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Crash Course in Making Lights

PTEC designs, engineers, manufactures and assembles our own products at our facilities in the great state of New Jersey, USA. The technology and products have evolved since we started in 1975. This is what the process looks like today.
After we made this video, it became that much more apparent that it takes a ton of energy, knowledge and skill to do what we do. What we do requires a fast pace and rapid mind. Hold on tight while this video takes you inside the brain of PTEC HQ.

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hello Sara! I wonder if you can answer a question for me. I ordered two of these headlamps two separate times. Both times i had to return teh headlamp because of a defect of some sort that made both lamps suddenly and randomly turn off. Other than this really inconvenient glitch I LOVED these headlamps and would like nothing more than to re-order one. But I don't understnad why both kept randomly turning off. They weren't hot, sometimes right after aI turned it off it would shut off. If I played with the cord a bit where the two cords come together- twisting the connection, the light would come back on, sometimes stay on but ssoemtimes turn right off again. Not sure why I had this problem twice and very disappointed because other than that the Apex was teh BEST headlamp by far that i tried on so many levels. CAn you help me? I want a headlamp i can rely on for obvious reasons! Don't need to be stranded in the dark!! Thank you, i eagerly await your reply.

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Hi Jeniffer, it sounds like you got ahold of some bad connectors. After our first small production run we improved our connection design and have had no issues since. If you still have a faulty one you can send me your address we would be happy to replace your lights with brand new ones with the latest connector. Also, all orders placed now will ship with the new improved connector. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

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Thank you for your reply! I am very happy to hear this problem has been fixed! I returned both faulty lamps to backcountry for full refund and will be ordering another one as soon as this model comes back into stock. Can't wait. I WILL update this post to let you all know how it goes. Haven't found a lamp for this price that compares in brightness and battery burn time yet so excited to give it another chance! Thanks