pick up, and bigger speakers for that nicer bass sound, but also the smooth mid to high range melodies. The only reason anyone would drop this profane amount on this GARBAGE is because its a fashion statement, and theyve never heard what real sound quality is.

            great headphones!

              these headphones are perfect. there isn't one single thing wrong with them in my opinion, and the sound is phenomenal. as for the price and the value, yes you can get just as good of headphones for a lot cheaper, and yes these may be a bit over priced.

              as far as head phones go, these are the best.

              Great sound, Terrible quality

                I got these a few months ago and loved them. They had great highs, mids, and lows. After a month the speaker had this deep pulsing tone to it which rendered them unusable. Also I think they are made very cheap, they feel like $100 headphones not $300. The sound is great, they are not worth the price at all.

                Sounds decent for listening, but definitely not studio

                  They sound good out of the box and are a bit colored on the low frequencies. Reason I gave a 4 star rating is because i'm rating on how good this product is, not how good of a value is this headphone.

                  That being said, I'd pick Audio-technica ATH-M50 or Sennheiser HD25's over these any day of the week.

                  Pump Up the Jams

                    OK, so I probably wouldn't waste these headphones by pumping Technotronic through them, but I just got these today and so far so GREAT! They are absolutely amazing on the low end, and when I listen to more, how do I put it, "delicate" music, they do not disappoint. I'm not an audiophile by any means, but I can recognize when my headphones are really showing me the full depth of the music I'm listening to, and these do that and then some. As far as fit goes, I have a pretty big gourd and while these are snug, they are not uncomfortable by any means. I picked up the black ones, and they DO attract fingerprints; fortunately, they included a microfiber cloth just for that! Overall, I would say these are the best headphones I have ever owned.

                    Update: Don't forget to turn these off when you're done using them otherwise the batteries will die and render them useless.

                    Pump Up the Jams

                    Do these cancel noise?? How often do you...

                    Do these cancel noise?? How often do you have to get new batteries?

                    Is the studio that much different in...

                    Is the studio that much different in performance than the pro? I know that the studio is plastic versus aluminum & the pro has additional plush cushion but performance wise do they perform the same.

                    Actually yes, they are a good pair of head phones where as these are sub par. I can however say that your best bet is not with beats but rather the monster direct headphones or a brand like sennheiser that truly are sound engineers.

                    Are they cordless?

                    Are they cordless?