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Gear Review

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you'll want more...

Don't buy these pants.... You're sure to want more.
These khakis are WAY out of my price range. I won my pair in a rock climbing comp, otherwise i'd never have been spoiled by this luxury.

durability- Only had them for a day now, so can't speak much for durability, but... i'm optimistic. these things feel bulletproof.

style- Sort of a "rich guy that wants to play outside" look. Classy, outdoorsy, i'm gonna wear them to church then go for a day hike (or more).

Fit- a little tight in the waist and a little long in the inseam. Or maybe i'm just fatter and shorter than i believe myself to be.

Price- ridiculous

comfort- ridiculous (in a good way)

note- the yellowstone color, or whatever it's called, is a LITTLE lighter than what i see on my computer screen. Maybe i should play with my resolution? maybe backcountry has a bad picture? dunno. My opinion, look around at different pictures on the web, they vary quite a bit.

Final note- if you have too much money to be bothered with normal people clothes, buy these pants, it's a darn fine product. I feel important when i wear them.