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zolo 2 leaks

Very nice overall layout, with one very big design flaw. After buying this tent new, I took it out to the sierras for a 8 day trip through the Ansel Adams Wilderness. We had heavy thunderstorms for several hours 1 night and this tent leaked in 2 spots. The rainfly on this tent is different as it does not lead straight away from the tent. It goes along the top of the tent to the corner. There is a flap that covers the zipper, and it's stitching seam to the zipper is not taped. Rain leaks through this seam splashes onto the tent netting, and falls into your tent,ON BOTH SIDES!!!!!! Very poor design and manufacturing, be aware of this before you buy, and seamseal the area before you head out. Other than that the tent is fine. I dislike hubs though