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DryQ Elite?

Watch this video to find out about the most technical and best performing waterproof/breathable and air permeable fabric on the market today!

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Jon, how is DryQ the most technical waterproof/breathable fabric on the market today? Mountain Hardwear simply contracted with GE to rebrand eVent under a proprietary name. It's not really a market secret... I would love to hear how eVent are DryQ are functionally different. You seem to really know your stuff, help me out?

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James. Mountain Hardwear used the same laminate that is used in eVent Fabrics then worked with textile manufacturers and fabric mills in Japan and other places to develop our own woven face fabrics and woven backers. We did all of this extra innovative work with the shells and the backer fabrics to access a higher level of performance (waterproof-ness, breathability, and air permeability) from our DryQ Elite fabrics than what is available on the market today. By creating our own woven backers and face fabrics and by using what we consider to be the best performing E-PTFE on the market we were able to maintain air permeability, extreme waterproof-ness, and instant breathability as well as industry leading durability throughout the ENTIRE three layer fabric. Remember there is more to waterproof/breathable fabrics than just the laminate!

If we just "re-branded" eVent we would have bought the face fabric, laminate, and backer fabric (3-layer fabric) from GE and not bothered with developing our own face fabrics and backer fabrics on our own. It would have been a lot easier actually! I hope this answers your question. Please let me know if you have any more questions. If I don't know the answer... I can get it. Furthermore, don't listen to me... get a DryQ Elite jacket and see for yourself! The proof is in the performance! Enjoy!

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This was really helpful, thanks man. I'm considering Westcomb's Switch Hoody with Neoshell right now, but I might add Your Drystein jacket to the list now. Definitely something to consider. I'd love to compare it to my eVent stash from Stoic.

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I own the switch lt hoody, and although it is very waterproof/breathable, I have had a couple problems with the design. The elastic bands that help to keep snow out don't really work that well. The one around the waist works for about 60 seconds, until the jacket rides up because I lift my arms or what not. Then, bottom elastic bands moves up to above my waist, and when I put my arms back at my waist the elastic bands stay at my waist. I have gotten snow in my bibs at times because the jacket rides up so high. Recently, I have just been leaving it untightened, which has worked better than with it tightened, but without a good closure system, snow will find its way up there. The other elastic band is located too high above your waist to keep snow out. It is even above my bibs, so I can't imagine it would do much good. Also, there is no ripstop material or anything for the main zipper, but apparently just a continuation of the neoshell material. While this would contribute to how light the jacket is (Under 1 pound, according to Westcomb Specs), I find I constantly snag the zipper, and it can be quite annoying. However, the material in that area shows no sign of wear, so that could attribute to the durability of the material.

I have and Arc'teryx Theta AR as well, which is Gore Tex Pro Shell, and I must say it is not at all very breathable. However, simply feeling the fabrics one can tell that it is a lot more burly than the neoshell. The neoshell seems very light and thin, but I have had no durability issues with it so far.

I do like the pockets, as they are easily accessible with a backpack on. I normally sweat a lot, but I was able to do about 30 minutes of hiking uphill, in about 20F without becoming overheated or sweaty. When I got to the top and realized I hadn't even opened the pit zips, I became a believer in neoshell.

However, with all the flaws of the Switch LT, I will be sending it back and waiting on a neoshell jacket that is perfect for me. For now, my Theta AR will do.