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Black Diamond Boot testing and Quality Assurance

Go behind-the-scenes with Black Diamond's R&D crew and see how we ensure that our ski boots live up to your highest expectations—and our highest standards. Whether we're testing boot shell impact resistance, lateral and medial flex or our newly redesigned ski/walk mode mechanism, every aspect of every boot is subjected to extremes far beyond real-world use.

Despite our best efforts, the ski/walk mechanisms on our freeride boots during the past two years have not been as durable as the boots themselves. For 2010 we have a completely re-engineered ski/walk mode mechanism that will stand up when it counts. ut this video. It shows the testing for hte

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I wouldn't trust the 2010 re-engineered ski/walk mode mechanism. I managed to break my boot on my 10th run. I was carving on a groomed trail to get back to the chair and I popped the mechanism and ended a beautiful powder day. Not good for boots that cost $750!