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Hoji and the Dynafit Radical

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Does anyone know what the difference between the Verticles and the Radicals is? Do the new Radical have a "3 position step" that is the same as the Verticle?

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The Radicals have a number of new features.
-Beefier toe materials
-Wider under toe plate
-"Towers" in front of toe for easier entry and more power
-Easier to use elevators ("3 position step"). Just a pole flick adjusts the height.

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The Verticals have the older 'Volcano' heelpiece that has the risers built in. To use them one simply rotates the piece with their pole. The toepiece is also slightly less beefy.
The Radical has the risers that are flipped under the boot heel in a manner more similar to traditional frame AT bindings. Thus the heelpiece only rotates counterclockwise (unlike the Verticals' one).
I have heard from longtime Dynafit users that they, by and large, prefer the volcano heelpiece more than the new flip-style one. As a new Dynafit user this year, I have never experienced the Verticals so I can't compare them to my Radicals, but I do not have any complaints about their mechanism of action.