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airblaster freedom pullover jacket (not my video)

This one is just the best. When Nick Dirks took a spring trip to Russia, he brought one jacket with him: The Freedom Pullover. Why? Elbow Patches, duh. In case Nick were to fall over onto his elbow… he would want his elbow to be protected by an elbow patch. In fact, with the exception of the first sentence, this has been purely speculation. I really do not know why this is one of Nick’s favorite Airblaster jackets. He doesn’t seem to fall on his elbows very much. Maybe its just because the Pullover Jacket looks damn good. I mean, it fits right, and has a long slit on the side so it’s easy to take on and off. And then there’s the tasteful and refined color blocking, which is really quite dandy. Whatever the case, at least give your elbows what they really want: a little extra protection when you’re bashing around, having fun, slashing snow, and flying through the air… just for the halibut.