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Corona Arch Swing - Moab, UT 2-24-2012

This is a great rope and it has treated me well for climbing. I have used it for Top Roping, and lead climbing both sport and trad. I've never had any hard falls on it but have had lots of soft falls. All in all I have loved this rope and would buy it again! I recently put it to use in another sport... Swinging!

Here is my disclaimer: I know I'm going to get some guff about this video from other climbers because the just don't understand the precausions and experience that I and the others who helped set it up have and haven't been apart of the setup so they didn't see what went into setting up the swing. I've been climbing for 6+ years and canyoneering for 4+ years and I know my knots. It took us 3 hours to set up and we even did some testing to make sure it was safe. This setup we did for the swing is safe and I'd do it again in a heartbeat! We used multiple anchor points and redundancies and lots of webbing, all screwlock carabiners, clean/pretty knots, 2 dynamic ropes (1 was brand new), and had a 25ft garden hose on both ropes to protect the ropes from rubbing on the rock. They way it is set up there is a nice swing with no hard fall factors so it is easy on the ropes. Nobody got hurt and everyone had a great time, and I'm sure if you were there you would have given the green light too. We had 5 experienced climbers and 3 experienced canyoneers help set it up and I'm sure it was safer than lead sport climbing. Enjoy the video! ;)