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'11-12 CAPiTA UltraFear FK


Behold, the ULTRAFEAR FK. Depicting dismembered pieces of every graphic throughout the CAPiTA board line, this cosmic collage features an easy to ride Freestyle FK reverse camber shape with an upgraded construction for diverse riding styles. Easy to ride in the park, with pre-pressed positioning for jibbing and a rockered nose for floating in the powder, the ULTRAFEAR FK will scare your friends whenever you're ready to step up your game. Call your local shop now, as these bad boys are only prodcued in VERY limited quantities.

- DS Select RFC Sustainable Core
- Die Cut Sidewalls with 1.5mm Dampening System
- Custom Weave -- E Class Fiberglass Configuration
- Wax Infused Rotation Sintered Speed Base
- Silkscreen Base Graphics
- 360 Degree Steel Edges
- 4 x 2 Inserts
- Aluminum Logo Base Inlay

Music provided by
Into song : "O Lay" by "TEENS" licensed by David Wood For The Snowboard Realms

Clinic section : "True School" by "Marlin" licensed by Marlin Hansen For The Snowboard Realms

CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome Teaser : "Wires" by "Red Fang" for CAPITA Snowboarding

Editing : T.J. Schneider / The Snowboard Realms

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I'm about 125 and 5'10, should I go with the 147 or 151? I don't think I'm really done growing yet so I may be like 6' in the next year or so. And is there a HUGE difference between 4cm (or 2 inches)? I'm looking to mainly ride park so that's why I'm leaning towards the 147, but then again, I want to keep the board for a while. Thanks for the help!