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GEAR REVIEW: Lowa Renegade GTX Boot

You absolutely should not skimp when it comes to boots for hiking and backpacking. A good, well-made pair of boots is going to cost a little more than bargain priced boots, but it's an investment that is well worth it. In this video gear review, we take a look at Lowa's #1 selling hiking boot, the Renegade GTX. This is a great boot for hiking and lighter backpacking and is a good choice if it's your first "real" hiking boot. This boot is made for comfort and flexibility, but still has many high-end features. It's also one of Lowa's least expensive boots. For more details on the Renegade GTX from Lowa Boots, watch our brief video gear review above. Your feet will thank you.

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Great review. I love these boots. I'd like to add that if you're in a pinch and you tie them in a particular way you can add some more ankle support for heavier loads. I had to do this when I was backpacking in the Grand Canyon and a freak snow storm forced me to really ratchet them down with a around 25lb pack. Here's a link that helped me a lot.