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Hello Alexander I am very interested in this pack and I have a female black lab who weighs about 75lbs. and she is 11 mos. old. I measured roughly 32 in. around her widest spot. Just wondering what size pack that was in the video and how big is Gordo.?? I am leaning towards the medium.

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You know, i have no idea of the actual size in the video, but it does appears to e the same size dog, as you described your own, roughly.

There is a size chart, next to the picture. its says a Medium, goes all the way to 34 inches, and thats what i would recommend. That way it gives your pup a little more room to grow, because she will.

Hopefully not to much for your wallets sake.

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Alexander, Do the bags "bounce" on the dog if he runs? Or do they get secured somehow?

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keep426840, they will only move around a little bit. Each bag as a small strap on the back side near the bottom center edge. These secure them quite nicely to the harness.