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ExPed DownMat Review. Sweet Dreams

Until you have slept on one of these things, it is hard to describe how comfy they are. I'd put them right up there with my bed at home, minus the wife and two pillows (sold seperately).

These really excel for camping directly on snow as they are filled with down feathers. The down side of this (hahaha - pun) is that you have to inflate them with a built in pump so the feathers don't get all condensed from your breath and freeze. This takes a while, like five or more minutes, which means it is not an idea mat to fast set-up camping. But, if you are staying in one place for a few days, ahhhhh, sleep tight.

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if you set up your tent and throw it in there open with plugs open for five minutes its lofts up much like a self inflater. i throw mine in and put the fly on then it takes me maybe 60 seconds to get it rock hard with the integrated pump. even without waiting i bet it only takes 2 minutes