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Freeskiing World Tour Edit

Video compilation from 2011 FWT season on the Moment Bibby Pro 190

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I am going into my 3rd season of skiing the 190 Moment Bibby Pro. I bought the ski to mount with Dukes and use primarily in the backcountry to complement a pair of 192 Moment Garbones (105mm version). After a few months of switching back and forth, I realized that the Bibby is capable of everything the Garbones can do. It has no speed limit. I've been maching through cut-up, bumpy garbage time and time again, and never have I reached a point where the skis felt too floppy or unstable. No matter the speed or conditions, if you have the power in your legs to make a turn, the Bibbys can handle it.

What is really amazing about these skis, as there are many skis that can handle speed, is that they are at the same time immensely playful. Just as they are comfortable going 50mph in day-old crud after landing a big cliff, it doesn't require any significant thought or effort to make short radius carves or smear turns, load up the tails and pop off a bump or lip, land or ride swich, or throw up a wave of snow for the camera.

I rode the Bibbys all season on the Freeskiing World Tour, and they never disappointed me. What surprised me was that I wanted to ride them no matter the conditions or terrain I was going to be skiing. I truly believe that they are the most capable, fun ski available, and should be at the top of anyone's list for a do-it-all ski.