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Marmot Video Review

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Curly's Clips - Marmot review of the pants.

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This video is meaningless. He doesn't demonstrate any features of the pants or exand on anything technical. He could be wearing jeans for all of the information he provides about the pants.

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In general I agree, it could be far more informative. Some people don't even know what softshell means though ... it's a general overview. Not perfect, but a step in the right direction at least, in my opinion. What exact information would you like to see that would have helped this video be helpful for you?

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Sorry, I should be more specific with my questions. I wanted to know if they are lined at all, or what the next-to-skin feeling would be for hot days when you're not wearing a base layer. And how breathable vs. water resistant they are. I'm looking at them for back country skiing or light ski mountaineering and wanted to gather more info. Finally, I really appreciate it when reviewers state their size so other people can get a better idea of how they fit. For example, I'm 5'9" and 200 lbs.

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I totally agree, all good points that would have improved the video.

I really think product video reviews are relatively young, they haven't been around for decades. A lot of companies are still figuring out how to do them well. Thanks for the feedback, all helpful and I'll keep in mind when planning future reviews for our brand.