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Gear Review

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works well, but bulky

My previous thermarest got a leak in it, and since I was heading back out on the trail in a day, I didn't have time to get it repaired and had to buy a new one. The first thing I'll say about this is that it's big. You don't realize quite how big until you roll it out next to someone else's bedroll and realize that yours is about half again as wide. This thing is super comfortable, and I don't ever roll off it in the night like I did with other sleep pads. It's always a great night's sleep. The trade off is that this pad is SUPER bulky. I always end up wondering how I could have packed so much when I compare my pack to other people's, until I realize that the extra bulk is all coming from my thermarest. There is really no way to roll this thing up small. I have a 90 liter pack, so this isn't a major issue, but it definitely would be with a slightly smaller pack. With a thermarest, there's always the danger that it could pop while bush whacking if it isn't inside the pack or covered by something, which means that it always ends up inside my pack, taking up a ton of room. So while I like this bedroll, I think I'd buy a Z-rest next time - cheaper, less bulky, and don't have to worry about popping it constantly, which is an issue if like me you don't particularly like using tents