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Hoji and the Dynafit Radical Binding

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I am looking at the Radical ST and Speed Radical - 5', 105 lbs, advanced intermediate alpine skier looking to leave my skinnier BC skis at home and try some of the steeper stuff on BD Syncras. The weight of the Speed Radicals is attractive. While some girls count calories, I count grams! Any advice on one over the other, or something completely different, especially considering I'm not an expert skier? Thanks! Oh, PS - long approaches!

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Hi Marp,
The primary difference between the Speed and the ST is ski brakes. Personally, I opted for the Speed because Dynafits are notorious for having an aggressive ramp angle -- the height of the heel vs. the toe. If you go with the Speeds, you can optionally order an ST toe baseplate through Salewa to flatten out the crazy forward lean common to most of their bindings. If you're riding mostly backcountry with them, leashes are just fine.

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I think you are fine with either, I have leashes on these and they work great. I don't usually lock the toe unless I'm in something super steep, and I've only had them release once or twice and I'm an aggressive 215 pounds.