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How-to-Install the Adapter

Here's a video on how to install the adapter to any 2006 or newer CX1 or CX2 stroller; complete with a list of the tools needed.

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This video has one major error: it suggested that you can use a 1/16" (?) or adjustable wrench in the listed comments. They may have meant a 1 & 1/16" wrench (a huge size), but certainly nothing as micro as a 1/16" wrench.

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This piece is a must-have for many ski-kit purchasers. From the videos I have sampled on youtube, at least half of the skiers are using CX models, meaning they are using this ski adapter. To install this kit you need either two large adjustable wrenches (better known as crescent wrenches) or one adjustable wrench and a 7/8" wrench. This may be an extra investment for many folks, as most socket sets only go up to 3/4". One is liable to spend another $25-$30 or so in wrenches (assuming they already have a 3/4" socket and 7/16" wrench) before these necessary adaptations are made. Following the adapter install, you'll be remiss to find you must then cannibalize the axles from your CX wheels to mount the skis to your chassis frame. In the end, it's a beautiful thing, but don't forget your axles before your next ski trip. Also, I hope you saved your plastic axle caps for the chariot as the company suggests, as they should be placed on the unit first. While I love it in the end, I sincerely wish they included an extra couple of CX axles with this kit, especially since their production facilities have now been moved to China and are now under the greater Thule corporate umbrella.