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AMK Marketing rep Katie Singleton takes you through the Natrapel 8-hour range of insect repellents. Natrapel 8-hour is a DEET-free formula that provides up to 8 hours of protection from bugs and is safe to use around outdoor and fishing gear.

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I normally just spray deet on my clothes not skin. I use skin so soft for the skin. I know it was originally a beauty product but it works better than deet in my opinion for flying insects, not sure about ticks though. I also use permethrin on clothes let it dry. When you are out, spray the deet on the clothes and skin so soft on the skin. This combination seems to work VERY well.

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Hi Sara, Great video! What level of odor does natrapel have? I hunt whitetail deer in Southern Louisiana and I am looking for a alternative to deet and thermacell.