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Black Diamond Couloir Harness

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Kickass video from Drew Tabke of the raddest lightweight harness out there.

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yes! I'd like to get into this sport

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In this video the presenter mentions cutting off the Belay loop to make the harness lighter. Cutting the Belay loop off of this harness makes it nearly identical to the BD Alpine Bod. At this point (BD Couloir Harness w/o belay loop) the main difference is price, the Alpine Bod being the cheaper of the 2. Unless your just interested in the BD Couloir b/c of the new color.

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The Alpine Bod is heavier duty but not as comfortable under may packs

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I would think twice before using a locker like that instead of the belay loop. Assuming you're attaching else to it (alpine butterfly for glacier travel, rappel setup, etc.), then you're triaxially loading the biner, which is a no-no. Furthermore, the setup makes it very likely that the biner would get loaded along the wrong axis (i.e. against the gate) in a real fall. Keep the belay loop. It weighs less than the locker that you're going to use in its place.

The exception would be in you're always going to tie in to an end and thus have the tie-in loop as a belay loop. That's pretty restricting, though. For example, it would preclude attaching to the middle of the rope via an alpine butterfly for glacier travel.